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Birth of Deity Worship

As we discussed earlier the sages have visualised and identified the various energy fields and have appropriately named them as well.

As the science of Metaphysics advanced, as we discussed they figured out more and more about the cosmic energies and their potential usages.They with their deep meditative capabilities with the aid of the ever powerful mantras supported by the ever willing divine grace, were able to identify the specific energy fields meant for invocation for specific purposes.

They had also mastered the art of invoking them as we discussed earlier. Naturally for each power a name and form became necessary.(They had identified a name already as discussed under the chapter Vedic gods).,Now the form is remaining to be identified.

This is because for better comprehension and meditation by common man a three dimension figure was required. As they were selfless real seekers, in their deep meditation, they were able to visualise the qualities ,characters and attributes of each of these energies and accordingly they devised a form. (The making of idol using this wisdom is the subject of discussion in the next chapter).The culture of deity worship arose.

Birth of God’s colors

They also had a clear vision of the cosmic colors of the deities.They realised the Omniscience- pure consciousness is absolutely  white in colour -Because it is suddh-untaintd.The Omnipotence –the core energy was red as in fire and blood, and the omnipresence is black ie carbon because the entire organism on earth is only carbon made. So the deity of siva was designated  to be White; Sakthi in red and Vishnu in black.

The other important aspect to note is in rainbow where there is strong red on the top and it gradually tapers down but  without any black or white in it. But in our everyday life black and white are the most experienced colours. Why the rainbow is red based and tapering off with no black and white in it – it is because the energy manifested is always red base only and it is the manifested energy what we are and what we we are dealing with.The same red energy because of various permutations and combinations is seen as different colours to our eyes.

The white and black colours are only the summation or culmination or the end product of the colours of the rainbow. For example if you take papers of these various colours and burn them they will become black only .And if you burn that again it will become white ashes and thereafter if you burn it again it will remain as white ash only.Similarly if you draw the rainbow colors on a wheel and rotate it fast it will be seen in white colour only.

That is how the the great energy –the sakthi-over a period of millions of years for our sake done the tapas and converted her multifarious potencies into carbon-ie., black-from which only life principle was possible and that is why we find carbon and carbon related minerals all over the universe.What an amount of mercy she should have had on each one of us to make that tapasya for our sake.

Therefore we came from black and at the end we turn white. That is why Krishna is black and Shiva is white.

That is also the reason for the deities representing the various manifested energies are red and it’shades as the omnipotence which is the fountain head of all energies is red in colour ; while the deities representing the omnipresence which pervades the universe along with these energies is black and the ultimate core of all that is manifested the omniscience- the consciousness- is white.

Birth of God’s Images

Now we have to look at the shapes of the gods. As told before they are symbolic of their potencies for easy comprehension by human beings so that we will find it easy to invoke these powers in our mind and get benefited. The God or the gods per se have no form at all. Also whichever god we invoke-worship or pray-it is only an aspect of the supreme god head and therefore all of us are praying to that one god  only.

Narayana is reclining on the adhisesha on the  milky ocean in half asleep form with Lakshmi near his feet and Brahma raising from his navel. What it signifies-

Narayana represent every human being;Adhisesha means what remains after annihilation;Brahma represents unceasing  activity; Lakshmi represents immeasurable resources;milky ocean represents the spiral galaxy we live. The half asleep posture signifies ‘Yoga nithra’ being fully aware but yet not disturbed or overly attached.

Therefore what does it mean: A wise man who is living in  this galaxy ,who is always involved in some activity or the other ceaselessly at all times must remember that ultimately what is going to remain is only his good karmas and therefore should have a detached attachment to worldly matters and in that event all aiswaryas will be at his call even if he has not asked for it. What an appropriate and wise philosophy for a meaningful and blissful human life,

Durga was ferocious; Lakshmi was Glowing;Saraswathi was composed; Subramanya was brave;Ganesha was intelligent;Krishna was graceful; Rama was dutiful;Narasimha was fierceful;Kali was aggressive ...we can go on listing. It will require a few thousand pages of book to deal on this subject in it's entirety.

It is enough if we understand that a sound logic , science,and metaphysical significance is behind ithe image of every God.

Therefore our sages identified the energy fields;identified their potencies and it’s relevance to human beings;identified the vibration of each of these power nodes;identified the mantras that correspond to such vibrations;figured out a method to invoke them;identified the material platform to store them and also identified a name and form for our comprehension and meditation. What an yeomen service they have done, No way we can afford to lose such treasure of wisdom. It is in our interest to make use of them for our welfare and lead an ever blissful life in this birth and also birth after birth.