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As said before he placed his theory of " DIVINE PATH TO ETERNAL BLISS" -his realised wisdom of - the God head, Creation, it's purpose; the papas, punyas, karmic bondages; redemption; rebirth and the core of it all 'the eternal bliss' before the God Almighty for his divine approval.


  Nature of the God head and the universe

  • The Supreme power-the God head-by whatever name you call it- is real. He is the supreme will, the supreme intelligence, the supreme bliss, the supreme consciousness, the supreme mind and the supreme matter . This is what we call as “Brahman”             
  • The World created by him is real and not imaginary.
  • Human experiences are also real and not dreams.
  • It is only the “thoughts” that makes the  life.
  •  The supreme power has three facets –Omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence.
  • There has been an involution of that power (the spirit) in to the matter The matter is, again, made of god; made by god;  and made from god; for the purposes of creation.
  • Then the spirit and the matter together have evolved over a period of time through a logical and methodical process.
  • The evolution is still on and will not stop until the objective of God is achieved.                                 
  • The Objective of this Grand Creation
  • The objective  of the  God-the supreme power-who is the repository of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence-who is without any  name and form (the Nirguna Brahman)-  is- to see his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence  with a name and form (as the Sarguna Brahman) . 
  • That is why this entire process of creation was started and it will continue till that is achieved. Therefore this creation is not any play (leela) or illusion (maya). It is real and we are all a part of that great process.
  • Every being therefore has the God particle residing in him and is expected to play his role and carry forward the God’s vision for which he has been sent here                                                                          
  • Cosmic Laws
  • Everything happens in his kingdom -out of his desire “ishta”- in an orderly manner -‘rta’ - and without fail - ‘satya’ and there is  no place for chaos-'astavyastata'.
  • The god has set up a perfect system for creation, maintenance and disintegration.
  • Toward this journey, he has made eternal cosmic laws so that he can maintain an order . These are non violable , immutable and unchangeable .
  • In order that people know what these laws are he has revealed them through Vedas to the ardent seekers

   Realisation of God                       

  • All religious symbols and rituals are prompting agents for you to feel and realise the supreme power and have a logic and science behind it. They are not god by themselves but divine symbols which can invoke the god in you.      
  •  If you are serious and sincere you can realise the God  in this birth itself –actually if you are dead determined  you can realize any time –even right now-because he is ever willing to meet you.                                                                
  • The Trio of Body/Mind/Intellect
  • The material body is made up of matter and is controlled and enjoyed or suffered by mind, guided by intellect and witnessed by conscience the God's proxy in beings.This ‘Trio’ is  powered by the Gods spark  and this entire unit is what we call as “Atman.”
  • The predominance of which of these three will decide a being's pure and impure thoughts,words and deeds.
  • While there is intelligence in every being to help it to the extent of making  it to live ,enjoy, procreate and evolve, the intelligence of the human beings has evolved further and moved over to “intellect”-the discriminating faculty- which has made the human beings more powerful than any other specie as on date. It is this intellect that is expected to further evolve, into a Super human being, if human beings play the ball with the God.                     
  •  Gunas
  • In moulding the matter in to body, God  had to use three gunas or potencies viz.,- satva, rajas,tamas- ie.,- pure,   passion,  and ignorant.
  • Since the Gods body is pure spirit and therefore the matter that sprung out him was also pure spirit, in order  to make it mouldable  into shapes he had to make an alloy of these  three gunas. 
  • In making the body these three gunas forms various permutations and combinations  because of which, so many varieties of species and even in the same species different variety of beings have evolved.
  • These three gunas account for the variation in tendencies & potencies of every being.                                                                                                                 
  • Body the vehicle
  • It must be clearly understood that to be successful in the effort to realise God and to be  eternally blissful, a body is very important. Therefore it must be cared, nourished and adored.
  • Similarly since it is an abode of God it must not be misused or abused because then we will fail to realize the value of our human life and the purpose behind it.
  • Body is the temple in which God resides and we have been endowed with it for a purpose.
  • It is a divine vehicle given by the god and we have to be conscious of that.
  • The human body what we see is the gross body-which is a food sheath. But is has another four sheaths-vital air sheath;mind sheath;intellect sheath and the conscience or bliss sheeth.
  • The mind-intellect-conscience sheaths together make the subtle body.
  • Both the gross body and subtle body is kept active by the vital air -prana-sheath;and this entire complex of gross body and subtle body is animated by the god's spark-the life principle.


