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The human quest for  knowledge knows no bounds. Since he has been vested with the discriminative faculty, he is not willing to take anything without questioning. Therefore those man of yore  wanted to understand everything they saw around them.

Heavenly Bodies

One of the things that fascinated him was the celestial bodies shining in the night.In those days the vision and wisdom was not suffering from the ceiling of man made street lights or building lights. His vision went right up to the glowing bodies and the wisdom wanted to go even beyond that- to know-when,what, how and why.

Today  our minds are restricted and constrained by many artificial comforts and instruments and therefore we fail to use the god given potential instruments of sight,hearing and wisdom. Are we not seeing nowadays children scrambling for a calculator even to add two plus two.So much for the advancement of applied science.

In those days it was not so. They had  vast intellect, keen desire , unrelenting perseverance to search for the unknown world and to know beyond.

They looked around and found many illuminating and hovering mass of lights - some in day times some in night times- some in both night times as well as in day times. Some were seen only  some times. Some were big,some were small. Some were twinkling ,some were not.

They were fascinated and their mind and heart were open, pure  and wanted to demystify this.. They kept observing very keenly and started noting down the the movements. They were ready with their empirical data.

Birth of Astronomy

They noted a certain regularity and rhythm in such noted data. From that they could reasonably guess the cycle of movements. They then hypothesized their postulations and started to verify whether their predictions are correct. To their utter and unlimited joy they found that by and large their hypothesis was holding good.. Yes the god revealed to them  the wisdom of Astronomy because again it fits into his plan of things, since astronomy along with astrology was going to play a major role in human upliftment later on.

Yes, the Science of astronomy was born. it is debatable whether at that time they were aware of what a great treasure of knowledge  they have found and that is going to change the human lives beyond imagination and they are going to leave for posterity an eternal science of cosmic wisdom.

The knowledge of cosmos changed dramatically. They were able to realise the gravitational pull of the masses, the power of light, the eletro magnetic energy, mass energy conductors, its impact on human behaviours, human thoughts, the size and nature of the universe,the magnificence of nature – in fact the “Vishvarupa” of the god.

Astronomy grew leaps and bounds and is growing even today.It is but natural because what we have comprehended is a miniscule data of the universe which is an endless ocean. It is very doubtful whether human beings can fully comprehend it ever. May be that is why the god is working on a Super Human being.

The practical applications of Astronomy is innumerable since these mass bodies have a vibratory impact on every being in the universe and therefore every bit of additional knowledge in this field will always open up a new vista.

Astronomy the base for Astrology

One of the most important application of Astronomy is in “Astrology” –the sister science of Astronomy. Astrology is the predictive science of the vibratory impacts of the astronomical bodies in the beings,the knowledge of which is a great tool for bettering the human bliss and hedging the human sufferings.

Astronomy studied the shape,characters,location, orbit,rotation,revolution, movements, conjunction,interjections,distance,speed,nature of vibration,it’s velocity,area of it’s foot print etc.etc., of these celestial bodies. It also predicted the future movements of these celestial bodies.

But using this input for interpreting it’s impact on human beings was left to the science of Astrology.




While one set of sages like Arya Bhatta and others went further deep into astronomy another set of sages started analysing the imapact of these mass bodies on earth and its occupants.More particularly the humans beings.

This also called for observation,hypothesis,data collection and validation. Simple facts they saw such as the sea being rough and swelling on full moon day and new moon day, the sun being brighter and hotter on some months and the atmosphere and weather fluctuating on the position of sun and moon gave them the initial clues to approach the subject.The bodily movements like swinging of moods, menstrutaion periods , gestation periods of animals and humans provided further insight.

Then they step by step identified the regular mass bodies, occasional ones,self luminous bodies,reflective ones and also  started watching their impact on humans as well as on earth.

Here again they found certain rhythm, regularity,and a tendency to repeat. They stared jotting down their findings first on the movement of these bodies and then on their impacts on the earth and humans. The  empirical data was ready.

As they say if you take one step towards god, the god takes two steps towards you, the  god was more than willing to enlighten them on the cosmic frame of things and they were intuitively got answers revealed. The science of Astrology was born.

They designated the mass bodies which are not self luminous as planets and the self luminous bodies as stars. With their empirical data and wisdom dawned due to gods divine grace they were able to identify positive and negative impacts of these bodies and circumstances and context of such impact. They also identified what relation it bears to each individual ,each circumstance, each facet of life etc.,. They realized each individual  is on a GPS chip depending upon his time and place of birth (the ultimate cosmic principle of time and space) and that determined the vibratory equations of the stars and planets in relation to his life.Now  a full blown science of astrology was in place.

