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We have discussed in detail  the entire creation of the universe was done only through vibrations and it is being sustained and disintegrated also again by vibration only.

Vibration-the base

What Vedas proclaimed out of revealed wisdom has been more than confirmed to day by the String theory which clearly establishes that all sub atomic particles which are themselves in a state of constant vibration ,forms assocoiation with other particles to form various permutation and combinations to form an atom and which in turn coalesces with other atoms through vibration to form a mass and which in turn vibrates and  becomes an object.

Therefore it can be clearly seen that  vibrations are the root of everything.And while vibrating it is just common sense that a sound will be  produced.Therefore every being  and it’s  every single cell when vibrates produces a sound.

In fact from sub atomic particles to mass planets and stars vibrate and produce the sound.

The seers identified the base sounds of celestial bodies and human beings and developed divine vibrations called ‘Mantras’


The seers similarly also identified the base sounds of animals, birds etc., and tried to simulate it . Surprisingly they found that they fall in an order and ryhthm. They called them swaras namely  ‘Sa’-shadjam, ‘Re’ -rishabam, ‘Ga’-gandharam,’ma’-madhyamam,’pa’-panchamam, ‘dha’- dhvaitham and ‘ni’- nishabam.

These swaras were the audible octaves for humans and were syncing with the vibrations of our human cakras. Also they were also matching with the vibrations of peacock, bull,  goat, dove, cuckoo, horse and elephant each signifying a quality and character. This meant that these swaras when sung, the relevant chkras were getting activated and at the same time the core and exclusive qualities of each of these animals/birds which are latent in human mind are also invoke- Such as - Peacock-pleasnt thoughts;bull-fertility /ferocious courage,goat-humility; dove-love; cuckoo-cool temperament; horse-speed of action and elephant-magnificiency of thought and soul.

Therefore it had a double impact of uplifting the mind as well as activating the energy chakras.

Sangeetha Marga

There are many karnatic singers who have realized the god head (eternal bliss) simply by devotional music. Sri Thyagabhammam is a great example,.

It is said that the easiest way to realize god head is through music because it has no preconditions to be fulfilled like in other margas- such as mental straining and unrelenting inquiry of the jnana mrga; life style disciplines of the kriya yoga marga; the long time required of the karma marga,or the serious effort to unite sincerely the mind and body with the heart to really sync in devotion.

The marga of music just requires purity of purpose and it takes care of every thing else by itself-the mind,the body,the heart,the thoughts,the meditation,vibration etc .etc.

The entire system of music is on the principle that conscious vibrations repeatedly recreated by the humans invokes the cosmic energy- which   uplifts the mind and the soul..

Music has played a very important  role in developing and conditioning human minds by invoking the native divinity in him.

Music per se all over world has stirred the souls of human just because of the divine and the human syncing in the same wave length .




Positively charged ambience

Having mastered the art of invoking the nature's energy fields the sages wanted those vital energy fields to be ever prevalent in a charged condition, that too everywhere,  So that it’s positive rub off effect on humans will be instantaneous. They aspired for what we call in today’s language full signal so that there can be no possibility of getting a  ‘not reachable message’.

Need for group involvement

For this they felt while people of self discipline will recharge the vital energies by themselves my meditation or by some mantras at their homes or by periodically visiting the temples. But they were not sure of the ordinary people who may or may not be doing these things either due to lack of time or lack of understanding or even due to lack of belief.. In their scheme of things no body should be excluded and every body should be benefited. So they wanted purposeful gatherings so that every body will assemble and the divine rub off will happen automatically on it's own.

Concept of Festivals

As by know that everything can be made to happen for human involvement only if there is a logic and reason that will satsify the people.So they figured out appropriate occasions and timings for such group efforts- the concept of festivals arose.

They divided these group festivals into two parts-one to be celebrated by everyone at their respective homes on an appointed date  and the other to be celebrated by everyone together in the temple.

While fixing up such festivals they also incorporated the cosmic vibratory principles and so they chose the days when the cosmic vibration will magnify the human effort and therefore the best results can be obtained.

The Astrological Science behind festivals

Every festival has a significance both in terms of purpose and timing.

A new year is celebrated when ‘Sun’ who sustains this galaxy enters ‘0’ degree in the east ie., Mesha Rasi, which is also his house of it's exaltation.

Ganesh chaturdhi  is celebrated when sun is in ‘Leo’ his native rasi and Moon is in his own star ‘Hastham’  placed in ‘Virgo’ the second house to ‘leo’

Diwali is celebrated when sun is in Libra ie., when both sun and moon are together in Thula ruled by the benevolent Venus , which is also the natural seventh house of the Zodiac which is the house amongst other things for harmony and happiness and the ruler Venus by himself is the lord of pleasures and happiness.

Pongal/Makara sankranthi happens when sun enters ‘Makara’ when- ‘Uttarayana’-the the summer soltice starts.,

Navarathri is celebrated for ten days starting from the ‘Pradama’-the first day after the no moon day in the month of ‘purvabadra’ that is when sun is in Virgo, the house of Mercury –a combination that always gives positive vibrations of the highest order-what in Astrology is called  “Budha Adithya Yoga” and the person will be highly intelligent. In these 10 days the moon traverses through 10 stars and 5 rasis which cover all the planets which means the sun and moon have completed a full cycle of the vibrations of all permutations and combinations with all the planets and  stars .

Hence  all these days are naturally highly vibratory days and human efforts are likely yield manifold benefits. Also since they are societal festivals,to be celebrated by all –rich or poor-  there was all around flow of positive energies and under its flood the remnant negative energies would be washed off.So the net result was rub high positive vibrations on every soul even unconsciously.

It may be interesting to know here that the English new year itself  happens every year on a day when ‘sun’ is in the house of ‘Jupiter’ and is in the star of ‘Venus’. In western astrology these three planets are the most auspicious planets and naturally a day which has the positive influence of these planets together is bound to be charged with high levels of positive vibrations and that is why they designated that day as the New year.

Similarly our sages also identified auspicious days for temple festivals applying the same scientific approach as can be seen by the fact that most of the temple festivals will happen on full moon days when the vibratory power of the moon will be at it’s best being the nearest celestial body to us.These festivals included several functions which ensured the involvement of the society as a whole ie., every person/group assigned with certain roles so that their mind will be in it on these days without other diversions and will get benefited of the very positive vibrations even without taking any conscious effort. Also let us note that all these functions happen near or with the deity of the temple which is also charged with extremely positive vibrations. As a result the society at large got recharged with cosmic positive vibrations – knowingly or unknowingly.

The Positive impacts

These arrangements were proved to be correct and the positive energies were felt and overflowed on all these days proved beyond doubt that our seers prophecy came true. Imagine in those years , which is thousands of years ago how they could have propagated it , can't be by massive advertisements ,other than through small groups efforts and then slowly spreading and if they were not effective how it would have survived the test of the time.

Let us therefore realize that every festival is logical and divine and not superstitious.