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This is a very important and sensitive topic. On one side we say that the fruits of karma has to be suffered and on the other side we say  we can be redeemed. It looks dichotomous, because if we have to suffer how can we escape from suffering.

As we know what is in Andam (macrocosm) is in Pindam(microcosm) and therefore on the converse what is in the pindam has to be in andam also.

Logic of free will

We know that even in man made rules the sentence given have to be suffered yet  there are provisions for remission of sentences due to good conduct-why?  Because a  reformed sinner can do much more benefit to the society than a normal man.

Similarly in cosmic law also karmas can be annihilated by good conduct.

Very logical and reasonable. Only to implement this and make it possible for human beings to attempt, god has given free hand as the human will which we call  ‘free will’. God has permitted man at all points of time to exercise his birth right of discretion and he permits no force on earth to interfere in his exercising that right.

If god has not provided for this it would have been just fatalistic.In that event god’s design of evolution itself would have taken a beating.

Therefore in cosmic scheme of things you have to pay for your karmas but can get redeemed by atonement and therefore you have choice of either suffering your fate or exercise your free will and atone.

God in his scheme of things has given equal importance to destiny and freewill as 50:50 and the choice is yours. if you invoke your free will you can get out of fate. as they say in Tamil “ mathi irundal vidhiyaiyum vellalam” ie., you can conquer your  destiny if you have the will.

How to make free will operate

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa explains this beautifully- a farmer who wants to have a good yield has to plough,sow,fertilize,water the crop and then harvest. While he can plough,sow etc., by his efforts, the water for the crops  has to come from rain or river.If he has water but not toil he will not get the harvest, Similarly if he toils but not get the water then also he can't get the harvest. That rain is the fate.His efforts  are his free will.They play an equal role.

This free will is unfettered and it is up to you to invoke it.Even the worst sinner who has committed heinous adharmic deeds  can get reformed and emancipated using free will. By invoking the free will he should ensure that he doesn't commit any more papas and earn punyas as we described in the earlier chapter and get redeemed.

For making your free will to operate you just need  determination,devotion and hard work.You should not waver and wander again on worldly sinful pleasures. Lord Rama is the classic example of Freewill 

The puranas are replete with such instances and in this regard the great 'Bhagavatham' is a treasure of information and knowledge for enlightening our souls on the methods of redemption.