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Birth of Vedic Gods

Vedas , Upanishads followed by Puranas and Ithihassaas have identified and deified certain forces and energies as gods and deities. We need to understand the science and significance of them since they are very vital to our life and evolution .We list here some of the major deities and the metaphysical principles behind it.Here we must understand very clearly Vedas have not talked about any imaginary individuals . They have only talked of the forces of the primordial energy which manifests in various forms and which creates innumerable forms and shapes.

They were able to visualise several energy fields, power nodes and natural forces which were responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction . They identified the benevolent, positive and divine energies as Devas or Suras (meaning merciful) and malignant and negative forces as Danavas or Asuras (because they are not merciful). These were the forces in the cosmos as well as human psyche. Then they named them according to their nature, character and potencies, using the words which meant it.So it must be understood they have not meant by devas or asuras anything in a far off heaven imagined but what we all experience in our day today life.

Later on Puranas personified these Devas and Suras as characters and wove interesting stories. But vedas have no myth. They are ultimate truths.We must understand that the seekers were trying to find the real truth and had no bias or preconceived notions when they started their search.In other words it was a search the for the ultimate truth and not to somehow justify something imagined. 

They were absolutely ruthless in their approach 'neti,neti, 'not this,not this' and were not willing to settle down for any thing less than that.They were core rationalists with total scientific temperament much more than the so called rationalists of today and that is why they were able to arrive at truths which are eternal even after thousands of years.

In this backdrop let us look at some of the vedic gods and the science behind them.     

Vedic Gods

‘The Supreme God Head’- Who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent ; Who is the cause of everything; Who pervades, illumines and resides in everything; Who causes creation, Sustenance and Dissolution; who energises  everything; who is beyond Space, Time, Causal factors; ; Who is without a name and form (as nirguna ) – is called as “Parabrahmam” –designated and manifested as the primordial vibration “Om”

‘Omniscience’- ‘Parameswara’- with  the benevolent part called as as ‘Shiva’ (the completely auspicious) and the fierce aspect as Rudra’ (the furious force)

‘Omnipotentence’-the Great, Unconquerable and inexhaustible  energy- ‘Parasakthi’

The ‘omnipresence’-the all pervasiveness- ‘Vishnu’

These three facets of the supreme god head is the basis of the entire cosmos and the rest are all manifestations as we have seen.That is why the Omniscience- 'Shiva' has a 'panchkshari'-(Om Namah Shivaya); the omnipotence ('Maha Shakthi') has a 'thriyakshari'-(Om Aim Kleem Sauh); and the omnipresence-(Vishnu) has 'Astakshari' -(Om Namo Narayanaya) signifying the Omniscience and omnipotence together as a combined energy field (like two sides of the same coin) is present everywhere through its all pervasive capabilities and that is why Vishnu has 8 digit mantra  which is the addition of Shiva's five digit and shathi's three digits  .How deeply our sages have gone into scientific metaphysics you can see.

The creator Brahma

The sustainer – Narayana

The dissolver-Samhara

The knowledge—Saraswathi

The Most resourceful- Mahalakshmi       

The indomitable valour- Durga                                               

The unchangeable and unstoppable time-Kala bhiarava

The power behind time-Kali

Universal  ruling energy-Raja Rajeswari

The compassionate energy-Bhuneswari

The fulfiler of all desires-Kamakshi

The power behind Brahma-Brahnmi

The power behind Narayana Narayani

The power behind Parameshwara-Parameswari

The illuminator of the intellect- Gayathri

The core of the intellect-Savithri

The power behind Vishnu-Vaishnavi

The great energy transmitter just through the  eyes (Fish shaped)(meaning the provider of unlimited nourishment like water to fish) -Minakshi

The great Energy Transmitter through eyes (vast like Akasa) (meaning the provider of vast intellect and light to the seekers like space)-Visalakshi

The great benevolent, ever loving and blissful Mother- Lalitha

The Combination of Omniscience and Omnipotence – in abstract form-Ardha Nariswara

The combination of cosciousness and power ie siva & sakthi-which leads to the life principle which animates every being and  which is residing secretly in the cave of our hearts-ie., which has assumed a form as siva-sakthi combine–Guha-Kumara-Karthikeya

The power behind Guha- Kaumari

The leader of the motor senses – the ganas-Ganesha

The firm will power-The fire--Agni

The vast and compassionate energy  -The water –Varuna

The life force-Prana-Vayu

The space-the intellect-ether-Akasha-

The solidity of the matter-which has capacity to withstand any pressure or pain- the energy to get moulded and forbear- The Earth-Prithvi

