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Having covered the basics we are slowly moving towards the summit of this great journey. It is time to understand what is meant by science particularly physics so that we can compare and contrast it with metaphysics through which we can avail the divine remadies.

What is science

A science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organises knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about universe. it consists of natural sciences studying the material universe; the social sciences that studies the people; formal sciences which study logics and mathematics.

Basically a science will consist of a hypotheses, empirical data, validation of the empirical observations and formulation of the prediction of its regularity of occurrence.

Science included philosophy and the western world used a term Nature’s philosophy which encompassed in addition to philosophy; astronomy, medicine and physics.

What is Physics

Physics is the knowledge of nature ie., the natural science that studies matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time along with energy and force. The main goal of physics is to understand how the universe behaves. Over a period of time chemistry, biology etc got seperated as stand alone branches though in reality they are also study of nature only.


Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of the world and universe from the aspect of being and becoming. it studies and investigates the existence, objects,subjects, properties, space and time ,cause and effect to arrive at what is it looking like and what it is actually and ultimately.

Physics Vs Metaphysics

We can easily see that both are natural sciences one studies the matter in relation to space,time and universe and the other studies the matter and spirit together in relation to time, space and universe.

In other words one studies the gross life and the other a subtle life along with the gross life. Naturally at the end physics gives remedies for the illness of the  gross matter whereas  metaphysics gives the remedy for the illness of  the gross life and the subtle life put together as the mind/body/soul complex.

Physics studies what is observable whereas metaphysics studies what is conceivable as well as what is observable.

For the numerous human problems remedies of physics alone is not sufficient and the remedies of metaphysics have to be considered together.

Consciousness is the base 

Veda is for Enlightenment - to reconnect individual life to its source in the perfect value of the cosmic laws. This transcendental field of pure consciousness is, therefore, both the source of Life and the goal of its evolution. Thus, even though we are not generally aware of it, at the very core of our being, we are Veda.

According to the Vedas, there are seven states of consciousness (as below). All knowledge is structured according to the state of consciousness. Veda tells us that the root cause of all disease is Pragyāparādh, the "mistake of the intellect" in thinking that what meets the eye in the waking state of consciousness is all that exists in the universe. If we root our source in Veda, we can expect the Vedas and the Vedic literature will  be expressed in our physiology and psychology automatically . This is the case. 

Ṛk Veda represents the Samhita (Togetherness) value of silence flowing within itself, knowing itself yet remaining transcendental and unexpressed. In our physiology, this is seen in our DNA, the synaptic gaps between cells and in the overall structure of our central nervous system.

Ṛk Veda expresses how Consciousness systematically knows itself and sequentially unfolds the Laws of Nature. In the process of knowing itself, Consciousness gives rise to three potential values: the Observer (Rishi), the Process of Observation (Devatā) and the Object of Knowledge (Chhandas). At each step in the process, the parts remain connected to the whole. Veda expresses itself in terms of Mantra (Syllable) and Brahmana (Silent Gap) that can be heard as sounds (Shruti) eternally reverberating in the field of Transcendental Consciousness. Those reverberations are the language of Nature , not created by man, in which the sound represents the form.


Distinguishing Features


The common Experience of the material world 


Experience recognized as dreaming and therefore unreal

Deep Sleep

No awareness, no knowledge,Just peace

Transcendental Consciousness

Bodily or mentally unbounded, self-referral wakefulness  readily achieved through auto-transcending forms of meditation

Cosmic Consciousness

Co-existence of Transcendental Consciousness with the three relative states of consciousness. Even in Deep Sleep, blissful awareness of the Self is maintained. Perfection of health. All action spontaneously in accord with the Laws of Nature. Multiplicity is reduced to the duality of silent inner unboundedness and outer relative change.

God Consciousness

Over time lived in Cosmic Consciousness and due to the capacity of a perfectly functioning digestive system to produce Soma from Ojas, the sense organs are refined allowing one to perceive the subtlest aspects of relative existence, termed the celestial level, which has something of a dream-like quality, but which is accepted to be real. Every sensation brings a wave of bliss.

Unity Consciousness

Over time lived in God Consciousness, the intellect begins to appreciate not only the celestial, but also the unbounded infinite silence in the object of knowledge. This gradually extends to encompass the whole field of relative existence such that the entire galactic universe is known to be nothing other than my own inner nature. "I am That. You are That. All this is That." Unity dominates awareness, the differences and changes become secondary. Life is lived with something of a sleep-like quality to the extent that absolutely no effort is required to enjoy maximum fulfillment from every experience.


Theory of Biocentrism

In 2007 the American doctor of medicine Robert Lanza ,a scientist in the fields of Regressive  medicine and biology propounded the theory of Biocentrism which said that biology is the central driving science of the universe. The concept of biocentrism states that consciousness creates the universe (and not the other way  round). Life, an off shoot of consciousness is the centre to the being, reality and cosmos. It asserts that current day so called scientific  theories of physical world  do not work and can never work to explain the cause, origin and purpose of the universe because until they fully account for life and consciosness they will be missing out the fundamentals..while physics can be considered as fundamental to the study of manifested universe, chemistry as the study fundamental to the study of life after it has come into being,  it is biocentrism only which can lead to a theory of everything which can explain the source of everything - which is life -which in turn is consciousness. Do we need more proof for our vedic proclamations that cocnsciousness is the source – the god head-as stated in one of the mahavakyas-“Prajnanan Brahma”

The unifying theory of creation is Vibration-String theory

incidentally  the single explanatory framework called String theroy states that at the beginning of universe (ie., upto 10 to the  power of 43 seconds after the big bang - the four fundamental forces viz., the gravitational force,the eletro magnetic force , the weak atomic force and the strong nuclear force- were one single  fundamental force. Every particle in the universe at its most microscopic level cosists of varying combinations of vibrating strings with preferred patterns of vibration.Through these specific oscillatory patterns of string a particle of the universal mass and force charged is created  (that is to say the electron is a type of string that vibrates one way while the up-quark is  a type of string vibrating another way and so forth).

