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Meditation – Dhyana- is a recommended method of mind culturing right from Vedic ages. All religions – Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrian, etc., have been practising it in some form or the other. The modern yoga is also promoting this. But unfortunately the term is so maligned that it’s real meaning and method is lost. 

Therefore the first thing we need to understand is what Meditation actually means; because meditation has been projected as a complicated task and hence it is not for the common man. It is also projected that for undertaking Meditation one has to undergo a cumbersome and prolonged training and even after that it is a very difficult exercise to practice. That is all wrong. This is all because of misconceptions about Meditation.

Meditation simply means- to contemplate, ponder, concentrate and dwell upon one positive idea to the exclusion of other negative ideas so that the thought cluttering will be controlled. When we concentrate on positive ideas we dwell in the field of positive vibrations which is the anti-dote for all our inherited negative vibrations. Hence Meditation is a simple exercise of concentrating on a positive thought, which can be done by anyone.

Our forefathers have given simple and effective methods of meditation, though we have either forgotten it or not understood the science behind it. The simple techniques they have suggested are like drawing Kolam (Rangoli) or doing daily abhishekam and poojas at home for our Ishta Devatha following certain niyamas. When we do this our mind is fully engrossed in that particular idea and no other thought comes to our mind. 

Therefore let us understand that meditation is not a complicated affair but a simple exercise and can be practiced by everybody, everyday so that one can immensely improve his body, mind and soul.

Now we are giving you a much more powerful, much more scientific, much more simplified and much more effective technique of meditation i.e., dwelling upon one supreme positive thought of the ‘para brahman’, the supreme spirit.

Mantra is the most positive idea of the supreme spirit who is the fountain head of all positive energies. Hence when you are concentrating on this mantra, your mind is engaged on a highly positive idea to the exclusion of other unwanted ideas and hence you will be aligning yourself with the mighty positive force of the universe which will control all the negative energies in you.

All that is required is, when you are reciting this mantra hold in your heart and mind ‘Rishabaruda’ – the ‘Para Brahman’- the Supreme Spirit – who is the all powerful, all knowing energy, present in you and everywhere around you. This will enable you to inhale the positive vibrations of the supreme lord that will remove all the negative vibrations in you.

While prescribing this meditation mantra to you, we have taken it to account your date , time and place of birth and hence it becomes unique for you; and also, as it is based on your horoscope it is the exact remedy for the removal of your inherited negative vibrations.

Hence all that you need to do is, on all possible days, sit in a comfortable posture, breath smoothly and contemplate and concentrate  on Lord Rishsbaruda, with the Maha Mantra given to you, at least for half an hour to enhance your overall positive vibration (of body, mind & soul) and remove the negative vibrations embedded in you.