Motoric Force divinely  cosiderate-Maruts

Divine mind -ruler of indriums-the senses-Indra -

The power behind noble mind-Indirani

Combined energy of Durga,Lakshmi and Saraswathi-Chandi ma

Chit- the seat of intellect-Maha saraswathi

Sat-the seat of all material assets-Mahalakshmi

Ananda-the seat of bliss-Mahakali

Intellect illuminators-Adityas-Sun- in every galaxy-they are 12 in each galaxy and there are 12 to the power of 12 such galaxies and therefore so many Adityas

The accelerators –redeemers-Rudras-they are eleven-the five cognitive faculties,five sensing faculties plus mind

The elemental forces in nature and beings-Vasus-they are eight of them viz., the forces and energies behind the pancha buthas - earth,water,fire,air, antariksha,sun ,moon and stars- and in human beings they are  the subtle bodies - the tanmatras

Soul- Sun





Pleasures and Enjoyment-Venus


Unholy desires-Rahu

Travails and tribulations-Ketu

Human soul-considered as Vishnu incarnation - Nara Narayana

Redeemer of sins -Chandikeswara

The capacity and energy to face evil times-Bhairavar

The capacity and energy to counter attack the evil forces-Prayangira, Veerabadra, Sudarsana-the Shiva,Sakthi,Vishnu aspects respectively

Power of positive thoughts-Ganga

Protector of eternal order-Dharma Shastha

Dispenser of justice-Yama

Personification of Dharma-the four faced Nandi

Physicist- Dhanvatri



Devoted Wanderer/ celestial messenger -Narada

Soul of highest will power,intellect and controlled mind-Hanuman

Combination of omniscience and omnipresence-(in order to boost the auspicious aspects of the consciousness in the universe)-Ayyappa

Instant redeemer-Narasimha

Bliss personified-Krishna

Will personified-Rama

Love personofied-Radha

Unremitting  devotion and Divine duty personified –Sita

The Science of Deities

As explained in the beginning the deities have been named by the word they knew of  ie., the  language they used (Sanskrit)- which meant exactly what that energy centre’s main feature or power or character was. So they are all logically derived names and not whimsical.

Each of these energy centres have their own frequencies of vibration and accordingly the relevant mantras. It can be noted that they signify a field of energy in the cosmos as well as in humans.This holds the key to rectify the human sufferings by invoking the energy fields in the cosmos which in turn accesses and energises the energy field in the  body. This can be done  through the divine vibrations of the mantra of the respective energy fields which we want to correct or boost.

Significance of some of the important gods images

Lingam-the concept of consciousness which can always be Aroopa only –Yet for purposes of meditation –designed as Lingam-meaning an image. One reason for this image is  that it is easy to recall in mind and meditate upon. The second is that our galaxy viewed from the top of the universe is of this shape. It may also be worthwhile to note the  similarities between a Lingam and ‘The Holy Cross’ both signifies the  divine conscience.

Reclining Narayana-the god head in yoga nithra-well aware of what is happening without getting agitated or attached-symbolic truth revealed as to how we should be conducting the worldly affairs-detached attachment-the sthithapragna

Lakshmi with all jewels seated in lotus-signifying  being the repository  of all aiswaryams both man made and nature made and yet being unattached like lotus leaf on the water

Saraswathi with a book and veena-signifying the power of knowledge and sweet communication

Durga with many weapons seated on a lion/tiger-the ultimate power to annihilate enemies endowed with all conceivable weapons and all conceivable fierce troops

Rishabarurda- Shiva and Sakthi seated on the Holy bull-the most mystic and esoteric symbol of the Omniscience,omnipotence and omnipresence together in the most auspicious form, ' Siva signifying  Omniscience,Uma signifying the Omnipotence and Nandi signifying the Omnipresennce’ (incidentally Nandi is one of the avatars of vishnu which many may not know and Nandi the bull is the companion of cow the Lakshmi). On the pradosham days it is this idol that is worshipped with great devotion because that is the most auspicious blessing pouring image of the supreme god head.

