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The  Logic of astrology

we discussed earlier the birth of astrology and its impact on human thoughts .It being a fascinating science it caught the imagination of many sages and it grew leaps and bounds.

The basic principles of scientific astrology are (1) what is above , so is below ( the energy of stars and planets are present in all beings albeit in different degrees  i.e., what is in macrocosm is in microcosm., (2) the holographic principle of what is in one is in everything i.e., if you can understand one you can understand many - i.e., if you can understand the one energy you can extrapolate and fix everything. That is why if we know the exact placement of planets and stars at the time of birth we can arrive at everything about an individual and his future

The entire astrology is based on ‘astronomy,quantum physics ,relativity,  logics and psychology’

It has scientifically measured the mass, volume, distance, the capacity to radiate, the type of vibrations emanated by the various luminous bodies called planets and stars.They have also calculated the vibratory powers and its impacts on the universe and it’s beings particularly humans.In fact the whole science is based upon the principles of vibration ,cross vibration, collective vibration, supportive vibration, opposing vibrations.

They have also figured out the intensity , positivity , negativity of the vibrations depending on the angles where the object is located in latitude and longtitude. They have also calculated the orbit and trajectory of each planet as against the earth, the sun,the moon and between each of the  planets.

They have also similarly worked out the impact of the vibrations from far off stars independently, on the human beings depending upon his location calculated as above by the longtitude and latitude  which we must understand is unique for every being on the space-time matrix; as well as the impact of stars in relation to sun, moon, each of these planets; amongst the stars themselves; and as a consequence the reflected effect upon the human beings .In respect of the stars also they have worked out its positivity, negativity,   mutuality , benevolency,, malignancy etc.,of their vibrations

They have calculated these things as at the time of birth of a being and how it varies because of the constant revolution of each of these luminous bodies.

Actually it is a mind boggling science .How in those days by mere eye observation they could do all these complex and complicated calculations so accurately without the help of any external supporting apparatus is an unfathomable wonder excepting by accepting, what they themselves have proclaimed, that these were all the revelations by god the himself to these sages

The Predictive Astrology

With all these data they started studying the impacts on human beings and they could establish a pattern of events. With this the predictive astrology became possible.With continuous studies and empirical data they could validate their findings and the predictive  astrology came here to stay,.

The date, time and place of birth of an individual is all that required to form his native chart from which his traits, attitudes, fortunes, life, longetvity, health, wealth,courage,family,children, enemies, spouses, profession etc.,  can be ascertained and predicted. Sages have also left innumerable remedial solutions to ward off the adverse impacts and evils.

No wonder many multiinational corporates in US and UK have stared asking for horoscopes of the key executives because they realise that their traits and attitudes are critical for the success of the corporation.

Many corporate hospitals have also added this as an aiding factor in deciding about serious and life threatening surgeries.

The Cloud over Astrology

Astrology is an accurate science;Astrologer may or may not be. This is mainly because we have not properly carried forward this science because of our land having been subjucated to foreign powers.

The formal training that was in vogue as ‘guru shishya parampara’ for passing on and training in this science for thousands of years before the advent of these alien adversaries,was given a go by and no alternative formal system of training was  put in place.Therefore it was getting picked up it parts and pieces and therefore two astrologers give two different views.

But it happens in medical profession also that a diagnosis and prescription by two physicians are at variance with each other despite the fact that the medical  profession is a highly formalized system of education and training. Therefore to dismiss off hand the science of astrology just because two astrologers differ is hypocritical and being biased.

It is absolutely certain that with the support of astrology most of the human issues can be avoided and alleviated.

Horoscope does not make your life but it is a scan report using which you can plan your life. Just like a scan report can't cure your disease but will help the doctor to diagnose and prescribe..As in all metaphysical sciences the disbelief has arisen on this science also because of the secrecy shrouded in this divine science. This is partly because it is too complicated to comprehend and partly because the sages thought it should be available to only serious seekers since this is divine science.

We in Divine remadies will use this science in a serious and proper way very intensively and extensively to figure out the reasons of the problems of an individual and suggesting accurate solutions for solving them.