  • Mind is the linking point of the physical gross body with the psychic  subtle body of intellect and conscience.
  • On destruction of the gross body, the subtle body is not destroyed . It survives and awaits for its next incarnation and it gets what it has wanted -as may be permitted by it’s accumulated  karmas (thoughts/words/deeds) .
  • Therefore  the “thoughts”  are the key to bliss since words and deeds follow thoughts.


  • Though god is seated in every being,  the individual mind has mistakenly assumed and arrogated to itself a self ego, as if it is independent of the God’s spark.
  • This 'ego' is the reason for the first fall as Jesus christ says-the 'paradise lost'- from which the humans have to regain the paradise.
  • Out of that ignorance – ‘Avidya’-  the Ego sways the mind and also gets swayed by the mind towards  the outwardly pleasures whether in accordance  with the cosmic law  or not-  and gets caught in the wheel of karmic bondage-the 'samsara'.
  • Nescience, Ego and Lust caused by ignorance are the villains. Having caught into this whirlpool of cause and effect- the karmic syndrome , the humans struggle and suffer, not knowing how to get out.

Human Maladies and Divine Remedies

  • Knowing  this reality our Sages and Seers have intensely queried, researched, analysed  and meditated upon these issues  and have  realised through their great austerity and penance the causes of these  maladies and the answers for their  remedies.
  • This wisdom was revealed to them by the Supreme God himself (and were not composed by them). That is why they are called “Srutis”.
  • Since what is in the cosmos is in the body also, it is possible to rectify the imbalances in the psychic body by invoking the divine energies of the  omnipresent power that is  spread out in the cosmos -  through out the universe - all around each one of us.
  • This has to be done through  the instrument of mind, intellect and conscience and this divine remedy is the route for redemption for human sufferings that has arisen out of karmic bonds ( the accumulated thought,mind,deed complex)
  • So there is no need for any fatalistic approach or any escapist attitude to any issue as if everything is lost.  Any one and in fact everyone can get redeemed of their sufferings if they are willing and committed. (It is better to realize that In any case you won’t be able to run away from your karmic effects unless you atone it and get redeemed; or suffer it and get them extinguished.) Therefore the best way is to get redeemed and continue your happy journey.
  • Any one can get out of their unbearable sufferings- which are caused by the accumulated bad thoughts, words and deeds (Karmas)-by getting initiated into the practice of  Path to Eternal Bliss /Divine Remedies.
  • And this process of redemption is not all that difficult at all.This entire cosmos is created , maintained and annihilated only by vibration and therefore redemption is equally possible through Divine Vibrations.                     
  •  Papa and Punya
  • According to the cosmic laws every being born in this world is ordained with certain duties and enjoyments. God has created sufficient resources for keeping every being happy with their share of full enjoyment. This he has done because otherwise there will be no motivation for the beings to live and evolve. He knows very well that without their cooperation the evolution cannot proceed.
  • At the same time he does not permit overindulgence on external pleasures because then the mind evolution does not happen and therefore his objective is defeated. That is why he has made his cosmic laws in a balanced way.
  • Therefore in his kingdom you can enjoy anything and everything as long as you don’t infringe upon other beings life. And you are expected to contribute your share for the evolution by experiencing things in a rightful way and these experiences of yours are the inputs you give to the god for an orderly evolution.
  • So if you keep on just fulfilling  your ordained  duty, life after life (of course enjoying all the permitted pleasures)  you can realize the god  as you progress and god is perfectly happy with that.  That is why Lord Krishna says” Just do your duty and leave the rest to me”.
  • But if the beings become greedy, lusty, egoistic and lay its hand on other’s share; or harm or hurt other beings; or cause agonies and pains to other beings (by thoughts, words or deeds);or deny other beings their rightful share or  prevent them from discharging their ordained duties by causing physical or mental harm, then you violate the laws of nature and create a cause and effect karmic syndrome, and the reprisal process  starts.
  • Then you get into the karmic bond and miss out the pure bliss for which you came  here and instead you start suffering. This act of violating the nature’s law is called Papa leading to the painful cycle of life.
  • If you give up some of your rights for the sake of other beings (which is called sacrifice) or make your fellow beings to feel more happy and pleasant by your thoughts, words and deeds or if you help them to perform their duties or enjoy their rights in a better way, then you are contributing to the God's objective of an orderly evolution by more than what is expected of you and therefore a reward program starts.
  • As a result you get rewarded with better living circumstances in this birth as well as  in the births to come. This is called Punya.