Ayyapa in a yoga seating-controlled body and mind so that consciousness can evolve and manifest. Actually if you closely look at you may find resemblance of the child in the womb because the child is yet to be born and hence it's consciousness is uncontaminated though it has taken a body and yet it’s the body and mind is controlled-a reminder to the devotees as to what is expected of them

Ganesha-the most visible deity in every temple-he is the remover of obstacles and enables the taking up of the first step-which by itself is not possible many times and as they say well begun is half done. The elephant head indicates that mind  like an elephant is most powerful and if not tamed can cause a havoc. The big belly indicates he has all the eggs- the andas of the universe of all the creations that have happened as well as that is going to happen hereafter. The mouse - his vahana-indicates he is capable of moving into any situation and place to sort out the issues

Muruga-He is a very important god head-the giver of courage;his Vel is the power of intellect;his vahana pecock is subdued ego and and his six heads represent the need to avoid the six dirts of mind

Dhakshinamurty- Eyes half closed,smile in face and the chin mudra- signifying silence and pleasant mind with the identification of mind and consciousness together is the right way for meditation and for the dawn of wisdom

Nandi-facing Lord siva-signifying the manifested holy man-the nara narayana- an of aspect the omnipresence focusing on the omniscience in a completely submissive posture-with the two horns bowing to the lord-the horns signifying ego and mind; signifying a man becomes a holy man when he surrenders his ego and mind to the almighty.

Garuda-the heavenly bird-the king of birds-the periya thiruvadi in vaishnavism-considered to be the vahana of Vishnu-placed in the vaishvite temples before the Lord visnu bowing to him with great reverence-garuda is the knowledge aspect of visnu and also signifies the five vital vayus-prana,apna,vyana, udana,samana through his five forms-sathya,supama,garuda, tarkshya, vihageswara  implying that we can control these vital airs through our knowledge of meditation and raise the serpent kundalini to reach sahasrara for enjoying the eternal bliss and that is why garuda is shown to be capable of controlling serpents. 

Hanuman-Bowing before Lord Rama- Rama is the personification of will power and adherer of cosmic duties whatever may the obstacles. Hanuman-meaning in  sanskrit 'Destroyer of False Ego' which we know is the main reason for human maladies.And we must know it requires enormous soul power and inner strength to give up the 'Ego'. Worshiping him will take you to that right path of removing the fundamental obstacle towards the Divine world of eternal bliss. He is considered to be an avatar of Lord Shiva-the god of Omniscience- since giving up the ego is the function of consciousness. It will be interesting to note that 'Nandi' the Avatar of 'Vishnu" is the most ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and ' Hanuman' the avatar of Shiva is the most ardent devotee of Lord Rama- a Vishnu incarnation.

Bhairava- The guardian of Diks-Directions and ' Kala'- time. We will find him in all shiva temples. There are 64 bhairavas consisting of 8 major deities with each having 8 sub deities. The 8 signifies the eight directions as well as 8 reources-aishwaryams; and 8 siddhis-extraordinary powers. Each of this is headed by one Bhairava and all of them together controlled by 'Kala Bairava'-signifying it is time that is the actual ruler and all aishwaryams and all siddhis are a part of it and if we waste time we will be wasting all these great things which are irreplaceable as the time itself.

Pratyangara- the eternal unconquerable energy- the ultimate destroyer of evil forces-with the face of a lion and a body of a human-meaning she is very blissful to men of kind human tendencies and very fierce on people who are of evil and animalistic tendencies.

Veerabadra-badra means auspicious,prosperous, blessful, fortunate , blissful. Veera  means valourous,courageous,one who accomplishes,-so veera badra is the ultimate of courage and prosperity put together. He is an avatar of Shiva and the only one in puranas to have subsumed 'Sudarsana Chakra' of vishnu

Brahma with four faces-sigifying the four vedas which are the root of the knowledge of creation

Sudarsana-The form of vishnu holding the divine disc-the most powerful weapon -with 108 serrated edges-the only mobile weapon mentioned in vedas-the ultimate destroyer of evil forces-held by vishnu the protector of universe

Narasimha- The avatar of vishnu- with man's torso below and Lion's face-the most fierceful aspect of Vishnu-who is considereed to be an immediate redeemer for any difficulties-referred to in Vedas too as the force 'fierceful,dreaded,prowling,mounting, roaming,foaming and subduing evils'

Andal- meaning who rules the Lord- Lord Krishna- by her deep love and devotion, asking for nothing but God's love in return because of which God blessed her to rule him rather than the other way round-signifying the effect of noble mind on the god head and the resultant bliss-

Badra Kali- The most auspicious ruler of time and the Great maya sakthi which controls the time aspect in the space-time complex

Nataraja-A highly mystic and cosmically important image-Firstly it is the image of the rhythmic  dance which is the source of all  vibrations in the universe; Secondly the purpose of the dance is to remove the delusion of mind; thirdly the place chidambaram which is the place of origin of this vision of cosmic dance by sages is portrayed as the centre of the universe -in human beings as Hridaya-the core-the heart-the principle of akasha-space

Chandikeswara- the wealth keeper and sin remover who is in constant meditation-meaning the wealth acquired  should be bereft of sin. It is in all siva temples to remind everyone that means can't justify ends and only end should justify means-the great philosophy aggressively followed by Mahatma Gandhi and repeatedly stressed in all puranas that one wrong can't justify another wrong.

