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Why Mantras

We have discussed till now the fact that how mind plays the pivotal role in human evolution. we have also studied the nature and the supremacy of the mind. we have seen that the mind cannot be controlled but can be only motivated and guided.

We also discussed that even for getting trained and motivated the mind needs a thought and an object to concentrate upon. Therefore we have seen throughout this study the Rishis have been harping on Mantras, and Yantras. They realised a thought having a good vibration only can result in uplifting the humans.

The mantras provided such noble thoughts and the yantras (deities) provided the noble objects.

What is a mantra

Mantra by defnition is a thought that uplifts the mind.They consist of words which are magnetic.

Homogenised sound can  soothen the mind is an established fact. That is why music is captivating the human mind and soul for generations.

Words which touches your inner self has terrible uplifting effect on human mind. How great we feel when our name is reverently called. What positive vibrations it creates in you. That is because your mind has an inner association with it by habit from child hood. After naming the child by repeatedly calling  the child by that name after sometime even at that tender age when we call its name it turns towards you and responds with happiness. Why, because words have magnetic powers. Even with pets it works we have seen.

Now my name will work wonders with me but may not for you .Some leader’s name may work magic for his followers. The name of some great men can create positive vibration on many of his followers.

But our sages wanted words with highly positive vibrations which will resonate with every one without exception and that too for all the times to come. Because they knew only then the goal of mind culturing and development can be tried.

These men of great austerity as usual started their deep inner search. Naturally god responded by revealing the cosmic truths- because what the sages are trying is in sync with what god wants- the human evolution into superman.

Pranava mantra

They were blessed with the vision of the primordial, basic, continuous, and ever occurring sounds of the cosmos. We know by now that the whole universe is created and sustained by vibration only. They first got revealed with the primordial vibration “om”

Why ‘om’ is the primordial sound. When every proton and neutron and electron, which are on constant action vibrate and while they are doing so the sound that gets generated is this. Similarly when human beings inhale and exhale the sound generated is this.That is why ‘om’ is called the ‘pranava mantra’.

Cosmic energy mantras

Similarly they had revelations of the vibratory sounds of the pancha buthas, pancha tanmatras, the cosmic energy centres, the energy knots in human body, the mass bodies like planets, stars etc.,

They were also able to visualise the vibrations of the various devathas-the 12 adityas,11 rudras and 8 vasus.

Now the complete compendium and science of mantra was in place. In addition they were also able to link with their knowledge of astrology what are the remedial vibrations required to cover up deficiencies in energy levels . With that solutions for imbalances was also in place.

Types of mantras

The mantra s are of different types -Pranava; Taraka; Bija; moola; Mala; Gayathri etc .,                       

‘Om’ is the pranava as explained above.                                                                

Rama’ is the taraka mantra.The vibration created by the left side of our body together with right side makes it ‘Rama’.So too the vibration of the ‘mooladara’ together with ‘sahasrara’ is ‘Rama’.No doubt Lord Hanuman could achieve everything with this one mantra and Decot Ratnakar could become the sage Valmiki.

There are bija mantras,moola mantras,and gayathri mantras for every bootha;every planet;every chakra;every deity;every devatha because it is through these vibrations they came into being in the cosmos and that is the vibration they always generate.

A snake always hisses and so if you hiss at it, it is bound to respond.Similarly these mantras when recited can invoke the respective energies and at that time the corresponding energy field in your mind and body gets aligned with it and so  you get charged and recharged. A specific mantra for a specfic person; a specific mantra for  specific problem; a specific mantra for a specific time,a specific mantra for a spcific deity is the extent to which this science of mantra has been codified by the rishis.

Gayathri Mantra

The famous ‘Gayathri Mantra’ aligns the individual soul with the cosmic soul and its impact is unbelievable.

Gayathri mantra deals with the three vyahritis of the god head-existence,knowledge and bliss; three gunas-satva,rajas,tamas; the three times-past,present and future; three levels of body-gross,subtle,causal; three parts  of the day-morning,noon and evening; three stratas –earth,atmosphere and antariksha; three realms of mind- conscious,unconscious and subconscious; three states of consciousness-awake,dream and sleep; three parts of the body-bottom,middle and top; three granthis( the energy knots) in the body-bhahma granthi,Vishnu granthi and rudra graththi; three  potencies-icha.kriya,gnana. So when you recite the Gayathri mantras all these aspects are energized in your favour. Then it also prays that all your panchendriyas – and the controller of them -the mind - be illuminated by the central sun of wisdom so that you are always on the path of bliss. That is the reason why Lordess Gayathri has five faces and that is why this mantra is designated as the pinnacle of mantras. In fact initiation of this mantra is called 'brahmobadesam' meaning initiating to the path of the branman - the ultimate truth- the absolute bliss.

