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While avatars are god descending as man;  sages , are men ascending close to god.

Let us please realise how clearly the possibility of human evolution into higher realms of Godhead has been accepted and established in the science of metaphysics,and  yet we are doubting the Vedas and are just remaining fatalistic.

There are several Rishis who have through meditation, austerity and yoga have transcended the human mind and had a vision of the creator. To them the most benevolent God head revealed the cosmic wisdom. While there are many such blessed saints in India, seven great men has been designated as Great sages- 'saptha rishis'.

The generally accepted seven names are :Athri,Bhrigu, Kuthsa,Vashista ,  Gauthama, Kashyapa ,Angirasa.

Naturally their life ,thoughts,words,deeds were so divine , pure  and blessed and  therefore their sayings,teachings,utterances; the  incidences in their life,their story ; why even their very names carry the divine power and uplifts the mind and soul..

They had a lot of revealed wisdom which have been passed on to us in the form of ‘mantras’ –the powerful cosmic vibrations capable of curing human ailments..

Through their clairvoyance and clairaudience several divine secrets were revealed to them and they have posited them as mantras for posterity. Each of these mantras are very powerful vibrations and since it carries the divinity with it, it generates unbelievable positive energies and wades off negative energies.

it must be noted that they have got them revealed when they were in a transcendental state and what they spoke were the god words in a trance and that is why such mantras are terribly powerful.

We should also note that such sages have been in all religions – such as Shirdi Baba , Jesus and Prophet ,  etc.,

These sages have made the Vedic and upanishad philosophies into much simpler formulas  for easy adherence namely  performing meritorious deeds and avoiing evil causing deeds.

Love,compassion,helping the needy,charity, devotion,honesty, Integrity , brotherhood,etc have been recommend as some of the virtuous deeds and hatred,anger,delusion,adamance, greed, lust,jealousy,etc have been classified as sinful deeds.In essence they presented in a capsule form the things to be done for emancipation and the things not to be done to avoid sufference..

Since these sages were in direct contact with their disciples (of limited number of serious seekers as their helping hand),  they were able to put across  the noble principles in a personal way to them by way of Upadesha and those disciples were able to carry forward these principles which helped the orderly dissemination.

In a metaphysical context their teachings and the mantras propounded by them are one of the best curative tools to make the humans to evolve into super humans and that is what we need to make effective use off.


While the Sages were realised souls and were in search for more of them, mostly they were recluse and wanderers. They passed on the divine revelations to their immediate discipiles and who in turn carried it forward. While this was great wisdom to the society they did not get into mass movements since they were looking for nothing-including fame-not even a thanks from humanity.

But for reaching to  the masses this great wisdom, which is the necessity  for a conducive environment for evolution of soul, there was and is a need for divine souls who are committed to the cause of God’s will of Grand evolution and who will have direct contact with humans and uplift them.

Naturally as this is a requirement for the fulfillment of god's will it has to happen. Therefore many such  sincere souls who were highly and truly spiritual came forward for leading a set/sect of people towards emancipation. they developed their own vision of god (within the cosmic laws enshrined in vedas,  upanishads and elaborated by the sages) and their magnetic aura attracted many as their followers.                                  

Sankara,Ramanuja,Madhva,Aurobindo,Sivananda,Ramakrishna to mention a few.

Again their words ,deeds and names are potent to create the required positive vibrations that will lead to the  upliftment of mind.

In the science of metaphysics the sayings of these noble men are equally great treasures as a guiding and remedial tool for eternal bliss.