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In order to clear the mess of myths, superstitions, misinformations, half informations and fake informations  we need to put in place the real and scientific cosmic truths in place so that a clear understanding, comprehension and appreciation of the reality will be possible.


Now in the evolution process since the are resources are common and to be shared by all, God expects every being to take it’s just share and allow the others to have their share as otherwise an orderly evolution would not be possible. 

Therefore anyone trying to grab the resources meant others are going against the cosmic law and has to be reprimanded because it has a chain of cause and effect relationship and a chain of upsetting events in the process of evolution.

That is where the law of karma comes to play. It has to operate and the offender has to pay by suffering and extinguishing it. But the god out of total compassion-perhaps out of his own interest of not losing a good material if he is willing to correct himself -has made  repentence, atonement and redemption possible as an alternative to suffering the karmic bondages.

Supremacy of Free will

  1. That is why destiny and free will have equal role to play.This is the greatest possible exit  route God has provided to the human beings to escape reprisal and get redemption.
  2. By using our free will we can overcome fate if we repent,atone and get reformed.We can uplift our mind beyond the darkness of fate to the illumination of bliss by our dead determination and perseverance. That is what the Great story of Satyavan- Savithri is all about.

Who am I

  1. This is a very major question raised by vedas and has been clearly answered.Like cosmic consciousness  owns up the responsibility for the universe there is a human consciousness as well which holds the responsibility  of human thoughts/words /deeds.We need to understand we are not body only.This can be easily demonstrated as under.
  2. I am  enjoying several things bodily  I am awake.Therefore am I my body?
  3. But unfortunately When I sleep my bodily senses are inactive and so if bodily senses were the only thing then I should have lost everything when I sleep- as it happens when one goes for the final sleep (the death).But that is not happening.I wake up and I start from where I slept. More importantly I am also conscious that I slept.
  4. So what is beyond the bodily senses?
  5. if we analyse the dream sleep when body is not operating we find that the mind is operating and enjoying and suffering the dream realities.During the dream the mind believes them to be completely true and enjoys or suffers exactly as in the waking state though there is no bodily experience at all. So we can safely conclude surely beyond body there is a mind life.  
  6. But is mind the end? Am I the Mind then?
  7. In deep sleep mind also ceases to function. Yet when I wake up I am  aware that I had a deep sleep and I continue my thoughts and activities from where I left before I went to sleep. So what is it that providing this continuity , Because without that continuity it will not be possible to recall the fact that I slept and slept well and I pick up my thoughts exactly from where I left. Therefore there is something beyond mind who is experiencing this- What is that? That is the human consciousnesss. In fact that is the answer for who am I.That is why vedas proclaim ' Prajnanam Brama'- Conscience is God.This is a very important cosmic truth to understand. We are not just our body , but a body - mind -  conscience  combine.


  1. The universe is filled up with the omniscience-the consciousness-the bliss ; powered by omnipotence-unconquerable and inexhaustible energy- consciousness is absolute bliss;energy is absolute power.This is mystically called the "Shiva-Shakthi Aikyam" ( The Paramatma)which animates the universe. We are all therefore living in an ocean of bliss;very much like fishes live in watery ocean. Unfortunately like the fish we also don't understand this basic fact.
  2. When as we discussed before when the matter ripens to be in a position to absorb and hold this 'Shiv-Shakthi' it gets animated and then it is ready to enjoy and experience the universe
  3. What is animating the ripened matter - the 'Siva -Sakthi'.(Jivatma)
  4. So we are having this bliss both within and without;ie., both within our self and also by the side of ourself. The only problem is we don't realise this fact and run around like a headless chicken serching for bliss
  5. Why is it happening like this- It is because the linking point of the jivatma with paramatma is mind and when that channel gets corrupted due to wandering after carnal pleasures our cognition suffers and the illumination gives way to darkness and bliss is overtaken by pains and sufferings,and that is why we feel and say that this life is wretched and must be avoided. How stupid-you have a diamond - but you mistake it for a glass piece. That is why there is saying in Tamil ' a donkey fails to appreciate the greatness of camphor'.  It is just our folly
  6. Till now we were not aware,now that we have learnt what next we should know what we should do? This is the right and valid question
  7. But the answer is very simple. Live your life fully with all it's colours and pleasures-that are permitted under the cosmic law. Actually such pleasures are several million in numbers. To completely enjoy all the permitted pleasures you may have to take hundreds of birth. Do positively discharge your cosmic duties to the nature, parents/children,and the cosmic powers.Don't breach the cosmic law in any case.
  8. Now you are set on course.. Your thoughts,words and deeds will become pure. If you are at it steadfast you will start feeling completely at peace and nothing will bother you which does not mean that  you will become irresponsible.In fact you will become more effectively responsible by solving the issues rather than brooding about it. Then slowly you will start realising the many unknown and hidden universal truths intutively and you become a learned man 
  9. As can be seen it bliss,bliss ad bliss every where and all the way . It is just that we are missing it out