How Mantra works

The puranas are replete with instances how sages and asuras gained mastery over the nature and its forces meditating on them and  through the mantras what siddhis they achieved. When such powers are gained a person can develop megalomania and become a Rakshasa. He might have been quelled subsequently but the fact is he has gained such a power through the mantras are a fact.

Mantras through its vibration touches every nerve and cell and aligns them with the cosmic forces which makes the positive vibrations to impact the man which gets him energized .

In this process he gets clarity of mind to take right decisions . He is able to get the right thoughts,speak the right words and do the right things. Mantras are not magics, It is a cold logic .

At this stage we need to know a fundamental fact. Mind acts upon inputs received. There are three types of inputs it gets. First one is ,as we all know,from the sensory organs. The second one is the interpretative and inductive logical input from the intellect and finally the intuition from the conscience. While we fully appreciate the gross body inputs and reasonably understand the logical inputs from the intellect we are generally not aware of the intuitive inputs. In fact the most powerful and wise inputs come from that only.

You may see the sensory inputs are through words or sight or touch etc.,The logical input is through electrical and magnetic waves while the intuitive inputs happens through vibratory mechanism only. Because the mind picks up the knowledge from the cosmos through vibration-since the knowledge in the cosmos itself is in the form of vibratory waves only.That is why mantras do wonders.

But for the mantras to work a few things are a must.There should be total attunement, there should be total conviction(not blind belief ) and complete commitment.  This is because it operates through  the mind and unless the mind is at it  you can't the desired results. This is as good as a nice teacher, having taught a nice lesson,  to a nice student and yet made no impact  because student's mind was not there.

So on one side as we explained the reciter gets clarity .But for many things to happen there can be a second side ie., another person who may have to agree or approve or consent. In that situation how this divine vibration helps let us understand. In the normal course you would have surely put across your requests ,reasons and logic why he should agree to it. So at gross body - ie., sensory levels you have completed it. Now to make it really happen you can use the vibratory level inputs on the other person,which means by your mantra-the divine vibrations-you can operate through the vibratory field and impact him at conscious or intuitive levels. 

It can be seen therefore there is a terrible science behind mantras and it is not a superstition.

Positive mind

Another important requirement is a total positive frame of mind and no doubts or negative vibrations.This positive thoughts have to at the core subconscious level and not at superficial level as we have mentioned in the previous chapter also.

There is a beautiful story narrated by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa on this subject.

There was a holy man sitting on the banks of Ganga and doing Tapas. Every day a lady will cross Ganga to the other side through the path located near where he was seated. One day when she came to cross the Ganga was swelling. She waited and waited but it was not receding. So she told the holy man that she has a problem because she has to cross Ganga urgently to the other side since her husband who is selling flowers there will be waiting for her lunch bag and he can’t bear hunger and I have been seeing you doing tapas sitting here and so you must be a powerful person and so please give me some mantra so that i can go over. The holy man felt annoyed because he felt that that lady has unnecessarily interrupted his meditation and out of that annoyance told her utter his name and go. She told him please tell me your name and he told.To his utter shock and surprise she kept uttering his name and walked through to the other side. After some time similarly she walked back also uttering his name. The holy man could not believe what was happening and so he asked her how did she manage this .she said, I simply did what you said; uttered  your name  and was able to walk through.When a tapasvi like you say something like that it has to be true you see. Saying this she walked off. The holy man got dumb founded. He started thinking whether really his  name had such power .He thought it must have since he has seen her accomplishing an unbelievable feat uttering his name.He wanted to try. But had lingering doubts whether it will  be really having the power or it is a superstition.But then he said let me try. He puts his legs on Ganga and oh so sad ; he got drowned.

Ramakrishna explains that mind has many layers.if you tell anybody that you should have positive attitude  for accomplishing anything, everyone will say I have only positive attitude and  when did I have a negative attitude. But even while saying so they will be thinking of 100 things as to why it will not happen;ie., at superficial  levels man may think that they are positive minded but what matters is at the subconscious and at root levels you have to be positive and be  get devoid of negative vibrations. In this story that lady had no formal introduction to meditation or initiation into any mantra but when told this is your mantra she responded at the soul level since at root level she did not have any negativity. But the holy man despite knowing the techniques of meditation had not developed positivity at root levels.

