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Need for a Cosmic Law

we are aware that to run even a small office, why for even running our family –even a nuclear family-there is a need for rules and regulations. They could be minimal - even unwritten. Nevertheless without that nothing will happen in an orderly form.

When we talk of  association of people societies,clubs etc it becomes still more involved and serious. If you take large corporations it is voluminous. If you take a govt then it is innumerable, complicated and complex.  The bigger the size of the subjects, the bigger is the law.

Everybody is expected to follow the laws and if somebody contravenes there is warning, reprimanding, and finally punishment. This we see in every day life; starting from traffic police to the constitution of the country.

Now imagine the size of the cosmos and the volatality of its subjects , the force, the velocity of its mass bodies(the stars and planets) and the huge number of occupants –all the lives including humans in this earth known to us and the huge unimaginable universe. How can it  be ensured to operate in an orderly fashion without any ground rules.

I am sure we all can understand and appreciate that  for orderly running of this cosmos there has to be rules and regulations; and in fact there are rules- Cosmic rules –‘rta’-which is also ‘satya’-eternal and unchangeable -which non violable and infaliable.

I am also sure that all of us will agree that unless this law is strictly enforced, an orderly life and evolution could not have been possible.

Concept of Papa and Punya

What are these laws-they are the ,Cosmic Laws'- that have been revealed through the Vedas.

Now what should happen if somebody violates the natures law-all of us I am sure will readily agree that the violator should be punished as otherwise because of his action all of us –the entire universe will suffer. That is because as we have discussed before everything in this universe is connected with everything else in the universe and therefore one violation leads to a chain of events which has an upsetting effect on the entire cosmos.That is what is called as papa.That is why if we violate the nature's law- there is a reprisal. 

How do we violate the nature's law. For this we need to understand what is the nature's law. In broad terms, as stated earlier, the god has created the universe in such a way that everything is linked to everything else and everything is supporting every other thing.We don't appreciate the full impact of this because we really don't know the concept which is very deep. With all authority on command we can say that even a petty thought or a petty action has its impact in the universe.Because we don't feel related to the other impacted side , we are oblivious of this fact. But that does not take away the fact that it impacts. We can establish it by a simple example. 

We have hands,legs,ears,eyes,nose etc., Does  the hand know we have a leg.In fact does it know there is another hand. Does it even know that it is acting as per some order and is actually under the control of the mind.In fact the hand does not even know it is a hand. Now assuming the hand hits somebody is there a reaction or not. Who realises it. Not the hand. It jolly well is as happy as before. But the person in who is impacted reacts on the person to whom the hand belonged and who in turn responds back and a chain of events happen.

We can look at another example. Suppose we have liked an ice cream and have taken a bit more it results in fever affecting the entire body. When the ice cream was consumed it was only the tongue that enjoyed but the reaction has happened on the body and if left controlled can lead to infection and if allowed aggravte can infect others as well.

So we must understand very clearly without any doubt that every thing in this whole universe is interwoven very closely with each other as each part of the body is connected to every other part of the body and if any one violates the cosmic law the cosmic order is affected and God cannot permit it. 

It is a mutual benefit society, where everybody has his duty and everybody has his share of rewards.One can under perform or over perform but should not obstruct the nature's flow of things,and obstruct the eternal 'rta' - the rhythm'

If you under perform your evolution will be slow and conversely if you over perform you can achieve dizzy heights.God has no complaint about it.

But if you hinder others or create bottlenecks for the cosmic order you are going against the nature's law which god can’t accept because your action will have chain impact on other beings welfare.At that time the reprisal starts.  

For example let us take a typical case- in a village a person usurps and occupies all the food resources and he is not willing to share or willing to share only at formidable or unbearable or unacceptable costs. Then what happens. All the living beings in that village suffer and either they have to perish or submit to his whims and fancies undergoing unbearable agonies , which runs totally contrary to the cosmic law of creation that god has created every being to be only blissful and in fact he has underwritten their happiness unless they themselves ruin it. Therefore in this case the usurper is bound to undergo the reprisal. Some people think that it is superstition . That is a foolish thought.On the contrary it is the most logical thing to happen.

Let us take another example; a person kills a man or some animals. What happens -the geneology tree of that person or animal is cut off and what was in store for the  those progenies of them god only knows. Let us understand after all Lord Krishna was the eighth child of 'Devaki-Vasudeva". If for any reason that tree - of Devaki and Vasudeva- was disturbed we would not have had a Nandkumara. So if we take out the lifes of other beings we are acting against the cosmic order and a retribution is a certanity. We can't escape by saying that it is the destiny of that being to die early because if it was so destined it can die by ill health or an accident. The fact that you are killing it is due the fact that it is your freewill and not it's destiny that has caused this papa and therefore you will have to pay for it

Let us see what happens in a human body. The body consists of several million individual cells each having a role and responsibility play. If they play so we are healthy . But one cell, even just one cells violates it's duty and disobey the micro cosmic order what happens. Cancer sets in. Do we ignore it or pardon it. We deal with that. So what happens in a human body-the microcosm-is also happening in a social body-the macrocosm.

As long as we avail whatever is legitimately due to us and as long as we discharge  our assigned duties we  can enjoy and partake in all the darmic pleasures -god has created many many of them.Because this is the inducement he has offered so that the evolution happens until the superman comes.But if you are going to breach his law you commit papas and you have to pay for it.