Concept of Dharma/Karma/Parihara

  • An area of mass confusion is on what is "dharma"-duty, "karma"-the after effects and "parihara"-the remedial measures.
  • Here we get confused between the cosmic laws and man made laws.
  • First on 'Dharma' - Duty. Under the cosmic law every being has three duties -one to the nature;one to it's progenitors and progenies;and the one to cosmic powers.
  • Under this  first you should pay back and contribute for the welfare of the other beings in nature-like watering plants,feeding insects,feeding birds,feeding animals,planting and maintaining flower bearing plants,planting and maintaining fruit bearing trees,, planting and maintaining herbal plants,support maintaining water bodies etc.,. This way you help the non human species to survive and grow because when you grow a flower bearing plant it supports the life of thousands of bees and similar insects;when you support a tree it supports thousands of birds; when you support water bodies it supports thousands of aquatic species. In fact the entire eco system grows making millions of species to live their happy life.
  • In the same way you are expected to support the human beings -particularly those who are poor,downtrodden,incapacitated,destitutes,elderly,sick-in essence all those who need support to live.
  • And it is your duty to support and take care of every one who is dependent upon you-your parents,spouse, children etc., particularly when they need your support.And it is your definite duty to help the needy without fail.
  • Secondly you should pay back to your progenitors because they are your previous link in the chain of evolution and without them you could not have come. This includes taking care of parents, elderly relatives (dayadis and pangalis) .
  • Similarly you have to take care of your children to develop them as sensible,serious and capable citizens of high moral order and persons who will be respected by the society. 
  • The third duty is to the cosmic powers which is sustaining you and the universe.If they fail the universe fails and the evolution stops.God's dream collapses. Make no mistake, the divine powers are god's creation of energy knots to energise us and they also have a mind/intelect/soul complex and they also need nourishment. This nourishment is more in the form of mental and intellectual vibrations.That nourishment has to be given by human beings.
  • These energy nodes generates positive vibrations which can be invoked by us for our benefit. But such nodes also need constant recharge.The human being contains the god's spark and therefore capable of generating such positive vibrations.That is why the cosmic law has imposed this duty on human beings because he can understand and comprehend his power on the one side and his duty on the other side.That is why the saying -god made man made god-
  • You must note that the cosmic laws have imposed these duties only on human beings because they only have the intellect.In respect of other species god has imposed only the first duty ie., duty to the nature and not the other two because he knows that they don't have the intellect to comprehend. In management terms God has delegated some of his duties to us because he wants to groom us to evolve into super humans.That is a great respect to human beings and we have to be conscious to what extent we are living upto it.
  • We should also note that how all the other beings fulfill it's cosmic duties without fail. Take the case of a tree ; it gives shade to every being because that is it's duty. Therefore it gives shade to every body including to the one who cuts it's branches.The plants bear the flower and fruit without questioning because it is their duty though it does not enjoy a bit of it's labour ie., it's flowers and fruits. They all rejoice on just one fact that they are diligently and dutifully discharging the cosmic duties.
  • It is only the man who fails because his so called intellect has come to the conclusion that these are all superstitions. How sad. 
  • It should  be noted that when you do some action which will make others to generate a positive vibe, you will also be generating extremely high levels of positive vibes which strengthens your soul immensely.
  • By the same token if you are doing something which will make other beings to generate negative vibes towards you,you will also be generating extreme levels of negative vibes which will weaken your soul's strength terribly.
  • So in cosmic law if you fail discharge any of these responsibilities you run the risk of not adhering to your ordained duty and as a result for generation of the negative vibes to whom you owed these duties.
  • The human law has many duties in relation to your profession,your society,your nation etc., No doubt you have to fulfill them as otherwise human laws will catch up.But just because you have discharged duties as per human laws you can't fail to comply with your duties under the cosmic laws.This portion has to be clearly understood.Moreover human laws are heavily loaded in their favour even at the cost of other being's birth rights and therefore just complying with that will not be sufficient.
  • Then we come to 'Karma'- Here the cosmic reprisal is based on cosmic laws and not on human laws. We must note that many things permitted under human laws are prohibited under cosmic laws.Classical example will be humans eating the flesh of other species. It must be noted that in the food chain human food needs are addressed by nature with so many other things and the flesh of other species is not meant for him - they are meant for really the various other species only.
  • Similarly there are many areas where human laws are ignorant of the cosmic laws.We can also see how each religion has different set of 'papas' and 'Punyas' many of them contradictory amongst themselves. What is permitted by one religion is shunned by the other.
  • This shows that human laws of papa/punya can never be right because for god there is no religion.In his kingdom what is right for goose has to be right for the gander.So the cosmic laws are pan religion and pan region.Therefore you have to be conscious to surely adhere to the cosmic laws and remain ever blissful.
  • Then we come to "parihara'-atonement for redemption. Under cosmic law the whole atonement has to be done through the mind and intellect because the sin has been committed by the mind only in the first place. Therefore the sinner's mind and intellect has to atone.There is no BPO or outsourcing of this atonement and redemption process.But the religions have converted this into a proxy system and bartering  procedure which is simply self deception.