For mantras to succeed you should have that and be like that lady.if you have that positive frame of mind then mantra will develop it further and further  enormously and ward off any threats.

Every religion has mantras. the followers of these religions feel ecstasy on those mantras. Because for every religion they have been revealed to  the sages of that religion through divine will and so mantras carry the divine power.

That is why while consecrating temples or while performing poojas the mantras of the respective deities are invoked and the positive vibration created as a consequence of that does the rest .

There is no ailment that can’t be addressed by mantras. There is no situation that can’t be handled by mantras.There is no energy centre that cannot be invoked and channelised by mantras. Because the entire creation was done by vibratory process only and when you touch the vibratory field  of something with that vibration it has to respond to you.

The Great Science behind Mantras

Various aspects of the Vedas are just converting 'form' into 'sound'. That is all they are. If you feed any sound into an oscilloscope – a sound measuring instrument – depending upon the sound’s vibration, frequency and amplitude, the oscilloscope will give out a certain form. Today, it is an established fact that every sound has a form attached to it. Similarly, every form has a sound attached to it. The form is called a yantra and the sound is referred to as a mantra. The technology of using this form and sound together is called tantra.'

Russian experiment has proved that, what was thought to be junk DNA till yesterday is actually the DNA which creates a Biological Internet – which of course is wireless in nature, communicating via light and sound waves! That the genetic code is similar to that of the grammar of human spoken languages. The syntax and semantics of these genes are similar to the way human languages are designed, and also that it responds to precisely focused vibrational patterns of human languages! In other words, it looks like the languages we speak actually evolved from the nature of our DNA itself!

You call it sound therapy or DNA therapy or whatever it takes, you can converse with your body (ie your genetic material) via vibrations and waves and can heal ailments, fine tune your health, control body functions etc without the need of any physical intervention like surgery or medicinal drugs!

Magnetic Field 

Every material body that pulsates or radiates produces a vibration. This radiation or vibration has qualities. These qualities are called Guna in the Vedic sciences. Gunas are the base of Ayurveda and all Vedic sciences. For simple understanding, Gunas are physical qualities as well as psychological qualities that can be transferred to other bodies.

With so many bodies pulsating in all existence, the average of the vibrations of these pulsating bodies becomes the Potent Cosmic Field. The Cosmic Field has variations depending on the participating pulsations or bodies in a particular location.

Every local field has the capacity to culture and change the properties or Gunas of the body that is introduced into that field (this is the Field Effect or Sanskaar). 

DNA Stimuli

The human DNA contains blueprints for approximately 25,000 to 30,000 proteins. The traditional idea was that one gene is required to copy one protein form. But actually we need more than 1,50,000 proteins for our functioning. Where should these additional protein forms come from? Dr. Lipton explains how particles from the atmosphere entering through the various sense organs, particularly the skin, and act as stimuli for protein receptors in the body  ,causing protein molecules to change shape. The receptors are ‘activated’ to ask for certain proteins to be manufactured in response. This is true not only for stimuli in the form of particulate matter, but more importantly, even in the form of pure information. For example, even the reception of sound or a psychological field can affect the protein receptors. Thus, it is only because of the field effect that the rest of the proteins are activated and manufactured by genes. This results in the change required by the body to deal with the stimulus from the atmosphere. All in all, the field of the atmosphere has produced a reaction in the human body that changes the ‘person’. That’s how one can say that one has the chance to change one’s fate (Karma Yoga).

The concept of field effects can be applied to all activities. The Vedas, in fact, provide this pure knowledge (just like Pure Science versus Applied Science). All this pure knowledge has a practical aspect. That practical aspect, as mentioned earlier, is about improving the quality of life. Thus, the entire practical application can be considered ‘therapy’, in a sense. In Ayurveda, an applied form, of this same knowledge has been specifically used for health of both body and mind.

Thus, the Vedas are not about ‘Gods’. They are about the pure science required for the creation of a harmonious and sustainable life. The word ‘God’ has been used to denote whatever is beyond perception, that is all.

Quantum Field

Broadly, the subjects in the four Vedas viz. Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva, are as follows. One is the Pure Knowledge and the holistic physiology of the body (DNA and cell biology). The second is the science of Sound Energy Vibrations and the sensory system of the body. Another Veda describes the processing activity of the body and the nervous system. The fourth describes the Motoric Activities i.e. the movements and therapeutic applications.