Parasara,Kapila,Jaimini are some of the leading lights of this mega science

They were also able to get some great and  sacred mantras revealed  through their severe penance and god’s grace to rectify the imbalances of vibrations on human beings,whose value is immeasurable.

While astronomy advanced to talk exactly  about the time of planetary and star movements , astrology advanced  to predict its exact impact on the world and the human beings in particular.


As mentioned above every person has an exact pin pointed location in the cosmos (called ‘Lagna’)  – as determined by the time and place of birth -which is very similar to the today’s GPS navigation system.


Then taking him as the point of focus he has a 360 degree universe around him and they were divided into 12 parts of 30 degrees. That is why generally a year has 360 plus days-ie., 12 months of 30 days each.

Each of these division was called ‘Bhava’- representing various facets of the life’s journey. The First bhava signifying ‘Health’ ;Second signifying ‘Wealth’; Third signifying ‘Courage’; Fourth signifying ‘Dwelling’;Fifth signifying ‘Progeny’; Sixth signifying “Diseases’; Seventh signifying ‘Life Partners’; Eighth signifying ‘ Life Span”; Ninth Signifying ‘Luck’; Tenth signifying ‘Livelihood’; eleventh signifying ‘The accumultable material wealth’ and the twelfth signifying ‘Conjugal Bliss’.   ( we have mentioned the most important aspects but each of these bhavas signify  more than fifty different aspects each).

At the time of birth each of the planet would have been in some bhavas and with that they drew a chart and that is called ‘the Horoscope’ –the scope of the hora of the time and place of birth.

Rasi Mandala

While for each individual the 12 bhavas were calculated from their pivotal point ‘Lagna’ the whole world has a 360 degree circle within which the cosmos operates.This circle also was divided into 12 arcs of 30 degrees each and the starting point was when the sun rises in the east in ‘0’ degree. With this as the base the 12 divisions were formed as ‘Rasi Mandala’.

Each of these rasi mandala as seen from earth had within it several stars in very far off places, On the basis of the image of the cluster of stars as seen from earth they were named as- Mesha, Rishbha, Mithuna, Kataka, Simha, Kanni,Thula, Vrischiga, Dhanusu, Makara, Kumbha and Meena.

Each of this Rasi was forming the general cosmic body and accordingly they signified the 12 bhava aspects we discussed above for the world as a whole. For eg Mesha represented the organ of head etc.,


Then they figured out Seven major mass bodies which are within the range of sunlight.We must know the vibrations of the mass bodies reaches through the magnifying capacity of sunlight and the moon light because sun is the centre of our galaxy and moon is very close to us. In other words sun and moon are the transmitters and signal boosters.

Each of these seven body’s basic traits and its impact on human beings were figured out. The Sun influenced the ‘Soul’; the Moon influenced the ‘Mind’;the Mars influenced the ‘Will’; the Mercury influenced the ‘Intelligence’;the Jupiter influenced the  ‘intellect’; the venus influenced the ‘Heart’ and Saturn influenced the ‘Destiny’. (Again it must be noted we have listed the most important one for each planet from the point of view of living but each of them influence over 30 aspects each.)


Then they assigned each Rasi to a planet as a ruler starting with the centre of the cosmos Simha/Kataka axis and expanded on both sides. Simha was assigned to the soul –the core and Kataka to its counter part the mind (the soul being the ultimately responsible agency and mind being the immediately acting agency). Then they gave ‘Intelligence’ on both sides of the axis one to evaluate the inputs from mind and the other from the soul.Then they posited the heart next to intelligence because they wanted it to be evaluated by the ‘gut’ as well. Then they positioned the will to take a bold view and not succumb to heart – which could be over indulgent or ‘intelligence’ which could be over protective. Then they positioned the ‘Intellect’ to discriminate and decide what is right.And finally they positioned the ‘detiny’ aspect so that the humans made accountable for their good and bad deeds . You would notice a precise science in this arrangement  starting with the soul/mind at the core.

Accordingly the planets were assigned their natural Rasis- Simha to Sun; Kataka to Moon; Mithuna and Virgo to Mercury; Rishaba and Thula to Venus; Mesha and Vrischiga to Mars; Meena and Dhanus to Jupiter and Makara and Kumba to Saturn.

The 180 degree opposite rasis are called the rais of fall for each of this planet.

