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The idea of thIs chapter is not to create any controversy in relation to the most noble sciences of Medicine and Astrology.It is just to cite the common features and the distinguishing features so that the readers will not miss the logic of astrology. Let us be clear that by ignoring astrology,the science of astrology has nothing to lose.We will be the only losers. Hence if we can use it for human welfare so much better.

The Similarities and Variances

  1. While medicine deals with gross body, astrology deals with subtle body
  2. While medicine deals with physical channels, astrology deals with physical as well as non physical channels.
  3. While medicine deals with human energy, astrology deals with human energy along with cosmic energy.
  4. Both in medicine and astrology it is possible to have positive care as well as preventive care
  5. Both recognises the extreme importance of mind in human health and success.
  6. Both accepts the impact of mind on the body and the body on the mind.
  7. Both the astrologers and the physicians can help humanity
  8. Both the astrologers and the physicians can go wrong
  9. Medicine does not venture into predictive aspect whereas astrology boldly ventures into that.
  10. Medicine is more an inward looking science whereas astrology is both inward and out word looking science.
  11. Both in astrology and medicine there is a diagnostic method and a remedial measure
  12. Medical education and training is a more organised  and formal whereas astrology is not

Loss of the treasure

But the reason why astrology is not commanding that amount of respect is mainly because the advent of European attitudes which brought in materialism rather than spiritualism  as the touchstone of science.

They could master the science of physics and chemistry but could not understand a bit of metaphysics. India which was pioneering this mega divine science fell in the hands of aliens very unfortunately and our substantial roots were lost.

Of course  now there is a realisation and renaissance happening , particularly by many western scholors themselves.

By no stretch of imagination any one can even dream to undermine the importance and role of medicine in human health and welfare  but we just want to say that astrology has also a very important role to play in human health and success.

It  is in the interest of humanity to use this magnificent science also for their physical and mental well being.