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As we have repeatedly seen the man’s deep desire to invoke the super power and use it for enjoying the material and spiritual comforts had no limits. Once they realised that the supreme energy is invokable and storable and that too by just concentrated and devoted human mind they started their search vigorously for the right methods of doing it.

Logic of Energy storage

They saw around nature where are all the energies are getting stored and where are all it is getting generated and how all it was happening. On deep observation of the nature in relation to these facts and on a careful analysis they started getting the clues.

For example they saw a stone gets hot by sunlight and retains the heat even after sunset for some hours. They also noticed certain stones cools down inside a waterbody and it’s temperature is far lower than the waterbody itself which means it gets cooler than the water body itself and they also found that such stones even when taken out of water and  kept outside water, they continued to retain the coolness for quite some time. Also they found that certain iron rods when put on fire hots up and when the hot iron rod is put in a vessel containing water the water gets heated up. So they found out that minerals and metals are capable of absorbing, storing and conducting energies.

Birth of Yantras

With dedication,devotion and meditation when they were in search of the truth as to which minerals and metals will serve the purpose of invoking,retaining and resonating the God’s powers and the divine vibrations, the God indwelling in them revealed the secrets of Geology.

They intuitively had the wisdom dawned that the energy and power of the god whose energy is of the highest order can be invoked, stored and tapped upon in certain minerals and metals and to get the maximum benefit it has to be shaped in certain dimensions so that it can be stored for a longer time and the vibrations will be far higher.

The science of Yantra was borne. It is astonishing to note that our ancient rishis resorted to copper and its alloy for this purpose and even today the scientists use the same copper for storage and conduction of electricity.

Birth of Tantra

Now the next question arose by which process the invocation can be done. As we all know one lit candle can light many candles. But any number of unlit candles can’t light even one .They knew that the immaculate god with his unlimited powers was able to animate the universe. But how do we do was their problem. As the case always they started on the meditation on the almighty to enlighten them. The merciful god made them realize that when he himself is dwelling in them what are they worried about. They were thrilled. Now they know that by the process of invoking the god residing in man they can charge the yantra.

The next question was by what process. The answer was not far to seek because they knew that this entire universe has been created by divine vibrations only and they have already in their position a treasure of mantras-the divine vibrations. The science of Tantra was born.

Birth of Temple consecration 

Now using the highly potent mantras and with unremitting devotion and undiluted concentration they started the process.The humans became the source ,the mantras became the channel , yantras became the receptacle medium .The science of full blown invocation and temple consecration was born..

Using this science several usages arose. while construction of place of worship for common usage was one very important thing ; personalised invocations were also practiced whereby they were able to invoke the specific energies for specific persons for specific purposes  and for specific duration etc.,to alleviate his sufferings,

This “Mantra-Yantra-Tantra”were also started to be used in Kundalini yoga,Vama marga, for Sacrifices, Black magic,Exorism, Sorcery etc.,

While certain sects specialised in the last mentioned usages the majority and the main stream of the spiritual personalities were not encouraging these applications  because of the possible misuse and it's attendant evils  .  Therefore such practices were shunned upon and dissuaded.

Therefore the scholarly vedic experts used these great practices mainly only for consecration of temples which acted as the bank of positive vibrations open to everyone.

Therefore this great science of ‘Mantra,Yantra,Tantra’ became the source of channeling the cosmic powers for common good through the institution of sacred temples. At a later date these temples became the sanctuary of civilization and mind development.