Secret Of Success – Mental and Bodily Health

  • The human ills happens in gross body level and/ or subtle body level.For lack of appreciation of the causes and the routes to remedy them many religions abhor birth. Our vedas have clearly given guidance to avoid these ills at body level and mind level so that there is no need to run away from the cyle of birth and death
  • For avoiding illness to body as we have discussed, it must be treated with utmost care and respect and follow the do's and don's given by the vedas.If the body is maintained properly ninety percent of illness will be avoided. The important areas to be taken care of is what we eat,when we eat,how we eat,what we drink and what we breath and how we breath.How did Siddhas live for over 100 years without a trace of illness and left their bodily abode in absolute peace.They knew this secret and have also given detailed guidance for each one of us to live like that.The modern science says the reason for many bodily problems are because of, in addition to eating junk foods, due to our wrong food habits which are not in tune with the movement of the cycle of sun and moon which is what Vedas have proclaimed long long back.
  • Similarly vedas have given very detailed guidance for maintaining the mental health in constant bliss without a trace of worry.The trick lies in the thoughts.If we nourish,mould and motivate the mind it will generate only positive vibes and in turn all the beings around us will also be generating only positive vibes towards our soul and it is an endless cycle of  bliss.How did the sages were in a state of bliss for ever. It is all conscious and constant mind upliftment.
  • Both the body and mind can be maintained very healthily by every one and for that the nature does not expect us to renounce any of the permitted pleasures. Let us be clear , many of the siddhas and sages were not sanyasis.
  • So it is within the reach of every person to be adhering to the cosmic laws and simultaneously be absolutely blissful for his entire life, enjoying every pleasure 

Remedies- The Redemption Process

  • Now we come to what happens if some has violated the cosmic laws.We can say with utmost authority that even if one has violated the cosmic law it does not mean that  he is condemned for ever. God has given equal share to destiny and free will in shaping the human life  and therefore any one can get redeemed by using his free will.
  • By his will he should first resolve not to anymore commit papas and further resolve to do as much punyas as possible.Then the redemption process starts immediately.
  • Thereafter he must assiduously adhere to the cosmic laws without fail.
  • Vedas have given enough solutions for salvation of such sincere souls, who have swerved the rightful path for whatever reason and wants to come back.
  • The Vedas have given methods to earn punya  as well as to clear the accumulated papas. The solutions are simple and divine.
  • Therefore anyone, including the ones suffering from the most acute and unbearable agony – ie., even the worst sinners- can get redeemed and become blissful once again without any doubt through these methods.
  • God does not want to leave out the input of any experience in his quest for evolution. In fact he may think that the input of the experience of the souls, who swerved the path and suffered and on reformation has come back towards his kingdom of bliss ,is more valuable than even a normal being.


