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Origin of Vedas

After having lived the animalistic life, slowly humans realised a few things while watching the nature and the fellow beings around.

On  the negative side he noticed that he is not as powerful as many  of the animals; his physique is not having many protective organs like teeth, nails ,skin etc.,.

On the positive side he realised that he is able to think, discern, validate, question, answer, discriminate,imagine, and aspire. When he looked at other species he noted that they miss this power to question and discriminate and their intelligence was limited to bodily existence only.

First he was amazed at that as he was able to understand many things which his fellow beings were unable to.

He thought over it again and again and then realised that he has one crucially more sense of perception and discrimination which were missing in the animals. Therefore to protect him against the physically powerful animals he started using this intelligence and got amazing results. Then he started putting it to use for creating comfortable living which was undreamable in animal life and there also he succeeded.

As his life grew stronger and stronger vis a vis his contemporarion animals , and more and more his life became comfortable he became inquisitive about the nature and started to question more and more.

Initial questions being Why he only has got these faculties; who gave it to him;and for what purpose,etc.,

This became a unstoppable enquiry for some of those men who were not willing to settle down without an answer. We must know that he has nobody to ask for answers for these questions excepting his own intellect and intuition.

So he started questioning himself how,how and how. Many postulations came to his mind, like just a coincidence, just an accident, just by fluke, just by magic etc.,etc.,

But his rational intellect rejected them ‘neti,neti-not this,not this’ because he could notice a thorough order and rhythm in the whole system. And he was convinced that there is a purpose behind the whole thing and there is a law governing it.

Revelations of the cosmic science

So he intensified his questioning process and the search for truth. As we know the god is not in a far away heaven but within ourselves and ever willing to reveal himself at any time to the true seeker.

Out of the unremited perseverance, penance and deep meditation he started getting the answers revealed. And the sages were stunned and their ecstasy burst in to wonderful verses and divine poetry.

We must know that no body wrote this wisdom , because until it was revealed no body had a clue nor was there  a possibility of a clue , the seekers being the first set of devoted intellectuals pioneering in this unchartered waters.

Hence such wisdom got revealed by god himself to these great human beings intuitively for the betterment of the human race on whom god has put his trust for the summit of evolution-ie., the arrival of superman-viswarupa.. Such revealed truths are the called Vedas.

They are inspirational flow arising out of divine flow of thoughts – only the language in which it has been expressed- is the language what they knew.And therefore they do not belong to any one language or any one creed or any one religion.

They had vocabulary developed for the things and forces they have seen and they had no concept of God at all. They had so named the things and forces using such terms as they will give the meaning of such things and forces in their language.

So a man was called ‘Manushya’ because he had manas; he called a Horse ‘Aswaha’ because they were forceful in running;they called a cow ‘gho’ because it was blissful;they called the fire as ‘agni’ as it was flaming always upwards;they called rain as ‘varsha’ as it was pouring down;they called space ‘akasha’ since it was vast;they called wind as ‘vayu’ since it was always flowing and earth as ‘prithvi’ because it was stubborn,holding it’s ground despite hammerings. Therefore these names were signifying the characteristics of the things or force and were named logically.

As said before in their deep contemplation they got their answers revealed and they could realize the energies,forces,thoughts,will, mind ,consciousness , potencies,tendencies.characteristics etc etc., of the various components that were making this universe, and they poured in ecstasy as divine verses whatever they had visualized using the vocabulary they are familiar with.

Therefore the  will which is always flaming with energy and always raising upwards for growth was similar to the fire and they therefore called ‘agni’. Similarly the love and compassion was very smooth like water and so they called ‘Varuna’;saw the vital breath always moving up and down and called it ‘vayu’;they saw the motor forces very fast in moving and acting and called them ‘aswins, etc., As we may notice they are not empty words of superstition but meaningful words communicating the essential features/aspects.

We need to note that these thoughts are not their personal imaginations because there is no basis for them to think of anything of these things in this manner.

Their role was to only communicate the thoughts that got revealed intuitively and for that they used words and similes what they had grasped in the language they  knew of and therefore Vedas were wrapped in words which were capable of giving more than one meaning as explained above.

The plain reading gave a very mundane meaning and a wise and discerning reading gave an esoteric and mystic meaning. Once we decipher the inner meaning it had answers to all the questions that arose in the minds such as  what we are, why we are, how we came, where we go, what is our powers, who created us, how to realise him, What are our duties,what are our rights,how to live a happy and peaceful life ect,etc.,

It is amazing that such a treasure of wisdom is posited in vedas. There is no meta physical question for which you will not find an answer in vedas.


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