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Let us list the postulations of vedas  first:

  1. The universe is matter manifested out of energy.
  2. The matter and energy are interchangeable.
  3. Since energy and the universe is in a flux and energy and matter are seamlessly interchangeable how much is matter and how much is energy is there in an object at a particular point of time is difficult to quantify.Therefore to say a particular thing as matter because it is visible will be to miss out the energy aspect  because it is invisible. This is the result of 'Maya' - 'illusion' - incomplete comprehension
  4. Since the universe is a universal and continuous energy flow (that is why it is called  universe) , and  every being is also similarly a continuous  energy flow, ultimately the  Atman and Bhahman is the same stuff only.The latter is limitless in potencies and capacities while the former is limited to the capacity of casing body but with conscious efforts it can tend towards the later.
  5. Since the quantum of energy in the cosmos is constant, only its form and shape can change
  6. The matter is made up five maha bhutas -water, air, fire, akash and earth
  7. This  matter is contained in all the organic and inorganic materials –only the permutation and combination differs
  8. Depending upon the fact how finer these are in a being it’s specie and characteristics are determined
  9. All these are manifested more in human beings in a refined form  the best in the evolution as of now.
  10. Every of these buthas have a subtle element through which only they are to be cognisized -called tanmatras
  11. The body of every being has a energy/power sensors corresponding to the universal elements and subtle elements and that is how the universe is felt by every being
  12. The ability of every being to feel the universe is based upon the potencies of their body
  13. Every being is animated by the cosmic consciousness as the life principle  
  14. when that connection is cut off the animated body ceases to exists- what we call as death
  15. Similarly if the body ceases to exist by disease or accidents the life principle departs
  16. Every being has a mind/body/soul complex which is generally called ‘Atman’
  17. Every being has therefore in addition to the gross body a subtle body consisting of the 'Atman'which actually rides on the body as a vehicle for fulfillment of it’s desires
  18. All the desires and the corresponding deeds create a tendency in that atman
  19. So on death the body perishes –But not the ‘Atman’ as it is still having unfulfilled desires  and unfulfilled karmic bondages and therefore it continues to exist as subtle body to complete it's karmas and desires.
  20. Such  subtle body awaits a suitable gross body that will fulfill it’s unfulfilled desires
  21. The  extend of this universe is beyond human comprehension-whose diameter  is several million light years. The earth where we live is a very tiny part of the cosmos.We are too tiny a being in the whole cosmos.
  22. The time and space are the two important basic aspects of the manifested universe.
  23. The universe is expanding     
  24. The universe is still evolving
  25. The universe is several billion years old-human being’s arrival is a few lakh years ago which  is just now in the context of the time of universe
  26. There is a cosmic will , cosmic intelligence, cosmic power and a cosmic design and that is why there is a total rhythm and there is no chaos
  27. what is in macrocosm is in microcosm as well-for eg., human body is also made of water,air,fire,earth and space.
  28. The human soul and cosmic soul are really of the same nature. but the human soul having been contained in a limited vessel of the body, its potential is restricted.Also a false ego-the 'I' principle-is causing a delusion as if it is independent and thereby missing out several cosmic truths.  But if human beings try they can rise to much better heights
  29. For this humans have to train and culture their mind since it makes all the difference
  30. This world is meant to be a great place of delight with unlimited variety of pleasures
  31. Every being created will surely have all the required things for it's happy living
  32. But since it is a common property for all beings, there is a  nature's law in place for equitable distribution
  33. As long as all the players adhere to it ,it is just bliss
  34. But if selfish,greedy desires creep in a being and goes aginst the cosmic law a reprisal process starts
  35. Every action has an equivalent and opposite reaction which we call as karma
  36. In god’s law reformation is possible and any one can regain the lost glory
  37. God has ensured that the necessary wisdom is revealed in respect of all these aspects to human beings through the vedas
  38. If any set of specie or the entire specie goes against nature's law God can and will intervene and set it right –including by annihilation or extinction
  39. The universe is oval shaped - Anda
  40. Evolution has happened slowly from insentient to single cell ; then to muti cell then to single sense objects and gradually  to five sense objects and now to man with six senses as of now . This process has taken several billion years.
  41. The mass bodies- planets,stars etc have gravitational pull
  42. Every body emits eletro magnetic rays
  43. The whole universe was created by vibration and is sustained and dissolved by vibrations only
  44. Every being in the universe vibrates right from cells to humans
  45. Each specie has a range of vibrations it can feel
  46. The energy is transmitted through light and nothing can travel faster than the light
  47. The universe has had several previous existences which means that the universe we are living is not the first of it's kind. There has been universes before the current universe and there will be many after this as well.
  48. That is why fixing up the time of the cosmic law- vedas- using human principles results in an error.These cosmic laws are valid for all cycles of universe and therefore it's age is incalculable. At best we can calculate the age of the revelation to the rishis of the current universe.Same is the case with the several of the Scientific laws and they are also of such eons only and when we are assigning a date of discovery that is for the present universe perhaps.
  49. Between inter universe evolution, the knowledge and experience gained by the beings in the previous universe gets carried forward and the new universe has the benefit of the previous universes for faster evolution.
  50. Also even at present our's is not the only universe . There are many universes
  51. Beings travelling at faster speed lose time and hence what is one day for Deva loka is one year for Bhu loka-the humans. .
  52. The science of mathematics does not require many symbols,but only limited symbols(We must know each number is ultimately a symbol) and  manipulation of limited numbers plastically and seamlessly through addition,subtraction,mutiplication and division can make any calculation upto infinity.In addition to have a place value system we need a symbol of 'Shunya'- '0'. Therefore the entire maths were limited to 10 symbols in vedas as opposed to unlimited symbols in roman letters with which manipulation was also not possible.
  53. The vedic Geometry postulated that the distances of planets and stars can be calculated using angles with another nearby object with a calculable distance.
  54. Vedas say it is possible to communicate non verbally - purely through thoughts-that too with persons located poles apart.