Dwajasthamba-they are the carrier of the celestial powers into the temple and it will be diametrically opposite to the main deity.All poojas will have to be done for this also as this is the transformer . We should cicumambulate the temple including this and never come in between Dwajasthamba and the deity since we will be cutting the energy channel. This energy field is activated to ensure that the bakthas are able to absorb the divine energies when they come to the temple with full devotion

Narayana with Boodevi and Sridevi-the Sustainer with energies of withholding power and power of resources

Samhara with skull ,snake and basmam-the dissolver of the matter holding the un dissolvable remnants-snake-the karmic kundalini waiting for next birth, skull and basmam the left over of the annihilated body  which if further burnt also will be the same basmam only -signifying the eternel and undissolvable concept of consciousness which is the origin and end of all creation

Muruga with six heads-The mind purified of the Six Dirts-   kama,krodha,lobha,moha, mada, mascharya.

Vel-the intellect which is  sharp,wide and deep

Sigificance of some of the rituals

  • Daily prayer-regulated and regular meditation
  • Mantra Japa-creating positive vibrations in you in sync with cosmic vibrations-so that you can invoke and harness those energies to  bring you the bliss
  • Stotrams-devotion filled verses were mind is controlled and it is taken near the energy centres
  • Bathing twice-keeping body clean
  • Wearing washed and dried cloths –keeping good hygiene
  • Eating only at home-Maintain good health
  • Daily pranayama-to keep the vital energy flow regulated and undiminished
  • Suryanamaskar-mantra,dhyana,and body exercise all in one-a fantastic medicine for body/mind/soul trio simultaneously
  • Adiipradakshinam/Thoppikaranam -activating the central nerve centres –something like an acupuncture
  • Dhyana-serious meditation for a focused mind
  • Parayana of epics,Bhagwatham ,Devi mahatmiyam, Sundara Kandam etc.,-a well coordinated meditation technique to keep the mind on a set of noble thoughts told in the form of a story so that it has an interesting hook
  • Temples-signal boosters of cosmic energy
  • Idols-a divine focus point for concentration
  • Festivals-raising  group psyche to higher levels
  • Archana-another type to make the mind to meditate through variety of names since the mind needs variety.
  • Abishekams-a way to tap the stored energy and transfer it to us in a physical way  through the liquids of abhisekam
  • Deepa aradana-another way to share the stored energy  field  in the sanctum santorum with the devotees-through the deepa aradana because fire can absorb,hold and transfer vibrations
  • Thirtham-Same reason as above since water also has the same divine propensities
  • Naivedhyam-same logic of tapping the stored energy and bringing it to the beings.
  • Offering of flowers-flower represents freshness. Also the flowers represent the victory of will over oppression and odds. Many of us may not know that one of the toughest tasks in this world is for the bud to bloom into a flower. That tiny, soft tissue  has to fight the mighty , fierce and forceful air which will compress it from all sides and prevent it from blooming. Therefore offering flowers signify our soul's freshness and valour.
  • Pilgrimage-another method for prolonged and non boring meditation technique
  • Bathing in temple tanks-Water is another vibration absorber ,retainer and conductor.Since the temples are endowed with positive vibrations the  water body in the temple will be the repository of such highly potent energies. Bathing in that waterbody will enable your body and mind to absorb those positive vibrations
  • Drawing kolams/rangoli-an easy but deep meditation technique for keeping the mind focused on one thought and at the same time making it interesting
  • Dhana-offering to someone  what you can offer  so that his good and positive vibrations will help you
  • Dharma-doing a needed help to someone in distress in whatever form it is required without expecting anything in return-the highest sacrifice-which will return positive vibrations of an unlimited order by way of his blessings and also the god’s grace

As you will notice that every religious name,symbol,image and practice has a cosmic science behind it and are not mere superstitions.