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Having understood the Vedic science , now it is our duty to pass it on to our children so that , they have the benefit of knowing , understanding and learning the wisdom at young ages and make their life orderly, systematic, happy and harmonious. It is our ordained duty to put them in the right track.

Steps to be taken:

Towards this we have to take the following steps:

When the children are say 2 years old when we send them to nursery where they learn Rhymes, we should also make them learn divine rhymes like ‘Hare Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare’ etc, which are very simple like their nursery rhymes.

Like they are asked to repeat them regularly we should also do the same.

As they go in to LKG and UKG when we start exposing them to Tom and Jerry, Superman etc., we should also expose them to Hanuman, Krishna, Rama etc’;

As they grow up into higher standards the size of the songs in the classes will also increase and simultaneously we should also go take them to the next stage of simple Ganesha slokas and Saraswathy slokas etc.,.Also try to expose them to Ramayana and Mahabarata

When they Join first standard when they are getting into formal curriculum, here also we should teach them simple mantras on various gods what pleases you and pleases them. Make them to repeat it at least once a day.

As they advance to class 2 to class 5 , you also advance them in the intensity of slokas/ mantras,so that by the time they get into 6th standard they are familiar with most of the important slokas/mantras.

During this period keep them involved in the various rituals and temple poojas and expose them to Idols, Images, Festivals etc.,

Once they have come to 6th standard their mind would have evolved to analytically view things and therefore you also start explaining them in analytical terms. So you may broadly expose them to nature of god and creation in scientific terms as under;

Tell them God means –awareness, power and is present everywhere –that awareness is called shiva; the power is called sakthi and the presence is called Narayana

Also tell him that they are there in us also in the same way – as our  self awareness; our energies and our existence

Then you tell him that to sustain this world , several forms of energy is required like knowledge, wealth, courage  etc.,

That is why they have been created and  they are called Saraswathy ,Lakshmi and Durga. Also tell them they are in us as the same energy fields.

Then you tell them that there are several forces required to run the universe as well as our body and that is what is being said as Agni,Vayu,Varuna,,Akasha,Bhumi – ie., Fire, Wind, Water, Ether and Earth.

Tell them that the various permutations and combination of the above results in so many lives.

Then you tell him that when the primordial power willed to create, the compressed energy exploded as big bang and cooled down over billions of years.

When it exploded naturally space and time arose..In the process of cooling, first water came, then fire, then wind and then earth.

Then by the chemical interactions of all these matter, after millions of years the first life of one cell came as ameba and from there it evolved over millions of years into plants, insects, birds, animals and human beings. Human beings are the highest category because he has six senses where as others are not so,

You also tell him that when the universe was created it was by vibration and so everything in this universe constantly vibrates and everything has an its inbuilt natural rhythm.

So we can get in touch with anything by creating the same vibration –the mantras.

The mantras create a field and touch the relevant force and create a connection to have a two way communication like mobile connection.

Then tell him that we have also our individually coded vibrations and whatever we do is recorded in our chip and if we do good things we get good results and if we do bad things we get bad results because each one of  is born with our unique id and everything is stored in it like a sim card.

Ask him to view everything on this scientific basis - like vedas which are absolutely scientific- so that he can be ever in harmony and be happy.

Now once he has completed his graduation you can hand over this book and tell him to go through ,study , understand and come back to you for any clarification.

Tell him life’s success is decided only by good thoughts , words and deeds and he should never do anything otherwise.