  • In sum and substance god created everything in this universe out of his bliss and made everything to be full of bliss and he is willing to support every being to be blissful for ever. In his kingdom bliss is the rule and suffering is an aberration - man made- and can be set right with the divine remedies.



1)First understand the 'Path of Eternal Bliss' in full and get clarified if there are any lingering doubts. Unless you are clear and  have the courage of conviction you may swerve along the way.

2)Realise by heart that this worldly experience is real and meant only for joy.

3)Understand that every one of us have come here for a purpose and it is our duty to figure it out and achieve that.

4)The cosmos is so arranged that everything is linked to everything and any action has a consequence elsewhere whether nearby or in a very far off location which can be beyond our wildest dreams also.

5)Whatever we do there are eight witnesses , even the thing what we do within a closed door witch nobody can even see.They are the panchabuthas, sun,moon,&Yama and therefore even whatever you think is recorded in the unique chip of yours -your soul- and therefore don't commit any wrong because you find no physical witness.

6)The mind is the critical factor in the scheme of cosmic things because it leads the speech and action. Therefore the effort must start at the level of mind to declare that come what may I will not violate the cosmic law.

7)Then you can enjoy all the pleasures permitted and you have to give up nothing.In fact the more you enjoy your legitimate pleasures the more you give as your inputs to the god for further evolution which makes him happier.

8)You should ensure that you don't bear any ill will to any one.

9) You should ensure that you fulfill all your duties-the duties as per the man made laws and the duties under the cosmic law

10)Fulfillment of the duties as per man's law you can't avoid and only complying with that you can earn.

11)Therefore fulfill them and earn well. Earning is not a sin. But you must earn by genuine methods.Avoid any sinly income.Use the money you earn for fulfilling your duties under cosmic law as well.

12)When you need something don't look at it from your personal angle but look at it from the cosmic angle. For eg., if you desire a good job you can view it as your need to fulfill your personal requirements. In this case you miss out what it means to cosmos and then you strive to get it with only with your strength and how much  your ability and efforts can work. But the same need of your's has a cosmic angle also,which is ,you have come for a purpose and to fulfill that purpose you have to earn and you are looking for a solution for discharging your cosmic responsibilities. Then the whole game changes.All those forces which are all in the path of your radar of your cosmic responsibilities join in the efforts to fulfill your need of getting a job.The nature always conspires to fulfill the desires of cosmically responsible citizens. But this commitment for the cosmic cause to be genuine and not a facade to hoodwink the nature.

13) Do not try to grab anything that is not your's.Actually you have many many things meant for you unattended and unavailed but we hanker after other's share mainly because our vanity tells that the other side of the fence is green.

14)Don't avoid condemning something wrong done by others - however mighty he may be- that you happen to witness because then you may be shirking your responsibility of quelling the evil.

15) Don't ever exploit any situation to your advantage even if you can get away scot free-if such a situation arises be cautious not to fall prey.

16)Do help every being by whichever way you can and earn their positive vibrations which will come in good stead in your most difficult times- as they say 'noble deeds will save your head'

17)Don't hanker after anything. We wrongly think that if we don't persist on a thing we won't get it. Actually it is the other way round. If you are after it you will chase it like mad and yet you can't get at it. If you leave it ,if it is your's it will chase you.

18)Don't ever desire for what is patently not yours

19)Mistakes can happen and do happen. Nothing wrong. But don't commit it. There is a big difference between a mistake happening and committing a mistake .Sin occurs only if the mind is instrumental in conceiving it and committing it. But if a mistake happens for no willful intention of yours it is not a sin as yet.  You have own it up and embark on the remedial measures.But if you fail to do so then the sin of committing that mistake as well as trying to not own it up falls on you.

20)Always remember the cosmic law is not religion oriented or region oriented and it is universal and hence religious laws  or regional laws can't protect you.

21)Even if a mistake has happened never lose heart. You can remedy it atoning with sincerity and genuineness.

22)Never ever hurt any being or it's feelings.Everything in the cosmos has life,desires,mind and soul and therefore don't think that you can ride roughshod over anything.

