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Since this journey is a scientific enquiry to arrive at the truth we will start with the scientific facts itself as the base.

Let us look at what physics say about evolution: 

The universe is too huge; it’s almost oval in shape ; it’s dia would be in several million light years; and it is expanding.

Also the creation started with the big bang when the seed exploded releasing unbelievable energy ,which took billions of years to cool and first cell came from water pool by way of amebia. Then cells started muliplying; coalescing in different permutations and combinations.

First one sense lives came; then two, three, four and five senses ie., animals. Then arose the six sense man. Every living cell has a life, life span, intelligence and a will to be fit to live and survive. That is what the theory of survival of the fittest and evolution by Darwin.

Now, If you look at what cosmic science says,  

The universe has been described  as  'Brhat ' - too huge; ' prabancha' - immeaurable; ‘anda’ ie., oval shape -  egg  signifying chic comes out after the burst of the shells as in a big bang.

The first life is signified by Baby Krishna on a green leaf over water,signifying the water pool, amebia and the life

The stages of evoultion has been esoterically defined through the Dasavatharas which are  progressive evolution; 

Metaphysics also says the supreme resides in every living being as several power points which includes intelligence, memory etc.,.

The universe having been diagonised to be very big and that it is beyond human comprehension

Metaphysis says even the so called inert things like stone etc., also has conscience and memory which is why a computer using silicone chips has become possible.

Convergence of Physics and Metaphysics

Therefore you will find that actually there is no difference of opinion between science and philosophy with regard to evolution till now. That the metaphysical theory of evolution is in no way different from the above modern theories of evolution – excepting that the cosmic scientists- that is our sages- have told this several thousands of years ago before the advent of the so called modern science without the support of any laboratory,observatory etc.,

Science perhaps says the evolution has stopped and what to come hereafter will be slow decay, contraction and annihilation. The religions says there will be a sudden end. Any way both agree on the end.

Evolution is not over

But on the basis of studies,research and meditation on the philosophy of sprituality Shri Rama Sharma’s take  on this is quite different.  

He is of the opinion that the process of evolution is still on.In  his opinion the objective of the God purpose in creation of this universe is to see his formless (nirguna) magnanimous ,magnificient ,and divine omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence in full form with all it's glory,resplendence and all it's colours (saguna-the viswarupa) and therefore the evolution will continue until that objective is achieved. There can be partial extinction of those who do not fit into the scheme of cosmic will but no question of total annihilation unless human race betrays the God like dinasours.

He is of the opinion that the best for the humans are yet to come or about to come. But humans have to prepare themselves for that. A super human has to come out of the humans. How many million years it will take we can’t guess but it is bound to happen. The further evolution will be at mind/intellect level to make the mind in to a super mind and the evolution will go on until it becomes an universal mind.

Therefore he is of the opinion that the human beings should give up despondency and course correct themselves to be in a position to receive that divine grace to grow into a super man.

The Life Principle

Another important aspect of the theory of evolution to be noted is that the science has discovered the orderly evolution of the species by the principle of the survival of the fittest and the beings being capable of adjusting and evolving depending upon the circumstances.Which is also the approach of the vedas.

But the science has not dealt with, how in the first place the life principle got into the beings.As we may see in the next chapter there was an involution of the spirit into matter.Then matter and spirit evolved together.

Therefore as and when the matter of the individual beings was was ripe enough the to absorb and hold life principle, life devolved into it.

The entire universal matter was totality animated with life as a whole unit when the universe came into being - the life principle consisting of cosmic mind,cosmic intelligence,cosmic energy and cosmic conscious -and was pervading the entire universe and they were available all through out the universe and therefore whenever the matter was ripe enough it could just absorb them and get animated. 

When we say the matter is ripe it means that they have developed the potencies to absorb and retain in their manifested body these cosmic energies.To be more specific it means when the cells are so arranged that they are capable of forming one composite unit capable of imbibing the life principle and is able to hold it for some reasonable length of time in which it will be possible for it to experience the manifested universe.

Involution prior to Evolution

In addition, where there is a clear divergence between physics and metaphysics is on Involution. Physics has not covered this aspect in any great length. But meta physics has got into unfathomable depths which makes it possible to go to the root. when you have to cure , knowing the root cause is more important than the  superficial and symptomatic things. This is what we will be covering in the next chapter.

The knowledge of involution will help us to understand the composition of the evolved beings so that isolating the maladies and rectifying  them will be possible.



As they say in computer science ‘garbage in - garbage out’ meaning what is put in only  will come out . If even for a computer garbage that is the rule  how such a wonderful universe, with all it varieties and colours could have evolved without  first something involving into it.

The Process of Involution

So how did this universe evolve. Our sages have spent collectively thousands of years of meditation to establish and explain the involution that has happened first before the evolution could start.

Spiritual science explains that when that super power without any form willed to see its own self with form it pulled the matter (the building blocks) out of its own self and delved deep into it and created the involution.Look at what a spider does when it has decided to weave a web.The material for the web emanates from it's body,the design of weaving comes from it's intelligence,the efforts of making the web arises out of it's efforts and after everything is done it is still very much there and works for fulfilling the objective for which the web was created.

The matter,called the prakriti-the mother nature., bore that power of the spirit in its womb until  it matured for forming a shape for the the purposes of evolution as explained in the previous chapter. Rest is history.

That is the reason why whatever is there in the  macrocasm is also in the microcasm.

Understanding of involution is a must because without that you can't comprehend the realities of the beings and its characters and qualities.And you will be making guesses which will all go wrong.Once you understand involution you can easily understand and comprehend  evolution and it's features.