  2. Like 'Manas' - the Mind the other non instrumental organ is -'Hridaya' the Heart. How mind should not be confused with brain similarly Hridaya should not be confused with the physical heart.
  3. Hridaya in sanskrit means 'the core'-since it is the core of human existence it is called so.
  4. It is the place where consciousness stays in it's peaceful form and when it is in command of us. That happens in deep sleep when we experience 'Sudha conscience' and that is why we are blissful.
  5. Like mind is assumed to be located near the head, the consciosness in waking state is located between the eyebrows,in dream state near the throat and in deep sleep near the heart. You may recall in each of this place there is a chakra as per the kundalini yoga.
  6. Since heart is the seat of consciousness-bliss-the god principle- it is always noble and tries to mould and moderate the mind. But it is not forceful bacuse the god principle has given equal share to free will and destiny to play out and so it only counsels but not interfere.
  7. That is why it is said when there is a conflict between mind and heart go by the heart.That is why people acting with their heart succeed a lot in getting admiration and adoration with masses rather than one acting with mind-because heart represents the godliness in us and the mind the selfishness in us.
  8. You might have noticed Lord Hanuman opening up his heart ad showing Lord Rama and Mata Sita seated there and also Lord Narayan showing Mata Lakshmi seated in the heart.That is why when we pray we hold our folded hands near heart to remind the god principle within us. Even the westerners , particularly Americans take oath putting their palm in the heart.
  9. The moment we start giving equal importance to heart along with mind our journey towards the eternal bliss will become automatically easy.  A clear understanding of these cosmic truths will make our further journey pleasant and meaningful.


  1. This is a very fair and logical question definitely to be answered convincingly by us because we have positively postulated the theory of God and we would like the people at large to follow the 'Path of Eternal Bliss' and live a happy life. But the rationalists to come to hasty conclusion without applying their mind is totally illogical.
  2. Let us first assume that there is no god and proceed with the discussion.This stand we are taking because we have not personally seen the god. Fair enough. Then are we going to deny the existence of all that we have not personally seen? Then in that event most of us  may have to deny the existence of several bacterias,neutrons,protons,cells etc. Obviously we can't deny because there are people who have seen it in the laboratory.That means in addition to direct perception indirect perception is also accepted. 
  3. We have seen two kinds of perception. Then what happens to things that we can't see but only feel-say for example hunger-yes we accept.But what about what we can't feel but other's can-say a good song for a deaf man.For him it is not felt and therefore can we take it as unreal.We can't because in respect of things that can't be seen but can be felt we are accepting indirect perception.In fact this logic itself is sufficient to say God is there because there are many sages,seers and seekers who have realised him.But yet the rationalists don't agree because the number of such people who have realised the God are miniscule minority and therefore it is being seen as overclaim.
  4. We don't want to therefore stop this enquiry with this ;we will take it further forward.There are things we see but we have not seen the maker and neither we know who he is.Take the example an abandoned child we see-neither we have it's parents nor we know who they are. Now are we going to deny that the child's parent should have been there.Let us take another example'We see a pot say in New Delhi which was made somewhere in Mandya and , obviously we don't know who made it - but are we questioing the existence of that pot maker. No. We automatically accept that if there is a pot there should have been a pot maker and if there is an abandoned child there should have been a parent who were responsible for this child.On what basis this is rationalised.This is called knowledge by' inductive logic'.Now we know very clearly if there is a thing there has to be a maker.
  5. We are seeing so many human beings then there should be a maker-counter logic will be their parents and no god. Fair enough.we can go back in in this analogy and come up to say  'Adam and Eve'.   Thereafter what happens. Perhaps we can switch over to theory of evolution and come upto Big bang.OK.When big bang is accepted which means we accept there was a high temperature and high density state (let us call it as anything we want - say 'X'- which exploded about 14 billion years ago and cooled down and from their several things happened until the arrival of human beings  as explained in the man accepted laws of physics. Now this leaves two major questions to be answered.1) Who made that high density high temperature thing'X' and 2) How the whole thing is programmed so well rhythymically. We don't find any jarring note;we don't find anything out of place;we don't find anything without purpose;we don't find anything not following the universal order.In other words we find a cosmic design.
  6. So we have come upto the stage that we are accepting the'X' factor and we don't know how it came. By inductive logic therefore it is established that there should have been a maker. We have to therefore accept that ' X ' had maker and will be illogical to refute it.
  7. 51)Then the next question comes why such an obvious knowledge can't be passed on to everybody easily. This is because in psychology parlance this knowlege is called 'tacit knowledge'. While explicit knowledge can be communicated to any body by any medium 'tacit knowledge' is not so. It is very difficult though not impossible.
  8. For example any text book or any body can teach what a guitar is ,what are it's parts,how it can be manufactured repaired etc., because this is explicit knowledge. But for a guitar expert to teach the great art of playing guitar to his students is not that easy.This knowledge,no matter how much an expert the teacher is in playing guitar,cannot be communicated as it is not a knowledge that when the teacher says how to play guitar in such an expert way and the student will immediately possess that knowledge.
  9. This knowledge has to be acquired by far far beyond theory.This has to gained only by experience.Tacit knowledge can be communicated only through consistent and extensive relationships,contacts,serious efforts,sincere practic and to some extent by intuition. 
  10. While what we knowledge we gain by hearing,seeing etc., happens through sensory organs and mind whereas knowledge of the creator happens only through intellect and mind.
  11. Therefore in addition to being actually there for ever as we have been saying, now there is a God even 'logically' and to deny it hereafter is false ego.
  12. Actually as we have been saying God has no norm and form and he can be called in any name and he can assume any form.Actually the word 'God' in French means absolutely Good and may be that is why world over that divine energy is being called as 'GOD' .