23)Spend an hour at least in a day in just  looking around the plants, trees, birds,insects,animals and also the fellow human beings and watch them carefully as to what they are doing ,what could be crossing their mind and what will be it's desires etc., You will realise amazing facts and your heart will expand towards the universe and  you will start feeling the god's magnificience, compassion, the extremely carefully crafted cosmic design etc., With this effort you will slowly start developing an universal mind overflowing with genuine love and you will get out of thinking only about you and viewing everything from your point of view only . This will remove the restrictions imposed by your self centred thoughts on  your potential and ability to achieve bigger things and on the contrary you will start thinking at the beings as a whole and soon realise that  your vision,ability and potential has swelled to view the universe a whole-'the vasudeva kudumbam'-the touch stone of vedas.

24)You must take care of your body with utmost care since without that there is no method to participate in the cosmic dance. Look at what you eat,when you eat and how you eat.And ensure that they are satvic. Physical fitness is a must to avoid bodily diseases and so positively exercise- the best way being a good and brisk walking.

25)Keep your mind free from dirts of Anger,Lust,Greed,Jealousy,Arrogance and obstinacy. They do no good. They drag you down to pain, These are all due to meaningless ego .

26)Don't get worried about problems ad difficulties. They are bound to be there. Just handle them with all your genuineness. 

27)Always be positive in thoughts. Vedas say God has positioned crores of devas to bless you 'Thadasthu' - granted- to what ever you think or speak or ask.So it is in your interest always to ask for the good things only.Don't be under any illusion that you are positive minded with your superficial mind because it can fake. You have to be positive at subconscious mind which will only give you the result. It is a proved fact that the individual cells of our body which has an intelligence and which has to act for us takes instructions from your subconscious mind only and if you are negative at that level-even if outwardly pretend to be positive-it picks up that negative feelings and starts working on it as if that is the instruction you have given. Then however much you try you can't get the positive results at all.

28)Keep doing good things and it's benefits even if doesn't reach you in this birth  you will get it in the next birth. Same is the case with your wrong deeds.There can be no better joy than that emanates out of doing something good to others. As the saying goes ' do good and see the intoxication of the unlimited joy that you will experience' 

29)Whether you believe in god or not is not relevant for an eternally blissful life. What is required is your compliance with the cosmic laws.God is not expecting any recognition from you,all that he wants is that you perform your assigned role and don't infringe upon others. After all Buddha denied God and yet he is considered as an avatar because he insisted upon complying with karmic duties.

30)Rituals are necessary but are  secondary.Even if you don't do any ritual it will in no way affect your eternal bliss. Rituals are different from your duties. Therefore what is required is your unfailing performance of your cosmic duties to the nature,forefathers,and celestial powers.The other important obligation is not to trespass your permitted limits.Therefore if you comply with them then god is not concerned whether you perform any ritual or not. Rituals are intended only to keep your mind focused on one thought,as it is difficult for many persons to develop the skills of concentration without some external mode.

31) If you violate the cosmic rules, just because you are  performing the rituals and expressing belief in god you can't get away from retribution.

32)If inadvertantly a sin is committed don't try to escape or disown because that is not possible in the cosmic scheme of things . Just submit to the lord and extinguish it by sufferance or atone it by remedial measures.

33)Remember god has at his command 12 adityas,11 rudras and 8 vasus totalling to 33-which are in the macrocosm and microcosm -each with attendants of one crore each making it to 33 crores - the famous 'Mupathu Mukkodi Devas' in Tamil who are willing to help you if you are good at heart and who are there to teach you a lesson if you are bad at heart.

34) Ultimately to sum up it is very simple-Be pure in your "Thoughts,Words and Deeds". Nature will take care of the rest for your eternal bliss.

What distinguishes the theory of ' THE DIVINE WORLD OF ETERNAL BLISS' from other religious theories.

1) We boldly declare that this universe is real and not illusory

2) We also declare that human experiences are real and not dreams

3) We declare that this world is meant only for being blissful and every human being by nature is full of bliss only and therefore he can be eternally blissful

4) The reason for human sufferings are man made and can be avoided and rectified.

5)We declare that the purpose of creation of the God almighty is to see a super man and until such time the process of evolution will continue

6) We should not wrongly aim for avoidance of birth and rebirth; on the contrary should aim for bliss in this birth and bliss in every birth .

