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It is now time to get into direct discussions and come to the purpose of this whole exercise. The human beings are haunted with various problems.

On paper we say, particularly people like us say, say it repeatedly , that god is bliss and he has made this world for every being  to be happy only. But in reality we hear many human beings- in fact majority of them – saying they are not happy at all.

Every one has his own complaint of Ill health,lack of sufficient income,lack of courage,lack of children,enemies, debts,diseases, bad luck,lack of meaningful profession,disobedient children, problems with siblings, marital dishormony , lack of genuine friends,non recognition in work place etc., etc.,

Therefore the question arises.Are  we are fooling ourselves with myths that God is bliss or Are we are ignorant of the actual reasons for lack of bliss.

We have to get an answer to this as otherwise the entire discussion till now will become hypocritical and academical.

Is the world created for total bliss or created for abject sufferings. Is god a completely compassionate person or a crude sadist.

Why are we suffering

To find an answer to this question let us keep aside the human beings for the time being  because the universe contains not only humans but  many other species also. Let us look at whether they are  happy or not.

Do we find a bee crying;Do we find a flower weeping;Do we find even an earth worm cribbing;Even the goat which can be butchered by man anytime is happily laughing.Have we found a sparrow complaining .Are the clouds unhappy.Is the river sad. Are the mountains depressed. Even a crow and a dog which is a common sight and which we generally driven away are not morass. Then why only man is complaining so much.

So we can reasonably surmise that the problem is not in the creation but in the man himself.Then the next question arises why man alone is so.Even the human beings until they are young say up to the age of 10 years are very happy . There is a saying ' I wish I have not grown up'. Why should they lose the happiness with which they were born once they grow up.

The answer for this lies in the fact that god has vested man alone with a mind along with discriminating faculties which includes desire,aspiration etc., etc.,So the mind is the problem for all our maladies.

Therefore the remedy for our malady lies in uplifting the mind.That is it.

That is why in the ancient time the children were sent to Gurukulam at the age of seven when the mind will be still budding but yet to bloom and during that formative years the cosmic truths were drilled into them and therefore the mind going stray was prevented. Today we have lost that value system. In fact children go to school at much younger age , even as early as three years but the problem is they are not educated with wisdom; why-they are not even imparted with knowledge; but are fed only with information and data which does not make him a valuable or responsible citizen.

Now no point in blaming the education etc., because we can't rectify them as easily as we would like to. The only way out is for each of us take care of our children and wards and we infuse them with the cosmic knowledge and wisdom from very young ages so that they know the value of the life they are blessed with. 

So the  innumerable problems we face-lack of wealth, lack of health,lack of courage, lack of luck, lack of a  family, lack of good friends, lack of good children, lack of good health, lack of earning potential etc etc., are all real.We are not going to wish them away. They are not imaginary. So we are also not going to suggest that the world is illusory , or life is fleety and therefore renounce it..We are also not going to say that is your destiny and so you have to suffer it.

On the contrary it is our considered opinion that these sufferings are only momentary and with our free will and cultured mind we can overcome it.

For this we have to understand why this problems have arisen-That is we have to diagnose  it.

As we know by now everything starts and ends with mind. Mind is the repository of the light or lack of it (darkness is not something different from light it is just lack of it or very low of it).

Why this light has got dimmed. It is because it is covered by layers of dust and dirt arisen out of bad thoughts, words and deeds .  As we know even a Belgium glass can become very dull if it is covered with dust.

The indwelling light has become dull because it is covered by dirt and dust and is unable to lit our lives nor the cosmic powers is able to be reflected upon it.

What are these dirts – greed; anger; lust;jeasody;false ego;selfishness; What are the dusts-stubbornness, arrogance,megolomania,.You will notice there are six dirts and three dusts. The dirts arise from inside and the dusts are acquired from outside many times as a result of success.

These are six dirts to be avoided and be nipped in the bud. That is why  lord Karthikeya has six faces to bless us to help avoid these dirts and should it arise to quell them.That is why and on the day of soora samhara he kills the Rakshas who displays these tendencies one by one.

Similarly since there are three dusts the sacred ‘ Devimahatmyam’ has three devis, three chapters, and  three powers viz., Durga,Lakshmi and Saraswathi demolishing the Madhu- Kaidaba;Chanda-Munda and Sumbha- Nisumbha.

So the first thing we have to take care is to guard against these dirts and dusts.It is easier said than done.

 Look at Ramayana- Ravana despite being a high caste Brahmin, a classic scholar was killed for his lust. Duryodana for his greed; Sisupala  for his  false ego; Kamsa for his arrogance. Puranas are replete with these moral messages and that is why these must be inculcated in young ages to our children.

If this is ingrained from young ages itself the possibilities of falling prey to these vices is minimized a lot.

Is there a solution

All right we were not guided and therefore knowingly or unknowingly these things have crept in . What next?

As Shirdi Saibaba says nothing is lost if you can really, truly, consciously and sincerely take a resoluttion that from this minute you will be pure and pure only- in your thoughts ,words and deeds - then from that moment your redemption process starts  and starts for sure.

So first you have to stop new accruals of new debits to your account . Then we can discuss about the settlement of accumulated debits.

If we are clear that  from this minute at any cost we will not commit papas, then the writing off of the accumulated papas can be initiated.

How to do that?  Start doing punyas which will earn you the blessings of other lives-human and non humans.Get your mind focused on the super power indwelling in you. The dirt and dust will start getting cleansed. Then invoke the cosmic energies all around you so that you will get charged. For achieving this our rishis have given a very detailed  standard operating procedure with complete instruction manuals through the use of manthras and dhyana.

The mantras and dhyana will remove the dirts from inside and the good deeds you do and the blessings you earn from other beings will remove the dust coated outside enabling the cosmic powers to charge your mind,body and soul.

All it requires is your firm will, devotion and perseverance. It will work if and only if your mind has reasoned out these things as wisdom and knowledge and not superstitious beliefs. Please go back to the story of Ramakrisha and recall the moral established there.

We are quite confident and it It is our conviction that man is can get over the ills that have afflicted him with proper guidance and sincere practice.

The great illumination inside us is not going to meekly surrender to the tricks of karmic bondages and it will conquer it and make him shine gloriously’