Exaltation and Debilitation

They also noticed that the planets vibratory powers on earth varied depending upon it's angle to the earth ie., on the basis of the rasi it occupies.The rais where it gave the maximum vibration was called 'exaltation' and it's exactly opposite rasi as 'debilitation'. On this basis they identified the rasi of exaltation for each planet as follows:Sun in Mesha; Moon in Rishaba; Mars in Makara; Mercury in Kanni; Jupiter in Kataka; Venus in Meena nad Saturn in Thula.


Then they figured out the relationship of these planets ie., the nature of vibrations positive or negative towards each other. For example the fate and soul have negative vibrations because soul wants god's grace to operate but destiny says you can’t escape karmic law (Therefore Sun and Saturn are classified as enemies). The heart and intellect generate not so conducive vibrations to each other since heart wants pleasures and intellect wants wisdom . So Jupiter and Venus are enemies. Similarly the Will and Destiny,(Mars and Saturn). Free will wants to decimate fate and fate does not permit it to happen without atonement.

On the contrary heart and destiny are willing to go together because while heart wants every enjoyment and fights with intellect it meekly surrenders before fate . So Saturn and Venus are friends. Like this they arrived at the relationship of each planet to each other planet.


They then found each planets vibration varies also on account of it’s angles to each other planet. For eg.,in ‘0’ degree,in ‘180’ dgree, in ‘90’ degree etc.,They called it as dhristi or aspecting

Then they figured out for each individual on the basis of his horoscope ie., time and space of birth,each rasi becomes a bhava which signified different vibrations.

The nodal point lagna having been placed in a Rasi it gets a rulership and its relationship with other planets change the vibrations on an individual.

Bhava Adhipatyas

By virtue of his Lagna,it’s Lord; the various Bhavas and its Lord create very different vibrations.

On the basis of his lagna the various planets get rulership of various bhavas in his life ie., the various facets in his life and that in turn had a different vibratory significance of supportive or depressive role. For eg., if Jupiter gets the rulership of the house of luck or Mars gets the rulership of enemies it helps the individual;but if it is the reverse he had to work hard to nullify this impact.

Vimshothari Dasa

Then they realized the entire lifespan is not a smooth single flow and it fluctuates and varies. A human being was projected to live for 120 years if he maintains him well and naturally as all of us know physically and mentally he is not the same through out. Therefore they understood the influence of the planets on a person’s life span on the basis of the placement of moon in his natal chart since life is made or lost only through mind and moon is the ruler of mind.

Taking the position of Moon as the base the planets were assigned Lordships for time frames called  Dasas and these planets on the basis of the vibratory powers mentioned above decided the course of life . Therefore each planet had a relay race and the humans were to act within these parameters.

Nakshatra Padas

As we know a planet is nearer to us than a star and a rasi includes more than one cluster of stars. Therefore the planets also receive and boost the vibrations of the stars. Therefore the effect of the combination of each planet with each star was worked out.Some combinations giving positive results while others not


They also found that combination of certain planets in conjunction resulted in lifting the positive vibrations or aggravating the negative vibrations.In the former situation it was called "yoha" resulting in great benefits to the individual and in the later case it was called 'Dosha" resulting in difficulties

Amsas- Subdivisional Charts

They further fine tuned the horoscope by subdividing the degree of the planets in various permutations and combinations and arrived at Amsa charts which helped them to corroborate the predictions as per the Rasi chart . Of the various amsa charts Navamsa chart is considered very important for predictions.

Gochara- Effect of transitory movements

As the planets are constantly revolving they keep on changing their position vis a vis the birth Moon lagna  and consequently this had a vibratory impact on the concerned person and they were able to work out the pluses and minuses it can cause in his life journey


By now we would have noticed that  there are several heads of variables and each one of them playing out an innumerable set of permutation and combinations ,Some favorable,Some unfavorable. The next question arose in the sages mind as to how to overcome the unfavorable ones and make them also favorable

As usual the Sages were before the almighty through meditation to find a solution to ensure that the humans don’t suffer. The extremely graceful and ever blissful God revealed to them the methods of vibrations which will off set the negative vibrations and boost the positive vibrations. These are the great mantras preserved by the sages for the posterity.

Each planet's basic vibratory sound was identified and therefore fore each planet a root mantra,a bijakshara, a gayathri mantra etc was developed to take care of the negative vibrations.Since these vibrations are the base vibrations of each of these planets it was possible to invoke them and offset the negative energies.

Astrology is a science of ocean and we may have to write a book of thousands of  pages even to make a minimum justice for that great science.But here  we have just scratched the surface. Our only purpose being to  just highlight certain aspects which will make us to understand ithe importance of astrology in relation to the 'Divine Remedies" and to prove how it is a very structured science and not any superstition and how we can use this and rectify the imbalances in our life.