Similarly when some one does certain actions which furthers the cause of the lord –ie., hastening up the evolution of a superman-it is called punya and is heavily rewarded by nature.

Cosmic laws vs human laws vs religious laws

While this is how it is in nature's law the papa and punya operates, the specie of human being has worked out its own rules-which in our opinion is one sided ie., only benefiting the human race and many times to the detriment of other beings. This has no sanction of the god and  it has no legitimacy in court of god.Therefore the human laws which are not in consonance with the cosmic laws are invalid in the divine court.

Similarly each religion has framed its own code of conduct to define papa and punya. What is considered as punya in one religion is considered as papa in another religion and vice versa. That is the reason why  the modern generation has developed a disbelief into the whole concept of papa/punya.Here also any law of any religion which is not in compliance with the cosmic law is invalid in the God's court.

The Vedic defnition of papa and punya

A Correct definition of papa and punya under cosmic law as revealed by Vedas are as under:

Any action,word or thought which harms or can harm - the doer  or the  fellow humans or any fellow beings in the earth or any where in the  cosmos,-immediately or at a later period -is papa. No matter whether such an  action has the sanction of x religion or y religion or x country or y country.

Similarly any action, thought or words which can help himself or the fellow humans or any other being in the world or any where in the universe ,now or at a later date without at any point of time harming anybody or any being now or later is punya no matter what any religion or any man made law may say.

The religious concepts of papa/punya may be relevant for an orderly society as viewed by that religion but not always right or final under cosmic order and we can’t take umbrage on such laws and escape nature’s fury.

Similarly man made laws may be right and relevant as viewed by that country but not not right and final cosmically.

We must understand that we have actually three names , though we don't realise it. One given by our parents( as named on birth) ,the second given by our friends , relatives,admirers and adversaries(nick named by them) and finally the one given by the nature , the god (good or bad). 

Naturally the parents will always be talking high of us only because we are born to them, no matter whether we are cosmically responsible or not.There is a proverb in Tamil that even for a crow it's offspring is golden. Therefore what is said about the name  given by your parents is not your  real quality. 

Then the name given by your Friends,relatives etc., The opinion on this name is based on whether they are benefited by you materially or not. Those who are benefited will say very high of you and those who have not been benefited will say something else. Worse even those who are saying high of you when you are living may say a different  thing when you are not alive. The respect earned by this name is hypocritical and fake. 

The opinion and respect you get for last name that is given by  nature - the - god which is unbiased and absolutely objective is your true value.To earn this you have to be pure in your thoughts,words and deeds. Because only they are relevant ultimately.

It is worthwhile recalling a story of Ramakrishna in this regard. A person had four wives. He hated his first wife because she was,in his opinion very ugly,and always advising him.The Second wife was nice and he cared for her. The third wife was so attractive that he was always mad after her. The fourth wife was not only beautiful in his opinion but was always with him and therefore he took very much personal care of her.

One day suddenly he got a call from a judge to appear in the court for some wrong doings he has committed. He was worried and afraid.So he wanted to take his wife along with him so that they can help him argue the case with the judge.

He approached his wives one by one. Naturally it started with the one who is always with him ie., the fourth wife.She said sorry I can't come because it won't be possible  and so don't waste your time on me. Take the other three.Then he asked the third wife.She said sorry if something  happens to you I don't want to  come with you as I have many other people who are very much after me.Then he went to the second wife who said I can come upto the court but I am not ready to come inside as I am afraid to come beyond that.Then finally he went to the first wife whom he had neglected through out out his life and told her his problem. She readily agreed to come and also said to the extent possible she will argue for him. The man felt so sad that what a lifetime mistake he has done of ignoring the first wife-but caring for the second,hankering after the third and pampering the fourth.He also realised that perhaps he should have taken care of his first wife right from the beginning . 

Now Ramakrishna explains- the judge is Lord Yama;the court is Yamaloha;the fourth wife is his mortal body which he has pampered;the third wife is money after which he has run after like a mad dog;the second wife is friends and relatives who can't come with him beyond the burning ghat and the First wife is his Good thoughts,words and deeds.

Punya is Easy to do

It may look very difficult to avoid papas and  perform punyas. But nothing of that sort. Actually it is the other way round.In reality  you will have to do hard work to do a papa and you will be in normal course  will be earning only punya if we understand the cosmic law as explained above and keep our mind on leash. It is because of the pollution of the mind the confusion arises.

Just see how simple to earn punya and avoid papa. You are born in this world' As a child you are happy and smiling until the mind becomes dominant.The moment mind becomes so dominant if it has been trained it can enjoy the innumerables pleasures the god has created for you-the beautiful and colourful flowers,the variety of foods,the innumerable swaras,the magnificient sea,the marvellous mountains,the fantastic sky,the great scientific instruments and its pleasures to all our senses, conjugal bliss in time, all material conforts earned without any papa etc.,etc.,. Nothing is prohibited. Now when and where the problem arises - only when you lay hand on something meant for others or that is not yours. Therefore in reality doing punya is the rule and committing papas are exceptions. Yet if we all accumulate papas it is because of the pollution of the mind consequent to lack of moulding and training.

A clear understanding of this definition of papa and punya under the cosmic law is a must to lead an eternally blissful life which is the objective of Divine Remadies..