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Now we are coming to the crux of the matter. We have seen at every point of discussion that ultimately it has always weared around  mind only. Mind is seen as the only true route to bliss. Vedas,Upanishads,Puranas,Mantra,Stotras,Yogas,Meditation,Pshyciatry, and every conceivable natural science says uplifting of humans is possible only through mind. So, let us understand why they are all saying so.

Mind -The Ruler

As we discussed in the earlier chapters, mind is a non physical organ which connects the sensory organs to the intellect and the intellect to the sensory organs as an exchange ahency.Yes it processes the sensory inputs and forwards it to the intellect with it cover sheet of desire and opinion and after getting the reply from intellect puts its top sheet with it's decision and instruction and forwards to the sensory agents and motor senses to act..It uses brain as an instrument in doing this. Intellect can discriminate and advise but final call is taken by the mind. Similarly sensory organs can put forward their inputs but has to obey the instructions of the mind (if not then it is by itself a physical illness).The sensory organs also can't overrule the mind.

Therefore the mind becomes the seat of power for human beings. Naturally any seat of power enjoys the prominence and preeminence and therefore  for anything to be done under its kingdom it's consent and cooperation is required as otherwise it can't be implemented.

Mind ('Manas') is the special organ god has endowed with human beings only , in a comprehensively bloomed form along with intellect which is not available with other species and that is the why man is called man or( 'Manushya'); the word and meaning derived from this special faculty  'manas'.The other beings have a bodily conscious mind but not discriminative and intellectual faculty capable of reasoning and deciding.

Mind knows that it is the king and therefore as a ruler it demands it's pound of flesh for any cooperation. it must also be noted that mind is so capable of handling thoughts continuously and simaltaneously and prides in it's capacity of multiple thoughts. 

Problems of the Mind

It loves variety and therefore will not stick with one thought.It has its own notions of approval, disapproval, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, like,hatred etc., Depending upon its evaluation as above it is happy or unhappy. It’s assessment may or may not be correct , and in fact in many situations it it not correct . But yet it is the ruler.

The other major problem with the mind is it likes or dislikes; which means it not only forms an opinion instantly  but passes judgement also. It finds it difficult to handle an input which can be neither right nor wrong; but in it's hurry and ego assigns it to the right or wrong ie.,like' or 'hate' bin without evaluating it's consequences.

It is so subjective that what one mind likes another mind may not.Also the mind is fickle.And so what it likes today it may not like tomorrow; what it likes in one context it may not in another context. it is always in a flux. It's only search is for what it considers to be happiness and for that it is willing to go to any extent. The pity is that despite being so unsteady  it is so efficient  that it is capable of convincing even the intellect and consciousness that what it is doing is right.In other words it has the capacity to sway the intellect and conscience to it’s line of thinking.

God has endowed so much power to the mind with the hope that through this he can make humans evolve into super humans.But the earthly pleasures has taken the best out of the mind and therefore it had become the child spoiled.

The Way to tackle it

However much you complain and hate to admit, you can’t uplift yourself without uplifting the mind.

The eastern philosophers,western philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrist, Sages,and every spiritual person has agreed that this mammoth powerhouse has to be  handled and handled with care and there is no other way out.

But quite unfortunately mind cannot be controlled or dictated. it can only  be cajoled, motivated and reasoned out as to why it should operate in the way we want. That is why the sages have found out various methods which we have seen earlier such as meditation, yoga,  sadhana etc.,

For this mind has to be made to understand the benefits that will arise to it if it follows the path we suggest  and it has to be slowly trained. But once it tastes the benefits, then it will catch upon it firmly. So if we can initiate it, culture and cultivate it, then  we will become the masters of the mind and therefore the masters of the universe.

The major dirts we have to certainly avoid

We have discussed about the internal dirts that can pollute the mind and the external dusts that can cloud the mind which will affect very seriously our growth both spiritually and practically. For example a man with lust or greed or envy or pride or false ego or anger can never succeed because no body will touch him even with a barge pole. Similarly a man of vanity or stupidity or utterly selfish can't also make it big in life.

Only those who are dependent on him or who are working for ulterior motives with him will be associated with him and the rest will leave him sooner than later.

These are all mental illnesses.Thess are all very serious ailments and that is why God 'Skanda' had to come to quell the six dirts accumulated with Sura Padma and Goddess 'Chamundi' had to come to remove the three dusts of Madhu-Kaidab;Chand-Mund and Sumb-Nishumb along with retinue of Asuras so that sanity is restored in the world. The fact to be noted is to destroy  them God has to come himself/herself since these ailments are far too serious to be left to be attended by ordinary humans or  lesser cosmic power centres.

