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Why Vedas boldly affirm

This is another controversial subject because the abrahamic religions have side tracked this issue since they are of recent origin and they had to face and answer the contemporarian rationalists and they did not have the answer because they have not incorporated  the concept of involution in their philosophy. But our vedic seers had gone into the  ultimate depths of involution,evolution, fundamental forces and the cosmic law to fathom the answers and therefore they could be bold enough to proclaim this concept and rationally explain it also.

The Doctrine of Rebirth

The cardinal doctrine of the Upanishads are the doctrine of Transmigration of the Souls and of the Universal Soul. These ideas are very much there in a seed form in the hymns of the Rig Veda and in the Upanishads we find them more fully developed. All things change, all things cast off their old form and assume new shapes. The Soul within living beings thus changes its outward form, enters into new shapes, until it is merged with the Universal Soul called by the Vedic name of Brahman. This cardinal principle of the Upanishads is best explained in the language of the Upanishads:

"As a goldsmith, taking a piece of gold, turns it into another newer and more beautiful shape, so does the Soul, after having thrown off this body, and dispelled all ignorance, make unto himself another newer and more beautiful shape....

"So much for the man who desires, But for the man who does not desire, who not desiring, free from desires, satisfied in his desires, desires the Soul only, his spirit does not depart elsewhere; being Brahma, he goes to Brahma."  

This is true philosophical Hinduism.  The doctrine is that all universe and all being proceed from Brahman, live in Him, are a part of Him, and end in Him. Each individual Soul has its beginning in the Universal Soul, and passes through a number of outward shapes or incarnations according to its doings in the world, and in the end merge in Him. The great idea of a true Unity comprehending all changing phenomena, is conceived and explained in the Hindu doctrine of Transmigration of Soul and of a Universal Soul.

Why Rebirth

We have by now understood the objective of the godhead for the creation of this universe,the concept of papa,punya, karma, redemption of karma etc.,.We have also understood that the  mind/intellect/consciousness trine’s ( called soul’s) thoughts, words and deeds are the cause of any action by anyone. We have further understood the theory of the cause and effect and the newton’s third law viz., every action has an equivalent and opposite reaction.We have also further understood that in addition to the gross body there is subtle body consisting of the soul.

We also know that the mind never remains quiet even for a second. It wanders over hundreds of things. It loves or hates things, it instantly forms opinions and in many cases passes judgement also.That means there is a continuous action by it whether in tune with nature's law or against it. Therefore there is non stop creation of vibes which results naturally  into  counter vibes and counter to counter vibes and this cycle is getting  carried on endlessly.

Now suddenly  the body cases and perishes since it has a limited life. Now what happens to the soul.

Does all the reactions pinned on the soul encased by the dead body also ceases . If yes then the law of cause and effect theory is falsified. If no then the question arises how the effect catches with the cause ie., that is the departed soul.

This has been one of the very major enquiries of vedas. Those men of personification of goodness had the answer revealed by the god head-since the god head is a Daya murthy.

They understood clearly that the soul cannot escape the results of its action both good and bad. Body is just a vehicle. The rider is the soul. We know in our normal life that just because a vehicle is extinguished in fire the rider does not cease to exist. Similarly the body might have  been consigned to flames on death but the rider soul survives in its subtle form.

How rebirth happens

The trine the mind/intellect/consciousnesss supported by the spark of the gods –what as the soul- is responsible for the thoughts,words and deeds-It is that which has this accumulated and unfulfilled desires and un extinguished karmas. Until it either suffers and extinguishes it's karmas or atones and redeems from karmas and  also either enjoys it's desires or burns them out willingly it's potency and tendency for taking a rebirth will not cease .Therefore it  actively and seriously strives to acquire a new body because it wants it desires to be realized through a new body without knowing that it carries with it not only the desires but the great karmic bondage also which it is going to suffer. Depending upon its potencies and karmic deeds the available list of bodies are shown to it that will fit into its profile of accumulated karmas and it avails the earliest possible opportunity to acquire that body to be reborn again. This is in simple the theory of reincarnation This happens through a process called 'metempsychosis' meaning 'put a soul into a changed body' as proponded by Phythogorous.

As we have seen in earlier chapters the Cosmic powers are available everywhere and when a material body is fit to absorb it acquires the trio of mind/intelligence/ego (the Soul).So as a new material body is ready the cosmic sources are also ready. But as it happens in Trains the reserved passengers go to the allotted seat , the previous soul goes to the body that has been reserved for it on the basis of it's booking (ie., it's karmic bondage)

Many – In fact most of the religions of the of Indian origin has accepted this The Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikism, have fully accepted this.

Similarly historic philosophers like  Pythogoros, Pluto, and Socretes were fully convinced on this and were great propogaters of this belief.

In addition Spiritism,Theosophy,Eckankar are the other stong  supportes of this concept.

Though the abrahamic religions such as judaism,chritiniatiny and islam don't belive in this many groups within them such as Kabbalh,Cathars, alawites, Druze, Rosicrucians fully believed in this.

Scientific validation

A very extensive research by Dr Stevension  the reputed Social Scientist who conducted a mass research with over 2500  people on past birth recalling found in at least 40 cases where there was correct recalling of their previous birth with details of birth,place of living, parents details, date and cause of death etc., All these on verification were found completely right. And in fact they were able to recall the major events in that life and critical marks in their previous body which on detailed verification were corroborated and found accurately correct.Dr Stevenson therefore stated but for reincarnation there is no way this correct recalling of last life that too in a very young age and that too in very far off places and that too in such accuracy is not possible.

Though some scientists dismissed this as mere statistical coincidence many leading scientists agreed that this is not something that can be brushed aside like that and on the contrary they felt that this is possibly a scientific hypothesis that  may be requiring more empirical validation but definitely the possibilities are tending to indicate life after death.

Modern philosophers of 19th century  such as Scophenhauer, Niettsze, American transendelists Hendry David,Walt Witman,Emerson,and Bowen fully endorsed this.

The 20th century phycologists Willaim james,the founder of American society for psychical research and the British society for psychical research  became great advocates of this theory and its implication on human life.

Also The Spiritism  founded by Allan Kardec stated that the soul does not die with the so-called “death” of the body. 

We feel that as has happened in the past several vedic truths once brushed aside as superstition has been subsequently discovered by it and has been praised eloquently for such discovery-ignoring that this wisdom was available with humanity for thousands of years and we arrogantly ignored it. Similarly the theory of reincarnation has to be and will be discovered by science to get the credit of the path breaking scientific marvel.The importance of this theory is very great because it will turn all the humans automatically to be genuine and sincere ending the disharmony in the society.