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The human quest for  knowledge knows no bounds. Since he has been vested with the discriminative faculty, he is not willing to take anything without questioning. Therefore those man of yore  wanted to understand everything they saw around them.

Heavenly Bodies

One of the things that fascinated him was the celestial bodies shining in the night.In those days the vision and wisdom was not suffering from the ceiling of man made street lights or building lights. His vision went right up to the glowing bodies and the wisdom wanted to go even beyond that- to know-when,what, how and why.

Today  our minds are restricted and constrained by many artificial comforts and instruments and therefore we fail to use the god given potential instruments of sight,hearing and wisdom. Are we not seeing nowadays children scrambling for a calculator even to add two plus two.So much for the advancement of applied science.

In those days it was not so. They had  vast intellect, keen desire , unrelenting perseverance to search for the unknown world and to know beyond.

They looked around and found many illuminating and hovering mass of lights - some in day times some in night times- some in both night times as well as in day times. Some were seen only  some times. Some were big,some were small. Some were twinkling ,some were not.

They were fascinated and their mind and heart were open, pure  and wanted to demystify this.. They kept observing very keenly and started noting down the the movements. They were ready with their empirical data.

Birth of Astronomy

They noted a certain regularity and rhythm in such noted data. From that they could reasonably guess the cycle of movements. They then hypothesized their postulations and started to verify whether their predictions are correct. To their utter and unlimited joy they found that by and large their hypothesis was holding good.. Yes the god revealed to them  the wisdom of Astronomy because again it fits into his plan of things, since astronomy along with astrology was going to play a major role in human upliftment later on.

Yes, the Science of astronomy was born. it is debatable whether at that time they were aware of what a great treasure of knowledge  they have found and that is going to change the human lives beyond imagination and they are going to leave for posterity an eternal science of cosmic wisdom.

The knowledge of cosmos changed dramatically. They were able to realise the gravitational pull of the masses, the power of light, the eletro magnetic energy, mass energy conductors, its impact on human behaviours, human thoughts, the size and nature of the universe,the magnificence of nature – in fact the “Vishvarupa” of the god.

Astronomy grew leaps and bounds and is growing even today.It is but natural because what we have comprehended is a miniscule data of the universe which is an endless ocean. It is very doubtful whether human beings can fully comprehend it ever. May be that is why the god is working on a Super Human being.

The practical applications of Astronomy is innumerable since these mass bodies have a vibratory impact on every being in the universe and therefore every bit of additional knowledge in this field will always open up a new vista.

Astronomy the base for Astrology

One of the most important application of Astronomy is in “Astrology” –the sister science of Astronomy. Astrology is the predictive science of the vibratory impacts of the astronomical bodies in the beings,the knowledge of which is a great tool for bettering the human bliss and hedging the human sufferings.

Astronomy studied the shape,characters,location, orbit,rotation,revolution, movements, conjunction,interjections,distance,speed,nature of vibration,it’s velocity,area of it’s foot print etc.etc., of these celestial bodies. It also predicted the future movements of these celestial bodies.

But using this input for interpreting it’s impact on human beings was left to the science of Astrology.