Disfigurations that we have to be cautious about

In addition to these major dirts and dusts there are many other  mental disfigurations which equally affect us very badly.We have to be very cautious against them also as otherwise our life can become a misery.

1.Being annoyed-we expect every body to think our way and if not we get agitated.We don't give the elbow room required for every person and insist on army regimentation ,which can work only in army, and not back in normal situations.

2.Being close minded- This is a cousin of the first one- we tend to think that we are 'know all' and still worse is to think that the party in the opposite side is 'knowing nothing'. As they say It is better to learn before we teach and better to listen than speak.

3.Having Self pity- This is a terrific problem with almost every one- a syndrome of why it has happened to me only without realising that every body is thinking the same way.We have to understand that the mind of a person thinks that the problem faced by him is the world's biggest problem and all other problems are small.This will only cloud the thinking process and further drown you.It may be worthwhile recalling the story of  a devotee of Lord Buddha. She was an ardent devotee of Buddha and she lost her young son and she was unable to bear the loss. She could not control her emotions as to how despite being a genuine devotee of Buddha it can happen to her .She developed enormous self pity and came to meet Buddha and told her unbearable grief. Buddha tried to reason it out with her that it is just a natural phnomenon that any body born will die and it is his karmic fruit that her son has left soon. She won't agree and started crying inconsolably. Buddha could not make her see the point. On the top of it she started insisting that Buddha, if he is keen, can get his child back. Buddha felt very bad for her and told her ' OK ' I will do it for you and for that go and just get a cup of milk from a house where no death has occurred'. The lady was happy since in her opinion it is an easily achievable task. After a day she came back to Lord Buddha with out the milk but with  a clear face saying she has understood that there is no house where this sorrow has not been experienced and she felt sorry for what she has spoken to Lord Buddha the previous day. This is how self pity envelops us and clouds our thinking faculty.

4) Brooding- The mind is capable of repeatedly rewinding the past - particularly the bad ones - and tries to rectify that incident in an illusory way without realising that it is over long time ago and there is no way history can be changed. This wastes your time and energy and becomes a big obstacle for figuring out a solution. We end up always thinking about the problem and not about the solution to the problem. Both may sound the same. But really not. When you are looking at the problem you end up thinking what all you could have done but did not do; but if you are looking at the solutions you will start thinking about what should be done now ,how should it be done,when it should be done etc.,

5) Not Living  in the present- This is an extension of the previous point. The mind is capable of doing the easiest and fantastic (literally fantasy oriented) things and therefore either lives in the past - chewing over it; or lives in the future-dreaming about it. Rarely it comes to the present because in the present it has to act - which it thinks is a burden.Now we have to make it to live for the present because past is irredeemable,future is unfathomable and only the present is actionable.

6)Not being Positive Minded- Be positive minded-this is a hackneyed advise-easier said than done. Everyone believes that they are positive minded because that is the outside facade they put up. That is of no use. You have to be positive in your inner heart-the subconscious mind-from where only the real signal goes to your body cells for action .

7)Lacking the Courage of conviction-The conviction can come only if you are pure in your thoughts,words and deeds.That is when you don't pretend. When  you are true to your 'self' and genuine, you will have the internal courage to handle any adversity because that courage is not emanating from you but it is emanating from the truth that you adhere to. Without this no worthwhile achievement is possible.There is a story of a Samrat who was an ardent devotee of "Astalakshmis" and he did the necessary penance and puja to please them and made them comfortable to live in his palace. Years rolled. One day the Lakshmis came to him and said that they have stayed there for too long time and so they would like to go out since there are may devotees who want them. Samrat was worried. He tried to persuade them not to leave but of no avail. Then he requested for two day's time. Lakshmis agreed. On the third day he told them though I don't want any one of you to leave me since but since you are insisting I will agree, but with one condition. You are eight of you -seven of you leave just i will have one Lakshmi. I hope you will agree that it is fair request only. Lakshmis also agreed . Then they asked whom you want 'Dana Lakshmi' or "Danya Lakshmi'. The samrat said no I just want  "Dairya Lakshmi". Lakshmis were stunned and asked him why. He said if I have Dairya lakshmi(courage) with me I can get all other Lakshmis and if i don't have her then even if i have all others i may lose them.That is the moral of the courage.

