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Let us openly state our conviction that the modern day science is simply magnificent, lest the readers who have gone through the pages till now should not form a wrong notion that  Divine Remadies is blind to the greatness of modern day science.

The Science - the game changer

Let us be clear even at the obvious and fundamental level that but for that marvelous science there is no way our thoughts could be reaching you ; nor your thoughts will be reaching us at such speed and at such accuracy.

The increase in life expectancy, the material comforts, the speed of travelling, communication, thought sharing, knowledge acquiring etc., etc., we can keep on listing, would have never been possible without the advent and the phenomenal growth of modern science.

The great contributions of the great scientists can by no means be underestimated by any one even in his wildest dreams.We owe our reverence to them in a total measure because without their discoveries the God's intention of motivating the humans through substantial material comforts would not have been possible ; and without that happening it is doubtable whether humans will be motivated enough to try and evolve further.

For us the effort is only  to synthesice physics (our term for external science) with metaphysics(our terminology for internal science). we are very clear that both have to be playing a complimentary role. Physics without metaphysics is comforts without conscience leading to ruin and Metaphysics without physics is conscience without comfort which will be monotony and demotivating.They have to go hand in hand without haggling about which is superior and which is inferior.

Scientists and Sages

In our opinion all these modern day scientists are also 'Rishis' only. They were searching in the external universe for their questions on the various laws of nature in relation to matter and they got them revealed . The vedic rishis were also 'scientists' only. They  were searching for answers in the internal universe  for their questions on the various laws of nature in relation to matter as well spirit and accordingly got them revealed . 

Let us be clear- neither of them created anything new beyond what the god has created .They only discovered them because by their commitment and sincerity . In fact both of them got  revealed thanks to the grace of God

Hence physics and metaphysics are the two sides of the same coin  and a coin is not complete or valid if anyone side is missing.