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Avatar’ means god descending as man, for a specific purpose, in human or adapted human  forms. Genarally God descends so when Ignorance rules the roost and wisdom has been side lined.

These Avatars happen to rectify the imbalances caused to the cosmos due to non adherence to the cosmic laws by one person or a set of persons, or a set of species. These ‘ Avatars’ are intended to put the process of evolution back into the track whenever it has been derailed due to Greed,Lust and Ego of men caused by Ignorance.

That is why Lord  Krishna openly declares in Gita that "whenever evils rear their head menacingly over the good, I will appear to quell it."

We have been discussing the fact that Brahman and Atman is one and the same and every being including humans are energised by the God's spark only and the God indwells in every being.

Now therefore a  question arises.When God  is residing inside every being  Why certain manifestations alone are called avatars.It is a fair and reasonable query requiring a logical answer.

God in normal beings Vs God in Avatars

Indeed  really speaking every one is an avatar of god only . But the manifestation of god in beings and  manifestation of God in these special vehicles designated as 'avatars' are crucially different in a few critical aspects and that is why the latter is designated as 'Avatars'.

1) In the normal course of the birth of beings God allows the cosmic rules to operate in it's own rhythm and the potencies and powers of those beings will be on the basis of it's bodily holding capacity, whereas in the Avatars  the Body and the potencies are decided by the God depending upon the purpose for which it is descending.

2)In the normal beings they will be bound by the karmic bondage whereas in these Avatars there is no such bondage.

3)In the normal beings the God supports the beings to experience and evolve whereas in Avatars he takes a form of his choice.

4)In beings Brahman and Atman are similar in nature whereas in Avatars they are one and the same.

5)In essence God indwelling in beings is the regular rule of the cosmic laws and Avatars are the remedial exceptions.

6)The defects of a conditioned soul are: (a) he must commit mistakes; (b) he must be illusioned; (c) he must possess the tendency to cheat others; and (d) all his senses must be imperfect. We must understand that the incarnation of God is transcendental to all these defects.

God has manifested in various beings for the purpose of his grand evolution and this should not be confused with special purpose Avatars mentioned above.

Logic of Avatars

God has  manifested many times in many places,some times instantaneously, some times after prolonged prayers for establishing certain objectives so that his mission of universal mind with a form is not derailed by reckless and lustful few.

The main reason why Avatars become significant in the context metaphysics is in avatars  god having taken a human form he is easily comprehensible and accessible to us and therefore his empathy levels with our sufferings are decidedly more.

It is like when we want to represent a problem of our village to the prime minister and want to go and meet him which involves a long and huge efforts  on our part, whereas when the prime minister decides to visit our village for some reason, Imagine what an amount of difference it makes.If even for the mortal powers if this is the case what will we tell of the immortal visiting us.

There are ten major designated avatars.n Hinduism but in reality it is much more.As we said earlier whenever the divine manifestation is intense serving some great purpose for the betterment of  mind evolution they are also accepted as part avatars- for example Sage Vyasa  , Saint Thyagaraja ,Jesus Christ, Buddha ,Sankara to mention a few .But here the crucial difference being they are seen as messengers of God.

But even the god head when it has taken an avatar it has gone through the travails and trirbulations of a human birth and there is no exception to the nature’s law. Otherwise why should Rama,Jesus,Buddha undergo such monumental sufferings.

The god has undergone these ordeals  for two reasons- one to achieve at any cost his grand purpoe and the other to set a role model for human beings that such sufferings are simply in the process of the life journey  and no need to lose hearts or panic.

As said before since Avatars are straight god descent  they stand at a different level of manifestation,energy levels and vibratory frequencies. They have undertaken this mission for quelling untruth and therefore they are highly potent, though the form is that of a human.

Because of this  whatever these Avatars have spoken carry the divine power of the god head himself ,  their sayings, their utterances,actions and even their very name resonates positive energy which will  uplift the mind and work towards our goal of eternal bliss.