Coming back to the science of sound, an important concept to understand is AUM - what the Vedas call the Cosmic Sound. AUM originates at the level of ‘inspiration’ or beginning of pulsation described as Praan Shakti Spandan (Pulsation of Life Energy). The nature of the sound AUM is that it oscillates, in infinite cycles, each cycle divided into 7 parts (like an octave). These infinite cycles occupy all the planes of existence. Thus, AUM is both the Originator of Existence and the Supreme Sound. AUM incorporates three types of waves (relatively, long, medium and short) and it offers a universal,harmonizing field effect.

Through the content of the Vedas and Ayurveda one can understand how the quality of a ‘field’ plays a huge role in the life of human beings. All the rituals described there are different therapeutic acts – food,medicine, five elemental interactions, festival do’s and don’ts - all based in the Quantum Field Theory. This is what has been described by the Vedas in a holistic manner, all meant to improve the quality of life.

All living things are in a frequency of 7.83 htrtz.The sun and moon protects it. Every being is sustained by that vibration. Om has that.Similarly Brain waves are in equibrium in meditataion and can communicate to planets in primal language of frequencies which happens through divine vibrations and sounds which are inter dimensional and present every where.

Practical logic of mantra

To give a crude example unfitting to the context but yet to make us understand the science of mantras let us take this example. You have bought or brought a puppy. Now after deep discussions with your kith and kin you have named it Jimmy.After some time when you call Jimmy how its jumps towards you.Why and How? You crated the original vibration as its name in its mind and when you create the same vibration it responds without fail.

This is the secret and science of mantra,

To cover the entire story of mantra we may need thousands of pages. so it is sufficient to sum up that mantras are god's gift to humanity as he has shared the secret of creation for the purpose of redemption of us and it is in our interest that we make use of this marvelous science.

Our forefathers have done just one mistake perhaps .They have hinted these facts in esoterical terms which can be deciphered by intellects but not explained in plain terms for the uninitiated.May be they thought that what is the point in saying that sugar will be sweet at a time when no body new what is sugar though it was available. Rather they took the better route of giving the sugar to him to make them know how sweet tastes but without explaining why it is tasting sweet.

Importance of 'Om' and 'Ram'

the manthra “om” is a+u+m which is representing the omniscience,omnipotence ,and omnipresence- and the integrated sound 'om'  represents the parabrahmam.the principles of siva,sakthi,and visnu.

similarly “ram” ra+m represents siva and sikthi the individual letters and the sum ram indicates vishnu

since the sound 'om' is the vibratory sound of every atom the cosmos is filled with that always and when you recite that sound you become the part of the cosmic energy. All the great sages who wanted divine realization have meditated on om and achieved great realizations. That is why vivekananda wanted all of us to meditate on om.that is why all mantras start with om.

Similarly the vibration generated by our  our body vertically and horizontally is  “ram”. that is why meditation on it gives extraordinary mind power,soul power,and body power.That is why it is recommended by all gurus to every householder to perform rama nama japa so that they can have the courage,wisdom,and ability to be successful in their endeavours.

it is said the mantra ram is more powerful than Lord Rama himself.  Why ?  we must know that Sage Vashistha being a great yogi was already aware through realization the power of mantra ‘ram’ and when Dasaratha was blessed his first son  he advised him to be named ‘Rama’ after the great mantra. So mantra ‘ram’ has added power to Lord Rama than the other way round. Vashista knew by his tapsya that lord Vishu himself had incarnated as Rama and therefore he appropriately ensured he was named Rama.

These two are highly powerful pranava/taraka mantras  which can be and in fact must be used by everybody for every occasion ,Atleast few times a day for their mind upliftment and success.

There are several mantras highly effective for specific purposes, for specific reasons which has to be recited adhering to rules of bodily and atmospheric  purities. Whereas  these two mantras purify the body and atmosphere. That is the reason why  Rishis have said that they can be uttered even in a burning ghat.More than all these facts  it is said lord ‘siva' utters the mantra ‘ram’ in the ears of everybody who dies in the holy city of kasi.In other places too the sons recite the mantra ram in the ears of his parents when they pass away.

It is no coincidence that the father instructs ‘Gayathri mantra’ to his son to make him a good being in this birth and the son instructs ‘Rama Mantra’ to his father to make him get a good being in the next life.

What a science these Vedas are. We must all be proud that we are all born in this holy land and have inherited this great culture and wisdom.But we must be intelligent enough to use them for our welfare and be responsible enough to preserve them for posterity.