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What is it

in our day to day living we are doing many actions,speaking a lot and thinking continuously.They result in thoughts,words and deeds.All of them have potence and has impact on many others,They can result in positive vibrations or negative vibrations.What is causing a positive vibration adds strength to your soul and what is causing negative vibrations weakens your soul.

We have discussed in the previous chapter that our actions by word, deed, and thoughts if they are in accordance with the nature's law is a punya and if it is not then it is  a papa. So by every of our thoughts,words and deeds we can be either commiting a papa or performing a punya.we also know that there is a reprisal for papa and a reward for punya. Punyas arise on account of positive vibrations and papas arise due to negative vibrations created.This fruit that fructifies consequent to these acts of our thoughts,words or deeds are called karmas.

What is it's effect

Any word, deed or thought which results in  papa or puya called karma as above is pinned to the soul. The karmic rules are infalliable. Every action will surely have an equivalent and opposite reaction and there is no escape.

This is only common sense as what we see in the ordinary transactions in the mundane world itself. so you can’t wish it away. Therefore the spiritual philosophies insist avoiding  karmic debts as they have to be suffered at some date.

Cosmic duties

Every person is ordained to discharge certain duties for the nature,their forefathers ,and the various energy fields(devathas) by way of sharing with them what you have. These are called sacrifices- unfortunately a highly misunderstood term. As said before it actually means sharing with others what you have and  ensure that you don't usurp which is not yours even if circumstances favour you to do  that.

Since there is a reprisal which is inescapable it catches you as a nemesis.You can’t hide yourself from that retribution.Even if you change your bodily shape ie., you die and take a rebirth it catches you by your collar because as it is all hard coded into your soul.

It is inescapable

So you may escape in this avatar but may be unlucky that it catches up with you in the next birth.At that time you may be a very honorable person and wondering why you are suffering .

Since god has veiled our memory of previous births-luckily so because if all the memories of all the births are recallable then you can’t have one second of peace and you can’t enjoy anything . Hence we don't know our past sins when it catches up in this birth and therefore we start screaming what the hell I have done no wrong then why am i suffering.

These karmic bondage has to be either suffered and extinguished or atoned and redeemed.

But luckily there are remedies to rectify the karmic effects which we shall discuss in another chapter. But it is advisable and necessary that we understand the cosmic law and follow it . If we violate because we have not taken care to know it ,it will be just ignorance  and ignorance is no excuse.

Almost all religions have accepted and endorsed it - some openly and some indicatively

Even the science has accepted the fact that every action has an equivalent and opposite reaction and it's impact has to be experienced and can’t be wished away.