Let us spend a minute to ask-  is it not what our vedas said eons ago that  all the forces are emanating from one single force- called Vibration.

The Four fundamental Forces and the Four fundamental Gods 

Fisrt is the 'Gravitational Force' which makes every mass- small or big- to draw the other mass towards it and that is why the cosmos is a single unit.This is supposed to fill the universe with no gap- mulaprakruthi-. Therefore it is omnipresent. It has terrible force all through out and is Omnipotent. The mulaprakruthi has in built conscience because it has evolved after involution of the conscience and being every where it is omniscience, Is this not what our Vedas say as the Para Brahmam - omnipresent,omnipotent and omniscient

Then we have the eletro magnetic force whch arises out of the elctric and magnetic rays emitted by every atom,particle,body,mass body etc. What does it do? When gravity pulls you down this force protects you to survive.This is the aura with every human being and the more it manifests the more evolved he is. How an evolved man conducts his life-with knowledge of the cosmic laws and being unperturbed. What Vedas say ' Vishnu ' is the protecting force and all his avatars will be shown with an aura around their head and Lord Vishnu himself in a relaxed Yoga nithra posture in milky ocean.

Then you have the strong atomic force. What does it do. It assembles by making the sub atomic particles to get glued and form atoms;then cells;then body;then mass body etc.,Without this creation would not have been possible.What does Vedas say ,  there is a creator called Brahma who assembles the Jeevas through Pranava-the root vibration.

Then we come to the weak nuclear force. What does it do; it also vibrates and pushes out the dacayed neutrons as otherwise the universe will be only full of dead lifes and cells; no place for fresh and new lives. What does Vedas say-the deacyed being is annihilated by Rudra- the disintegrator.

Then we come one single force -vibration. This is what  our Vedas have said that the universe arose out of God’s vibration and it is that vibration that sustains and dissolves. That is why vedas repeatedly give importance to Consciousness ,Force and Mantras.

Now our ancient sages’ wisdom has been proved again beyond doubt.

Theory of Perpetual Motion

This a Theory where once a system is set in motion then it will operete on a self sustaining basis without any need for fresh input of energy. Vedas clearly say that the several universes are opertaing on this basis only.

But science says this is against the Laws of Thermodynamics and it is impossible. Some of the scientists accepted this theory and tried set up rotating machines . While they succeeded in setting it up they could not make it operational. Therefore the scientific community is not accepting this theory. But theory if can be implemented will have far reaching consequences on the energy crisis of the world and open up new vistas for several discoveries.

Let us understand the missing link- in lay man's language-between what science says and what vedas say. Science says no new energy can be created;and any operation will have at least friction loss and therefore it can never be perpetual motion. But Vedas say there are several self generating mechnaisms which are not new energy but an inbuilt part of the energy itself.For example the regenerating capabilities of plants and human beings- which may or may not be in that being but being drawn from space and it is only a recycling process.For example the wind mill.But science says even then the vast natural source will exhausted at some point.Vedas say that what is being seen as lost for human intellect is actually not lost but has become another form of energy.The energy in a particular capsuled form may go up or down but nothing will go out or escape out of the universe as a whole.So , in essence the vedas say that while  law of Thermo dynamics will be applicable in the cosmos if you take in  parts and if you take it as a whole the Law of Perpetual motion will be applicable.

Use Metaphysics to better Physics

Defnitely a scientific confirmation of the vedic wisdom is advisable and perhaps a necessity also.But just because the modern science has not discovered it and therefore we will not accept the vedic wisdom is arrogance and foolhardy.

As a matter of fact both the vedic wisdom and the scientific discovery all only discoveries - revealed wisdom-and not creation of  fundemental knowledge or fundamental force.One got revealed to the Rishis (Vedic Scientists) and the other got revealed to scientists(Scientific Rishis).

Therefore the best way will be to take the vedic wisdom as a 'must be true phnemenon' of the metaphysics and conduct the research in the science of physics using the clues and inputs given by the vedas in which event the process of discovery will be faster and easier.

The other important point is that despite so many scientific confirmation by modern physics, on the various laws of Vedic metaphysics- we tend to brush aside the vedic wisdom as superstition In n this process we will be missing out many solutions contained in it for many of the human maladies.

It will make good sense if we become wise and use that great vedic wisdom of metaphysics and make it an applied metaphysics. We will find the general happiness and peace  and the entire humanity will rise to a different level. The sad part is that those solutions are so simple and has no cost implication and meant for all-no distinction between rich and poor;educated or uneducated. Unfortunately our false ego prevents common sense to prevail and we ignore that treasure lying unattended.