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Now the major question arises. All right I have committed sin. what next. Am I doomed or can i be redeemed.As mentioned in the last chapter redemption is surely and clearly possible.

Here we need to understand and recall again the dream  of the god for which this entire cosmic leela is going on (this is not a leela of illusory drama but a leela of purpose ). It is happening  to see a superman and for that god wants to give everybody a chance and does not want to rule out anybody. Like we have seen in life, he also knows that many sinners later on become great sages who have changed the course of the human evolution itself.

Story of Valmiki 

Take the case of Valmiki-who was a decoit Ratnakar and who on dawn of wisdom did what is the greatest epic of India-the great Ramayana.

The story of Sage Valmiki is worth recalling. He was forest robber. One day it so happened that his victim was a wise man. He asked Ratnakar - the earlier name of Valmiki-why you are doing this. Don’t you realize it is a great sin. Valmiki replied I have a family to maintain and I don’t have any other method of earning and I have to earn for my family. The wise man asked you say you are doing it for your family and have you ever checked up with them whether they are willing to share your papa. Valmiki said of course they will.The wise man told him better check up. Valmiki came home and asked his father,mother,son and wife and every body told him that they can’t partake in the papa.They all said it is your duty to take care of us and if you have committed a sin to fulfill your duties it is your headache. Valmiki was aghast and told the wise man I never realized that when they enjoy the fruits of my papa but still they will not be not willing to partake in it. The wise man explained that is the human nature and therefore no reason can justify committing a sin.

Valimi asked I don’t know anything else , what should I do now. The wise man then showed his real identity and he was Sage Naradha. Narada told valmiki he can atone his sin by reciting the nama ‘Rama,Rama’. Ratnakar was not able to pronounce it properly. Then Narada asked what words you are familiar with. Ratnakar said he is familiar with all things in the forest. Them Narada asked him to pronounce the name of the big tree. Ratnakar said ,this I know ,this is ‘Mara’. Narada said fine you keep repeating ‘Mara.Mara’ and your sins will go off.Ratnakar said how can he be sure. Narada said I will meet you after 45 days and then we will review. Ratnakar started uttering ‘Mara,Mara’ and as we all can realize repetition of ‘Mara’Mara’  will only lead to automatically “rama,rama’. The power of rama nama was so intense that in 45 days ratnakar was a completely different soul and as promised when Narada came after 45 days. Ratnakar was in tears wailing- how he has wasted his life. Then Narada told nothing to worry . He can now write the epic of Rama and atone for all his sins. Valmiki said neither I know the story nor I am well versed to write. Narada told don’t worry I will tell you entire story as has happened in 100 verses and you will write the balance 23900 verses your self automatically.Narada revealed the Ramayana in a nutshell called ‘Kshamsebha Ramayana’ in 100 verses and after that valmiki was divinely empowered to write the greatest epic of human history-the Ramayana. So in gods law redemption is definitely possible.

Method of Redemption

But how.For this we need to understand how and why a sin is committed in the first place-it arises on account of lust, greed, anger ,ego, vanity, jealosy and selfishness. it can be seen all these are mental statuses and it is the thought in the mind that is the root cause. A sinful thought leads to sinful words and sinful deeds .And one sin leads to another and we are caught in the vicious circle.

Now if we have to redeem then there is only one way. Trace your steps back. As they say there are several routes to a mortuary called sin but there is only one route to the temple called dharma.

Therefore redemption has to start with the mind with stead fast resoultion, unwavering commitment, undiluted devotion and absolute confidence. Yes we should avoid ill will to anyone/ anything. we should never hurt anyone /anything by our words nor we shall do anything that can harm anybody/anything.  This is to prevent further accumulation of karma’

For extinguishing the past sins you have to perform by thoughts, words and deeds things that will be helpful/useful for other people/other beings which will result in their blessing you from the depth of their hearts.

It is said if god does give you a chance to do punya it means he has started looking at you to redeem you and if you don’t miss it it and perform the punya then he will be besides you.similarly if god is giving you a chance to do papa it means he is testing and tempting you and if you fall for it he will just move away from you. Therefore we have to be always careful to avoid committing sins and always be trying to  do good deeds as much as we can.

in our opinion god does it like this because to climb the ultimate summit of supermind a man needs to have complete mind control and these are the training and evaluation methods to short list candidates for the post of superman.

it is said out of all the souls Lord Hanuman is one shortlisted person-only shortlisted  person -you see. we all know the power of his soul, yet he is still in the short list . That can give us a feeling of what will be the capacity of the superman and what qualities God expects in man to become a superman.May be Lord Hanuman was not a born man and god is looking for a Hanuman to be reborn as man.Let us see whether before that any of us will get qualified at least after several births.