7)By wrongly assuming that life is fleety and world is unreal we are perhaps being misguided to renounce pleasures and pray for avoidance of rebirth. When therefore we wrongly fix the target which is unworkable we are sure to meet with disappointment only.

8)First let us understand that avoidance of rebirth in the first place is impossible because if it has to happen there shall be no remaining karmic balances positive or negative  for that soul and their shall be no desire left unfulfilled also. Any person in a birth however cautious he is he can't perform this feat becuse a) this life is too short a time for annihilation of all karmic deeds accumulated over several births and b) however you may try it will be just impossible to have no unfulfilled desires and therefore rebirth in some form is unavoidable. Without accepting this reality by chasing the mirage of avoidance of birth we end up messing up things.

9) So the right and best way is to aim for blissful life in birth after birth instead of avoidance of rebirth. This we can surely and easily achieve by following the path to the divine world of eternal bliss

10) The body should not be considered as an unwanted baggage but must be maintained well ,treated as divine and for the same reason should not be abused by overindulgence . The body must be free from external dusts and dirts and internal strength of vitality- which will happen through right eating habbits,right breathing habbits and right living practices. Vedas have elaborated in detail as spoon feeding for the purpose of human welfare.

11) It is mind which is responsible for bliss and suffering and therefore it must be told,motivated,trained ,nourished and uplifted. We must avoid the six dirts of "Anger,Lust,Greed,Jealosy,Selfisfishness,and False ego" and the three dirts of 'Vanity,Meglomania,and Stupidity of getting carried away". Once this is taken care of you will find your mind is be clean and clear to develop the positive qualities of composure,Compassion,Love, Brotherhood,Humility, Sanity,Being respectful,Being helpful,Being dutiful and Divine conscious all of which make your mind to be pure by thoughts,words and deeds and that is the highway to the "Divine World of Eternal Bliss"

12)We clearly declare that idol worship and rituals are necessary but not sufficient. These rituls are meant only to remind the God head to us constantly and make us comply with the cosmic law. Because of the overimportance and wrong preeminence given to them many of believe just doing these rituals are sufficient to comply with the cosmic rules.That is the reason for the false sense of complacency in relation to cosmic duties. Anyone who religiouly performs the rituals but does not adhere to the cosmic rules will not escape reprisal and rettribution. On the contrary a person who complies with all his cosmic duties , even if he does not observe any of the rituals will enjoy all the blessings of the god.So performance of the cosmic duties and adhereing to the cosmic laws is the requirement for eternal bliss.

13) The human sufferings can be definitely avoided and cured through the various divine remedies available and hence even the worst sinner can be redeemed to be blissful again provided he is willing to seriously and sincerely atone for the same.

14)We don't recommend renunciation of any legitimate pleasures much less the life itself as it runs contrary to god's scheme of things. Similarly we also condemn overindulgence on adarmic and illegitimate physical pleasures as they will prevent mind evolution which will also run contrary to the god's scheme of things.

15) Our declaration is very clear-discharge your duties as per the cosmic laws and enjoy every pleasure in this universe  as permitted by the cosmic laws and be blissful in this birth and birth after birth

You may notice some of these declarations are radically different from many of the current beliefs and we are clear that these are the correct interpretation of the revalations of the vedas and we should travel in this path only and be blissful for ever


Now as we are travelling our journey on the path of eternal bliss we can check ourselves whether we are on the right track or not and whether our soul and heart is at it or not since that is the most important requirement to reach the destination of Eternal Bliss. A few things can confirm this to us.

1) When our neighbour or friend or a colleague of us come ad tell us that something very good has happened to him , while we tell him by words 'congratulations' what do we really feel in our heart? Are we genuinely happy about it and a sense of joy flows in our heart or unconsciously there is feeling of jealousy.If we are on the right track thenwhen some one tells us  he is happy on some account we will feel instantly and sincerely happy.

2) Similarly when someone tells us he is facing some major problem are we really concerned or there is a vicarious satisfaction. If we are on the right track we will feel very concerned and try to see in what ways we can help him to tackle his problem 

If we find we are on the right track-great-let us keep it up; But if we find perhaps we are not-nothing to lose heart-let us put our heart and soul a little more in to the practice and sooner than later we will be on track.