8) Being always disturbed:Mind gloats over success and sinks with failures. This is because it thinks it is doing every thing by itself without realising that it is only operating in a context where several factors are at play. You may win or lose . That is immaterial. How you played is only material. That is why today modern management science talks of "process Management' more then 'result management' because achievement can be by fluke and failure can be due bad luck . Both does not mean anything on the performer. So what is to be seen is are we doing the things that are expected to do and are we doing it in the way it should be done. Then success or failure is immaterial. We have to become equipoised with result and focus on the process of doing it in the right manner. That is why Lord Krishna says'Do your duty-Don't be bothered about the result'

9)Always being unhappy: Mind always wants what you don't have ignoring all that you have. There is a story of a Government servant who had an understanding wife ,two good children. He was commuting by bus to his office and he was very unhappy about it. He used to complain to his wife how bad is his fate. His wife used to counsel him that he is wrong but he won't listen.Some years passed with this cribbing. He got a vehicle loan and purchased a scooter. For a few days he was alright.Then again started worrying , saying many officers are having a car and in fact many visitors to his office also comes by car and why god has not given him a car. He complained to his wife. She said again that he is wrong. Some years passed.Then he got promotion and got a car.Then he was worried why he does not own a house and many others are having.Again he started cribbing to his wife why god is so unfair to him. His wife thought it is time to make him realise his folly. She said just carefully listen to me for a few minutes. You are working in  govt service which is a permanent job-how many people have it.You have two good and disciplined children who listens to our words and how many people have it. We are living a good house , though rented with all facilities -How many people have it. With God's grace we are keeping good health.How many people are like that. Our children are scoring good rank in school,how many people have it. When you are having so many good things and you don't realise how much lucky we should be and how much the God has been graceful to us..If these things are not sufficient to keep you happy because you don't realise what all you have and you keep worrying only about this what you don't have then the problem is with you and not with God. In fact Many of us suffer without realising the moral of this reality.We can see that this syndrome is there with 90% of the people and this is a type of mental illness once should surely avoid because this disease will ensure that you are never happy in your life.

10) Finding fault with others: There are people who will never give  any credit to others for whatever job they have done.They will always find some mistake in what has been done.As they say there are people who will miss the beautiful face and discuss about the small wart in the neck.

11)Not having control over tongue: There are people who always use very harsh words without realising what impact it can leave on the other party

12)Not trusting anybody: There are people who does  not trust any one excepting themselves.They go to the extent of doubting every action and interfere in every step.

13)Talking ill of others: There are people who always talks ill of every body and enjoy a vicarious satisfaction in that. They may go to any length to say anything that pleases their ears without ever  understanding the the impact of it.

14) Being preconceived: There are people who pride in being preconceived. Everything has to be black and white for them.There can be no grey shade which is the case most of the times.They don't care for the context , pretext and the underlying logic. Worse they will justify their attitude.

15) Being righteous: There are people who always preach others regarding the right and wrong gets judgemental on every person.There is a big difference between being right and being righteous.Being right is to be practical and objective and being righteous is being judgemental and subjective.

16)Trying to be smart: There are people who want to be smart rather than being fair. They harbour a wrong tendency that they can outwit others easily.

17) Being ungrateful: There are people who just forget who all contributed to whatever they are and presume that they achieved everything by themselves.

18) Baseless Rumour mongering: There are people who as a hobby spread irrelevant and baseless rumours about people and situations just to be sensational not caring for it's consequences.

19)Being schemy: There are people who use only their head not their heart and does everything with ulterior motives.

20)Being impulsive: There are people who can go in a tangent with little or no provocation not caring for the seniority,age,relationship and of course the consequences.

All these disfigurements will generate a lot of negative vibrations within oneself and also all around him weakening his social position and his internal soul's strength.Which means that these traits will hurt him materially as well as spiritually. As a consequence he will have to be unhappy practically. The  bliss guaranteed by god is wasted liked this and then we find fault with him.

The Vedic Solutions for healthy mind

These principles are of very great relevance to day to day life and have been repeatedly lectured and written about by the modern psychologists.  it will be interesting to note that "Vedas" have dealt with them also at length - very succintly and very lucidly.

Vedas say that a man has 'three harams'-'Ahamkaram';"Mamaharam" and "Swaharam'

Ahamkaram- is what is that we want others to think about us- which is always bloated with vanity , false ego etc.,- which will be full of gross overestimation arising out of  overconfidence and even arrogance

Mamaharam- is what is our opinion about ourselves which will generally be very poor, full of negative impressions,our mistakes,our weaknesses and arising out of diffidence.

Swaharam- Vedas say  these two states arise only because of the above pointed out dirts,dusts and disfigurement of mind . Then Veda says we have to avoid these two states.It advises that we should have only the awareness of our self as it is so that we we can be pure and act correctly and courageously and we will be neither arrogant and overconfident nor diffident and disappointed.We will lead the life in it's entire beauty and bliss.

As can be seen vedas have given the foremost importance to the mind because it is the only one which can make or mar our lives.