Now let us see what are the things the modern science has confirmed as of now:

  1. Matter is made of up five basic elements
  2. Ultimately they are also made out of energy
  3. Matter and energy are at the sub atomic level are as waves and are interchangeable (the quantum theory of Plank and Einstein) '
  4. Niel Bohr's the Copenhagen interpretation confirmed that we don't know how much is matter and how much is energy on any object as they are in a flux and it is illusory to be very specific about it and at any given point to quantify it will be flawed which resulted in Einstein''s famous quote 'Hope God does not play dice '
  5. As a further scientific  interpretation of the quantum theory  Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman  propounded the multi universe theory as a clear possibility.
  6. Psysicist Roger Penrose theorized that the Big Bang is one per cycle of an universe and the universe had multiple existences
  7. Energy can’t be added or subtracted but can be only regrouped
  8. What is in macrocosm is in microcosm
  9. Universe is too huge
  10. It is still evolving
  11. It is still expanding
  12. universe is oval shaped
  13. The universe arose several billion years ago
  14. Our earth is a too insignificant part of the cosmos
  15. The cosmos operate on a rhythm and on an unfailing rule
  16. Evolution has happened in on orderly form over a very long period of time. Nothing has happened over night
  17. Actually mind matters and matters the most. A positive mind makes all the difference
  18. Mass Bodies have gravitational force - the Newton's law
  19. Human bodies  have an  electro magnetic field
  20. There is a life principle which animates the bodies
  21. The whole universe is operated through vibration only. The sub particles vibrate to form an atom and atoms vibrate to farm cells and cells vibrate to form bodies- the String theory
  22. The most crucial aspect of beings is the consciousness element which is the essence of  biocentric which also clearly stated that  general physics or chemistry can't deal with it. It articulated pinpointedly that a think coming out post consciously can be analysed and interpretted by physics and chemistry but without consciousness there can be nothing emanating and that can be dealt by bio centric science only..
  23. The Einstein's law of relativity says that if a thing is travelling at a very high speed it will lose time. His famous 'twin paradox' example of twins where one is on earth and the other travels through the space at very high speed , and when he returns he will be much younger than the guy who was on earth only. 
  24. The famous quote of Einstein on Indian mathematics ' We should be thankful to Indians who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible'
  25. In fact the identification of '0' and '1' by vedic indians is the base for the entire computer bianary programming.
  26. The Binary number system, essential for computers, was not only discovered by the vedic sages but in fact was used in Vedic verse meters.Each verse is capable of being reduced to a number which is in sync with the human brain cells because of  memorisation of the huge number of verses generation after generation possible.

  27. A hashing technique, similar to that used by modern search algorithms, such as Google, was used in South Indian musicology. From the name of a raga one can determine the notes of the raga from this Kathapayadi system.

  28. The Tulsi plant which is worshipped in every house in India is now seriously propogated in Western countries as it is now an established scientific fact that Tulsi plant is a rare plant to emit ozone

  29.  Similrary the two trees that are worshiped by Indians which the  western world has now adopted for propagation are Peepal  and,Audumbar trees  because, they are a rare specie to emit oxygen all the 24 hours of the day.

  30. The Phythogorous theorem is the fall out of Vedic geometry. In fact it is believed that he travelled to Gangetic India and stayed for a while and on return postulated his theoram'
  31. The quantum mechanics theory confirms the instantaneous communication between two particles located light years apart from each other without any physical contact and that is what telepathy is all about
  32. A recent Russian discovery proves that human DNA is like a biological internet which listens to external sound vibrations and behaves accordingly and hence the vedic system of Mantras are highly scientific.

In summary

we can see that there is no conflict between vedas and the current day science on any of the major aspects of the cosmic science-the only difference being vedas were revealed to the intellect and current day science is discovered by brain. Surprisingly we can see that what has been discovered is  what is already revealed. May be we will discover much more of what is already revealed.In other words  the vedic truths are revealed to conscience and are eternal - called sruthis- whereas the modern scientific truths are revealed to intellect and are phnomenaol -called smrithis.

But as of now science has not accepted the theory of reincarnation in full for want of proof. But since they are not able to prove to the contrary it remains still as matter of research. Since the findings of Dr Stevenson on accurate past birth recalling instances the scientists are saying 'may be' it could be .Also after Allan Kardec founded Spiritism which stated that the soul does not die with the so-called “death” of the body , there is more scientific inclination to consider this aspect very seriously.

If what has been revealed is coming true through science as a discovery then the revelation of the veda that there is rebirth will also be discovered one day.

Similarly the other revealation of the vedas that human’s are capable of, and in God’s design  what is expected out of him of, becoming a super human being should also come true. As Vedas say it has to and will happen by uplifting his mind and intellect to higher and higher planes.