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Mind and Heart

Having identified the mind as the true and only organ which has connection on one side with the higher realm of intellect and soul and on the other side with the lower realm of the sensory objects, it was pretty obvious that if we have to succeed it can be by the instrument of mind only.

We need to realise that mind is not a physical organ. it uses the sensory organs ,motor organs and organs of knowledge including brain. it is not possible to physically locate it. It is a non physical organ like the vital nadis and the subtle chakras which .Mind is not brain , mind uses brain to process inputs and generate outputs- much like a computer. 

Similarly Hridaya-loosely called the heart-is also a non physical organ. Hridaya means - the 'core'-the 'heart' of the matter. It has nothing to do with the physical heart. The physical heart is called as 'Heart' because it is the core of the body as without it body can't be alive.

Perhaps all real energy channels are non physical because the very god head himself  is non physical.  

Therefore we must always remember this important fact that  'mind' is the all powerful instrument- and is of the highest importance because life's success or failure is made there only.

While mind is the causing and effecting agent of thoughts;heart is the counterbalancing and moderating agency representing the godliness in us. But unfortunately in cosmic scheme of things heart can only suggest and try to moderate but can't enforce ; that veto power is with the mind only-very much like the Indian president and PM


Now if mind is the only instrument through which  uplifting the soul has to happen then we are left with no choice but to mould, motivate,channelize and guide it so that uplifting the mind  is possible. Let us be clear  that no way you can control it by compulsion.If we ever attempt it it will revolt and revolt badly.

So the task is cut out. We have to motivate the mind .For this the first requirement is to make the mind not to wander on several thoughts, which is its natural propensity  and try to make it to concentrate on one idea.

This is the technique of meditation- concentration on one idea-whatever may be the idea as long as it will generate positive vibes.

This is easier said than done.Mind needs a reason and incentive to do that.First it has to be convinced. This can happen only by constant prompting of the cosmic truths and it's benefits. Temples, Slokas, Festivals will all aid in doing this.

Now if it is convinced it will be willing to consider the idea but  even then it will need a concrete thought and an object to concentrate upon. This is where the great mantras, yantras and idols come into play.

Once our sages figured out these apparatuses , they went full hog in developing a complete science of meditation. The positive impact of this was something unbelievable , which even the modern scientists including the western world could not refute. The efficacy of ‘Dhyana’ has become such a world renounced subject that billions of dollars are made out of this profession.

Though it sounds like a jargon in reality it is a very simple science. We have to keep suggesting to the mind to think on certain positive idea to concentrate upon which slowly gets accepted by it. Then that concentration does the trick.That is all.

Meditation Simplified

Our forefathers as usual wanted these highly beneficial techniques to reach even a common man. They again knew that big jargons will only freighten him. So they avoided any technical jargons but in effect made them  follow this by simple methods and ways. For example they advocated everyday prayer, periodical temple visits,festival rituals,temple festivals; why even the rangoli was a part of it because at least for that period the mind was focused on one idea.

Music is another major way of meditation and that is why they say the easiest way to uplift your mind and realise god is through devotional music.

Meditation can be done on deities, manthras, symbols or whatever your mind feels comfortable with and whatever motivates your mind. Meditation if done regularly will result in enormous physical and psychic benefits.

Meditation to a very large extent helps us to synthesise the mind and heart because mind looks at things from it's own point of view and the heart looks at it from the other man's point of view. 

All the margas of god realization is meditation of one type or the other.And similarly  all religions across the world attempts only  at this. Some religions have compulsory meditation – regimented it; even upto the days on which it has to be done; the time to be done;the no of times to be done etc.,But again care has to be taken that if meditation is done as a ritual it will not give the desired results. A ritualistic meditation can be a starting point for climbing up the ladder .But if it ends at that and it doesn’t serve any great purpose.

But motivating the mind to do meditation is not difficult because the first beneficiary of meditation will be the mind itself. So by making it clear to the mind that it can achieves it's objective of fulfilling it’s concrete but legitimate desire , we can initiate it with the help of the divine manthras and once it tastes the benefit then to make it a habit will not be difficult.


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