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As said earlier religion has three components-the philosophy, the mythology and the rituals. Because of the predominance of and the over importance given to mythology and rituals the religion per se became superstitious. But if you just take off the husk and look at the grain you will find how scientific it is.

Scientific Principles of Religion

  1. The biggest focus of the religion is on self discipline,uplifting the mind, social order, compassion, sacrifice, community living - every one of which is advocated by the scientific community as well.
  2. The religion actually tells the human beings that they are all feeling unnecessarily fettered and they are capable of achieving much much more. As Osho says man has not used even 10% of his mind positively. 90% his mind is negative out of fear and lack of wisdom. When the religion says “you can do it” how can we find fault with it
  3. Religion also says you can overcome your obstacles and difficulties by observing certain mental discipline .It repeatedly says don’t be cowed down by failures and disappointments. It says authoritatively these are all part of the game like a win and loss in any match.
  4. It has given the do’s and don’ts to avoid problems as well as to remedying the problems if they have arisen.
  5. It's temples, mantras, yantras, tantras,slokas, festivals, vrathas are all scientifically designed as we have pointed out.But the vedic seers have chosen not to explain in such clear terms. May be they felt too much of reasoning or explaining will only confuse and complicate things - at least for people of those days. No doubt for current day generation such reasoning out is necessary and that is what our effort is.
  6. Every purana has repeatedly driven home the fact in the minds of people the irrefutable fact of victory of good over evil, however powerful the evil is. That made the canvas for the courage building of human being. Today we see the same thing on celluloid and we adore.
  7. The Ithihsas showcased  the extreme difficulties one can undergo;  valour  with which it was faced; the critical issues in the society and how they had to be tackled.
  8. They talked about the responsibilities of human beings,intellectuals,warriors,traders , impementors,kings and the might of the rule of law. They always established that might is right and not the other way round.
  9. They clearly explained one wrong cannot be justified by another wrong.
  10. They repeatedly stressed that only ends justify means and means can never justify ends. They were therefore against doing even the most noble deed by any impure method.
  11. They also highlighted the human dilemmas and how to handle.
  12. They categorised  what are the good deeds  and what are the evil deeds and how to go about in conducting our life and what are the consequences of breach. 
  13. They also propounded rectificatory mechanism for breach of the cosmic laws and atonement.They did not write off the breachers but wanted only their redemption.                        Religion Vs Psychology
  14. Let us be clear Religion is more of Sociology, Ethics and Psychology Therefore when it deals on these subjects they look to be preaching but actually they are counseling which is what the modern day psychiatrists and psychologists do. In fact in the olden days such counselling was done by the gurus-the experts in metaphysics.
  15. Today's psychologists do the same. But mostly offer solutions after some one is infected with the problem whereas the religion forewarns and suggests us to take preventive steps in advance in addition to offering solutions if the problem has already arisen. In fact even the most admired international psychiatrist or a psychologist could not have gone beyond this in moulding and motivating the  humanity.
  16. The problem has been the outer wrapper,the veil of secrecy over the core philosophy , that has lead to this confusion and that can be the last reason for a logical society like us to not understand and appreciate the core of the religion ,whose purpose is only an 'orderly living' and ‘Positive thinking’