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Well so far we have clearly discussed and arrived at the following:

Fine we have identified the causes of malady.

.As it would have been clear by now, the human issues are mainly out of karmas. We have further understood the root cause for these karmas is the polluted mind which is the result of accumulated bad thoughts, words and deeds,

And having identified that we can be and we will be redeemed by reorienting and uplifting our mind ;we now come to the prescription part.

We have also indicated the key to the solutions

How do we go about

On one side we have the issues of the individual and on the other side we have the vedic solutions. we will just apply them yo get relief.

We at Divine Remadies will diagnise the cause of the problems faced by each individual and on the basis of that we will identify  the appropriate solution.

The individual’s issues will be analysed using the  horoscope with of the concerned individual. The solutions will be worked out from the vedic manual which consists of various mantras for removal of the negative vibrations and creation of the positive vibrations to strengthen the soul from inside and the various methods for earning the  blessings of the nature and it’s beings which will enlighten the soul from outside.

We will analyse the problems to fix the knot and evaluate the solutions which will give the right and best results.

This will be generated as a 'Personalised Applied Astrology Report' for each applicant.

How it works

As said before there are three aspects to this exercise.

  1. Clean the mind from inside
  2. Clean the mind from outside
  3. Invoke the cosmic energies to energise the mind from inside and outside.
  4. Earn the blessing of the beings

The inner cleaning and invocation of energies will be through the mantras and cleaning from outside will be achieved by earning blessings from other beings-humans,animals,plants ,birds,insects etc .Our sages have left a complete compendium of the remedial measures .

We will be advising the necessary mantras and dhyana procedures. We will also be advising the kind of beings to be served to earn the required blessings.

We will be recommending only dhyana and reciting mantras by one’s own self and we will not recommend any thing to be done through proxies. In fact it is our conviction that the atonement has to be only by the concerned person. It is not possible that ‘X’ will commit a mistake and ‘Y’ will pay for it- as they say you can transfer an asset but not a liability.

Common Mantras

Some of the common Divine Vibrations-Mantras-meant for certain common problems are as under:

1)If you are facing too many obstacles in your efforts-"  OM GANG GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA"

2)If you want to generally clear the accumulated karmic bondages:"OM HRIM NAMAH SHIVAYA"

3) If you want to be generally at peace: " OM SHRIM NAMO NARAYANAYA"

4) If you want to generally improve your wealth conditions: " OM SRIM MAHA LAKSHMAIY NAMAHA"

5) If you want to generally improve your knowledge and wisdom:" OM AIM MAHA SARASWATHYAY NAMAHA"

6) If you want to generally make you to be courageous in facing situations: "OM HRIM MAHA DURGAYAY NAMAHA"

6)If you are facing lot of enemities:" OM SHRIM MAHA SUDARSADAYAY NAMAHA"

7) If you are facing very intense trouble from some one:"OM HRIM SARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA"

8)If you are getting troubled by courts,cases,litigations etc.,: " OM BHAM BHAIRAVAYA NAMAHA"

9)If you want to be very strong mentally,physically and intelectually:"OM SHRIM RAMA ANJANEYAYA NAMAHA"


11) If you want to strengthen your will power: 'RAM,RAM;RAM,RAM''

12)If you want to attract other  beings: 'KRISHNA,KRISHNAA' 

These are all revealed Divine Vibrations and they are very effective to strengthen you and make you able to tackle general issues and problems. These are like vitamin tablets.

Specific mantras for specific issues , specific times,specific Lagnas,Specifis Rasis,Specific Dasas,specific Bhavas etc.,etc., are available in the vedic science.

Depending upon your karmic bondages , the intensity of the problems would vary and therefore there is a need to study your problems and the  horoscope in detail and then prescribe the right mantras.

What is the Prerequisite

All these measures will do wonders, real wonders without any doubt. But if and only if

  1. The concerned person does it with complete devotion
  2. He is regular and does it without fail
  3. He fulfills his commitment that he is pure by thought,words and deeds from the moment he had taken that vow and do not violate that promise at any cost.                                                                                                                               

We will be willing to stand by him and help him . But it is up to him to make use of us.

We have to submit with all humility that we are only  interpreters and by no means creator of this wisdom. We thank the God almighty to have given us an opportunity in this life to come to know about this treasure of knowledge and also having given us the sanction to use the same for the purpose of helping the  humanity  to  alleviate their sufferings to a large extent.

We will be happy if we are of use to some one in this life